‘Save Dave’ campaign launched

Cameron1‘Senior Conservatives have launched a “Save Dave” strategy to prevent David Cameron being ousted as leader if the Tories fail to be the largest party after the general election…A former minister added: “No government equals no survival. If Cameron can’t beat the worst prime minister in history and he can’t beat the worst leader of the opposition in history, you have to ask what we’re doing.”’ – Sunday Times (£)

Osborne plans ‘jam tomorrow’ Budget

‘The Chancellor will resist the urge to make big pre-election giveaways when delivering his centrepiece on March 18 — despite sitting on a £5billion pot. He is worried showering voters with goodies before polling day will send the message that it’s safe to back big-spending Labour. But when he opens his red Budget box he will promise sweeping tax cuts for 30 million workers if he is kept in charge of the nation’s purse strings and allowed to “finish the job” of cutting the deficit.’ – The Sun on Sunday (£)

>Yesterday: Rebecca Coulson on Comment: Osborne proclaims the success of the north east

May versus Vince on university hate preachers

CABLE Dr Evil‘A furious row has erupted in the coalition over David Cameron’s plans to ban hate preachers from English universities after the unmasking of Isis killer Jihadi John. New rules drawn up by Downing Street to force universities to ban all “extremist” speakers from their campuses are being blocked by Vince Cable, the business secretary. Cable is arguing that only those who directly incite terrorism should be silenced. The government recently passed legislation imposing a statutory requirement on universities and other public bodies to prevent terrorism, but Tory ministers say that Cable is seeking to water down guidance for university bosses.’ – Sunday Times (£)



>Today: ToryDiary: Winning more Muslim support against terror and extremism

Number 10 to sue ‘Iraqi war crimes’ lawyers

‘The PM has compiled a dossier on solicitors who put innocent soldiers through years of anguish. He has sent it to legal watchdogs probing the firms after a five-year inquiry costing £31million rejected claims Our Boys murdered and tortured Iraqi detainees. Furious Mr Cameron is demanding heavy fines.’ – The Sun on Sunday (£)

Shapps presents new housing revolution

HOMES Manifesto‘Up to 100,000 extra homes will be built under Conservative plans to make it easier for people to put up their own houses after the election, as a new poll gives the Tories a lead over Labour. Grant Shapps, the Tory chairman promised to scrap red tape in the housing market to give homeowners the “right to build” bigger conservatories and new homes on brownfield sites…A new poll for The Telegraph puts the Tories narrowly ahead of Labour, with just over two months left until polling day.’ – Sunday Telegraph

Andrew RT Davies accuses Labour of a ‘war on Wales’

‘The speech saw Mr Davies, a Tory AM for South Wales Central, try to turn the Labour anti-Tory slogan “War on Wales” on its head. “We’re not enacting a War on Wales, we’re promoting Wales and its virtue,” he said. “Owen Smith might want to go into the trenches of open warfare but it’s not the Conservatives that have a War on Wales. It is Labour that have a War on Wales, by ultimately yolking communities by saying you are not good enough to stand up and help yourselves.”‘ – WalesOnline

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Bercow’s ‘rank hypocrisy’ over outside earnings

John Bercow‘This newspaper has established that before becoming the £142,800- a-year Speaker in 2009, Mr Bercow himself earned large sums from ‘outside earnings’ as a backbench MP…Tory critics said Mr Bercow had no right to criticise MPs, who earn a basic £67,000, for having second jobs. Tory MP Michael Fabricant said: ‘Given that the Speaker used to have outside jobs, many people will think his comments against them are rank hypocrisy.’ – Mail on Sunday

>Yesterday: Julia Manning on Comment: Why MPs should no longer have outside interests

Labour want to ban discrimination on grounds of poverty

‘People from poor backgrounds will get similar protection from discrimination as those from ethnic minorities if Labour wins power. A legal duty forcing public bodies to help reduce inequality caused by class will be resurrected as part of plans to improve social mobility. The measure in the Equality Act — called “Harman’s law” because it was championed by the deputy Labour leader, Harriet Harman — was scrapped after the 2010 election when Theresa May, the home secretary, branded it a bureaucratic box-ticking exercise.’ – Sunday Times (£)


Prescott the ‘climate adviser’ clocks up 181,000 air miles

John Prescott‘Lord Prescott’s return to frontline politics as Ed Miliband’s ‘climate change adviser’ has already hit turbulence – after research uncovered the size of the junketing peer’s own carbon footprint. The former Deputy Prime Minister has enjoyed an astonishing 23 foreign trips in the course of this Parliament, amassing more than 181,000 air miles and depositing an estimated 24 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • Lord Owen forced to repay £50,000 to the tax man – Mail on Sunday

Six UKIP PPCs investigated over ‘racist links’

‘Ukips official General Election candidates have been caught posting racist and offensive material on the internet, revealing disturbing links between Nigel Farage’s prospective MPs and far-Right groups. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that at least six Ukip candidates have circulated or endorsed material from the British National Party and other nationalist splinter groups with racist neo-Nazi agendas. Ukip last night launched an investigation into the offensive media found by this newspaper that included a racist BNP cartoon depicting violent stereotypes of black people, Muslims and Sikhs.’ – Mail on Sunday

NHS ‘cover-up’ cost the lives of 35 mothers and babies, report says

NHS_Logo‘As many as 35 NHS midwives, senior managers and regulatory chiefs are expected to be criticised this week in a damning report into the preventable deaths of dozens of babies and mothers. Up to 30 infants and mothers died at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (MBHT) between 2004 and 2013 as a result of unsafe care that the NHS allowed to continue unchallenged for almost a decade in a “systemic cover-up”.’ – Sunday Times (£)

>Today: Anne-Marie Trevelyan on Comment: How many lives is this trade union protocol putting in danger?

BBC Trust Chair earns far more from HSBC than from Auntie

‘The woman who leads the BBC is being paid a staggering £10,000 a day by the scandal-hit bank accused of helping millionaires to avoid paying tax. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Rona Fairhead – chairman of the BBC Trust – was paid more than £500,000 last year by HSBC for non-executive roles carried out working the equivalent of one day a week. Last night MPs said the astonishing payment from the bank raised questions about her priorities.’ – Mail on Sunday

Ukraine accuses the Kremlin of murdering opposition leader Nemtsov

Putin hunting‘Hundreds of protesters have gathered at the scene where Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered to name Vladimir Putin as the culprit of his death. Critics held up signs reading ‘we are all Nemtsov’ this afternoon to claim the 55-year-old had been murdered for openly criticising the Russian President in a similar attack on free speech to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has blamed the Kremlin for Mr Nemtsov’s death.’ – Mail on Sunday

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And finally…

It’s official: humourless people vote Labour

‘Po-faced people vote Labour, sticklers for the rules support the Tories and SNP voters are seeking a laugh. Those caricatures might seem harsh but analysis suggests there could be some truth to political stereotypes. It shows that those who value tolerance of others least are attracted to Ukip.’ – Sunday Telegraph

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