Treason and Plot! 1) Guy Fawkes Night conspiracy as Labour MPs from the North-West mull regicide…

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 07.47.58“According to one person there, Lindsay Hoyle, Labour MP for Chorley and a deputy speaker of the Commons, told his colleagues they should concentrate not on targeting new seats but simply defending their own position. “He said it was mainly about saving our seats now,” the person said. Mr Hoyle did not respond to a request to comment.” – Financial Times

Treason and Plot! 2) …And, talking of the North-West, is Burnham a conspirator?

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 07.53.53“One significant absentee from the meeting was a North West-based MP whose star is very much in the ascendant: Labour health spokesman and member for Leigh, Andy Burnham. The suave Mr Burnham, who had an unsuccessful tilt at the leadership in 2010, energised Labour’s lacklustre conference in Manchester in September with a shamelessly populist speech about the National Health Service.” – Daily Mail

Treason and Plot! 3) Yes, he is! Shadow Health and Home Secretaries in Fawkes-Catesby type-deal

“Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, and Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, are said to have spoken about a post-Miliband future amid a growing revolt among Labour MPs. “It’s about presenting a joint offer to make a contest unnecessary,” one figure said, suggesting that Ms Cooper and Mr Burnham have struck a non-aggression pact as the party’s poll ratings fall.” – The Times (£)

Treason and Plot! 4) Danczuk and Austin stack barrels and prepare fuses

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 07.56.00“Earlier this week Simon Danczuk, the labour MP for Rochdale, is understood to have told David Watts, the head of the Parliamentary Labour Party, that it is time for Mr Miliband to go. Three other MPs are said to have done the same. Ian Austin, the Labour MP for Dudley North, is also said to have told friends that it is time for Mr Miliband to go.” – Daily Telegraph

Treason and Plot! 5) Bonfire of Miliband’s Vanities

“This is nonsense. My focus, the Labour Party’s focus, is on the country and the things that matter to the country,” he said. “That’s the cost-of-living crisis, it’s the NHS, it’s the prospects for the next generation.” Asked about the complaints by MPs, [Miliband] added: “Honestly, this is nonsense. Our focus and the Labour Party’s focus are on the country and are going to remain on the country because there are huge issues that our country faces.” – Daily Express

Treason and Plot! 6) Labour leader wheels out newly-promoted ally to pacify critics

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 07.57.24“Ed Miliband’s allies responded to talk of a crisis of confidence in the Labour leader by promising to raise the profile of the shadow cabinet team and allow frontbenchers to “speak more freely in the election with their own voice and articulate their own agendas”. The promise to respond to “changing times” was made by Lucy Powell, newly appointed by Miliband to sharpen Labour’s election operation.” – The Guardian

  • How to oust a Labour leader – The Independent
  • Runners and riders for the leadership – Daily Telegraph
  • First Group chief condemns Labour’s ‘urge to control’ transport – The Guardian
  • Hollande faces grilling on unemployment and pledges not to run again if the French can’t find work – Daily Mail

The Sun: Miliband going would be a problem for Cameron…but we can’t see it happening

Miliband coffee“Miliband’s leadership crisis is a worrying time. For David Cameron. Miliband’s weakness is the Tories’ best asset, if you accept that their fixing of the economy won’t win them the next election on its own. Almost anyone else — bar Harriet Harman or Ed Balls, obviously — could put the Tories under even more pressure than they are. But we can’t see Miliband going before May – Sun Editorial (£)

  • He’s not Labour’s only problem – Daily Telegraph Editorial
  • The Red Ed putsch – Daily Mail Editorial
  • “It is unlikely that someone as doggedly stubborn as Mr Miliband…will simply step aside and make things easy for the malcontents.” – Times Editorial (£)
  • “As Ed Miliband himself acknowledges, he is not seen as a charismatic potential prime minister.” – Clive Soley, former Labour Chair of the PLP, The Guardian
  • Remove him now – Joe Haines, Daily Telegraph
  • Labour’s message is not coming through to MPs, let alone the public – John McTernan, The Times (£)

> Today: ToryDiary –Useless, embattled but nigh-on impossible to sack, Miliband is the best possible opponent

> Yesterday: LeftWatch – Miliband is running out of excuses

Meanwhile, Jim Murphy says that he will scrap the SNP’s football legislation

“Mr Murphy said: ‘If I am elected ­Scottish Labour Party leader and First Minister, I will scrap the Football Act right away. The law was an attempt to chase headlines rather than actually fix a complex problem. Sectarianism and intolerance goes far beyond 90 minutes on a Saturday or 140 characters in a tweet. Instead of fixing the problem, they have created a pointless culture of mistrust between football fans and the police.’ ” – Scotsman

Cameron says: I’m not too posh to win votes in North…

CAMERON worker“Eton-educated Mr Cameron said he was proud of the upbringing his parents had given him, urging voters in the North to judge him not on his accent but on his commitment to the region. Asked how he feels when he is told by Northern Labour MPs he is too posh for the North, Mr Cameron said: ‘I can’t reinvent who I am, or change where I went to school or what my parents did. I’m incredibly proud of my parents, they put a huge amount of effort into bringing me up and giving me a good start in life, and I love what they did for me.’ ” – Yorkshire Post

  • Cameron insists he won’t be silenced on the state of the Welsh NHS and the nation’s schools – WalesOnline

…As he “refuses to pay £1.7bn EU bill by instalments”

“Over dinner, Mr Cameron told leaders from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway, which, together with the UK, make up the Northern Future Forum, that the demand was “unacceptable”. He brandished polling from YouGov to show the 10 per cent swing in favour of leaving the EU triggered by the £1.7 billion demand.” – The Times (£)

  • UK should consider taking EU to court over £1.7b, says Balls – The Guardian
  • IDS plan to deny EU migrants out-of-work benefits under universal credit – The Guardian
  • Business urged to speak out against Eurosceptics – Financial Times
  • Fire rages in Brussels after 100,000 protest – The Sun (£)

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Nine things the British don’t understand about the Germans

May on manoeuvres?  She welcomes the prospect of new local grammar school…

May Number 10“The home secretary indicated her support for a feasibility study to open a “satellite” grammar school in her constituency of Maidenhead, Berkshire, which currently has a comprehensive education system. The new state-funded selective school would be a second campus of an existing grammar school based in a selective borough near by. It would thereby skirt legislation that bans the creation of new grammar schools.” – The Times (£)

  • Diabetic Home Secretary defies food ban in Commons – The Times (£)

…As she ramps up the pressure on Conservative backbenchers over the European Arrest Warrant

“Mrs May told the Sun: “The arrest warrant is absolutely crucial in banishing foreign sex offenders from the streets of Britain. Thanks to this vital tool, nearly 200 people suspected of vile child sex offences and rapes have been extradited from our shores. We have a responsibility to protect the British public from these people and it is right the victims of these hideous crimes see their attackers face justice.” – The Sun (£)

> Today: Christopher Howarth on Comment: The EAW. We should cooperate with our EU neighbours. But why should we join a EU criminal justice system?

Hunt on Iain Dale LBC show: my half-Chinese children will suffer if we don’t curb immigration

DALE Iain Krieg illustration square“There would be growing anger among voters if it looked as if they were being denied NHS care because the cost of treating migrants and overseas visitors was so high, Mr Hunt added…‘I’d like to make one general point about immigration,’ he said. ‘My wife is Chinese and she obviously lives with me in London. My children are half Chinese and I do not want them to grow up in a country where people look at immigrants and say it’s difficult for me to access NHS services because of people like you.'” – Daily Mail

  • NHS hospital trusts in deficit more than doubles in a year – Financial Times
  • Health Service crisis warning over winter bug – Daily Express

> Today: Ian Dale’s Friday Diary: The best and worst Conservative leaders. Who do you nominate?

Stores cut petrol prices after Osborne warning

“The big four supermarkets all cut prices by 1p a litre yesterday, with Asda cutting to 119.7p — the first time in four years the price had dipped below 120p. George Osborne said: “Our message today is very clear: the oil price has fallen, we expect that to be passed on to people at the petrol stations as they fill up their cars. We expect the oil companies to do this and we will be watching very carefully to make sure that they do.” – The Times (£)

  • £1m boost for military charities as Osborne waives VAT on Tower of London poppy sale – Daily Mail
  • Whichever way you cut it, taxes need to rise – Paul Johnson, The Times (£)

 Security Service breaches of lawyer and client privilege are a national scandal, says Davis

DAVIS LOOKING“Top secret documents suggest MI5, MI6 and GCHQ may have illegally intercepted telephone calls and emails in sensitive security cases – even though lawyer-client relationships are protected by strict rules. The guidelines – branded by MP David Davis as a ‘national scandal’ – sparked fury because these communications are generally covered by ‘legal professional privilege’ to protect privacy and the right to a free trial.” – Daily Mail

LibDems want to run whole Departments in future Coalition

“They could press to run the Business, Transport, Energy and Climate Change departments in the event of a power-sharing deal with either Labour or the Tories, according to a party source. Taking full charge of those departments would enable the Lib Dems to develop the narrative that they were renewing the national infrastructure by investment in railways and green energy.” – The Independent

  • Davey in Commons: Green levies on energy bills will double by 2020 – The Sun (£)

> Today: Heresy of the Week – If concern about climate change is a religion, then Margaret Thatcher was its founder   

Reckless video vanishes from his website

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 08.26.22“A video showing Mark Reckless, the would-be Ukip MP, passionately arguing in favour of a housing development he now opposes was made unavailable on his website. Mr Reckless, who triggered a by-election in Rochester and Strood, faces accusations of conducting a u-turn on proposals to build 5,000 houses on Ministry of Defence land in Chattenden, Kent.” – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday:

Andrew Pierce: How opponents of gay marriage are being persecuted

“Last Saturday, the Mail revealed that Bryan Berkley, 71, a retired civil engineer, has been banned from doing volunteer work for the British Red Cross after almost 20 years’ selfless service.  On the same day that he represented the charity at a Buckingham Palace garden party, he received a letter from the organisation summoning him to a disciplinary meeting…His views, he was told, breached the charity’s principles of ‘neutrality and impartiality’, and so he was sacked.” – Daily Mail

  • Protestants and Catholics unite against Equality Commission in Asher Bakery case – Belfast Newsletter

Karren Brady Lords Debut In Brief

  • Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 08.27.15“The makeup! I have not seen a politician wear so much slap since Robert Kilroy-Silk.” – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • “Among those looking on were Lord Lawson – sporting his default expression, i.e. peeved hawk – and the magnificent Baroness Trumpington, sporting her own default expression, i.e. appalled headmistress.” – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

News in Brief

  • Warren v Paul Ryan is Presidential vote US wants, says study – Daily Express
  • Nottingham overtakes Liverpool and Glasgow to become Britain’s unemployment capital – Daily Mail
  • Birmingham and Black Country put forward combined authority plan – Financial Times
  • Jihadist reveals secret deal behind big prisoner swap – The Times (£)
  • Pentagon anger over Bin Laden killer – The Guardian
  • ‘Fake sheikh’ Mazher Mahmood seeks injunction against Panorama expose – The Guardian
  • DNA evidence proves that early humans survived the last Ice Age – The Independent
  • Gardener killed by Wolf’s Bane – The Sun (£)
  • How the All Blacks nearly ditched the haka – Daily Telegraph
  • The Queen pays tribute to the fallen troops of the First World War – Daily Express

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