Cameron: The global economy is still at risk

Cameron1‘The reality is, in our interconnected world, wider problems in the global economy pose a real risk to our recovery at home. We are already seeing that, with the impact of the eurozone slowdown on our manufacturing and our exports. As the global economy faces greater uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we send a clear message to the world that Britain is not going to waver on dealing with its debts.’ – David Cameron, The Guardian

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British medical student appears in ISIS murder video

‘A UK medical student was last night suspected of being in an Islamic State killing squad that murdered 17 hostages. The father of Nasser Muthana said the 20-year-old appeared to be among 16 jihadists who were filmed beheading Syrian soldiers in the desert.’ – Daily Mail

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Sir John Major: UKIP is ‘anti-everything’

UKIP glass‘UKIP is guilty of peddling “sheer nastiness” that is “profoundly un-British in every way”, Sir John Major has said. The former Conservative prime minister took aim at Nigel Farage’s party as he said that voters were flocking to its banner only out of frustration with the economy.’ – The Times (£)

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IDS: Immigration changes British education

‘Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said an influx of children who do not speak good English is “literally changing” the character of schools in some communities. The former Tory leader said because of this teachers were getting waylaid and lessons slowed down. Mr Duncan Smith was hitting out about the effects mass immigration was having on under-pressure services.’ – The Sun (£)

£600m for flood defences abroad…as the waters rise in Somerset

Flood‘Britain is to hand over an expected £600million more to fight global warming in the Third World including cash to build sea and flood defences. Angry MPs said last night that voters would not understand why money is being sent overseas when not enough has been done to shore up flood defences here. Earlier this year homes and fields in Somerset were flooded following the Environment Agency’s decision to stop dredging rivers. Days ago pictures emerged of water rising again on the Somerset Levels.’ – Daily Mail

‘Plebgate’ libel trial comes to court

‘The notorious “Plebgate” incident reaches the High Court today when a libel judge will investigate the Downing Street encounter between former Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell and Pc Toby Rowland. Over two weeks, Mr Justice Mitting – sitting in London without a jury – will hear from both protagonists as he decides the preliminary issues of the meaning of the words complained of and whether they were substantially true.’ – Daily Mail

Putin strops out of G20 after criticism over Ukraine

Vladimir Putin‘Vladimir Putin walked out early from the G20 summit on Sunday after two days of tensions with fellow leaders over the crisis in Ukraine. The Russian president faced a barrage of criticism from western leaders at the meeting in Brisbane who warned that his country’s fragile economy would be hit by new sanctions unless he stops backing separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.’ – FT

Sobriety tags for drunken offenders

‘Thousands of drunken yobs will be fitted with electronic ‘sobriety tags’ to help them cut down on alcohol, under Tory plans. Wearing the tags will be a condition of new ‘sobriety orders’ that will be offered as an alternative to jail for certain offences if the Conservatives win the next election.’ – Daily Mail

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Tories gunning for Vince Cable’s seat

CABLE Dr Evil‘A senior Tory source told The Sun: “Vince Cable is in a lot of trouble. He’s on our 40/40 list of target seats — the 80 we’re fighting hardest to defend and attack. We’re confident we can get him out, and he knows it, so he seems to spend much of his time in his constituency rather than at the Business Department.”’ – The Sun (£)

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Reeves accuses Osborne of £25 billion welfare overspend

‘Chancellor George Osborne is having to spend £25bn more on welfare than he planned this parliament because of rising demand for housing and disability benefits, Labour claimed on Sunday. Figures commissioned from the House of Commons library by Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor and Rachel Reeves, the shadow work and pensions secretary, suggest the bill for welfare is still predicted to go up significantly.’ – The Guardian

  • Sarah Beeny urges a tax break for stay at home kids – Daily Mail

Miliband’s ‘zero-zero’ claim holed below the waterline

MILIBAND Ed red background‘The top 3,000 income tax payers will between them provide around 4.2 per cent of the total government revenue from income tax in this financial year. That compares to less than four per cent from the lowest-earning nine million workers…The Tories said the revelations undermined Labour leader Ed Miliband’s claim that Britain was now a ‘zero-zero’ country where the richest pay zero tax and the poorest work on zero hours contracts.’ – Daily Mail

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Ridley: How little Britain has changed in 290 years

‘For all the astonishing changes that would boggle Defoe’s mind…he would be just as amazed at the things that have not changed. There is still a hereditary monarch, a Church of England, a Tory party, a bicameral parliament, one house of which is elected, the other still with bishops and a few hereditary peers on its benches.’ – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)

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