PM says Jihadists will face a two year ban from returning to the UK

telegraphisil“British jihadists who fight for Isil in Syria and Iraq will be barred from returning to this country for at least two years to prevent terror attacks, David Cameron has announced. The Prime Minister has unveiled a raft of new anti-terror laws including powers to strip teenage jihadists of their passports and bar airlines from landing in the UK if they fail to provide passenger information. Mr Cameron made the announcement in an address to the Australian Parliament in which he said Britain had to take action to deal with the threat posed by “foreign fighters planning attacks against our people”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • “David Cameron is joining world leaders in Brisbane, Australia, for the G20 summit, which begins on Friday. The talks will focus on the struggling world economy, with world leaders expected to set themselves a new two per cent growth target.” – BBC
  • Tech firms need to fight Jihadists online – The Guardian

Tories gaining twice as many donations as Labour

“The Tories are surging ahead of Labour in their efforts to build an election war chest. They received more than twice as much in donations as Labour in the third quarter of 2014. The party was given £6.76 million in the three-month period, with Labour getting £3.19 million. The Lib Dems received £2.75 million, the SNP £1.57 million and Ukip £98,387. The Tories received a £500,000 gift from John Griffin, who founded Addison Lee. Labour’s biggest donation came from the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, which gave £520,000 to the party. Hedge funds accounted for more than £1 million of the Conservative donations, while trade unions gave Labour £1.3 million.” – The Times(£)

50/50 chance of leaving the EU says Major

majormail“Britain is likely to leave the EU unless it allows us to restrict immigration, Sir John Major warned last night. In an extraordinary intervention, the former prime minister said ‘our small island cannot absorb’ the huge numbers moving here each year. Sir John, who declared as premier that he wanted Britain at the heart of the EU, claimed our chances of leaving the union were ‘just under 50 per cent’ – and warned this would increase unless Brussels reforms rules on freedom of movement.”

  • “Sir John – who was a pro-European during his time as Prime Minister from 1990 and 1997 – also said that it was time officials in the European Union recognised real concern in the UK about immigration. He said: “Our small island simply cannot absorb the present and projected numbers at the current speed: it is not physically or politically possible without huge public disquiet.” – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron backs Major’s warning – The Guardian
  • Full text of Sir John Major’s speech – Daily Telegraph

The Daily Mail picks up Patrick McLoughlin’s ConHome interview with Andrew Gimson

“Families should do their Christmas shopping now because a shortage of lorry drivers has raised fears that there could be empty shelves in the shops, the Transport Secretary said last night. Thousands of hauliers have quit over the past few months following a new European Union rule forcing them to sign up to expensive training. In an interview, Patrick McLoughlin said he ‘hopes and thinks’ there will be no problems in the next six weeks, before adding: ‘But I’d advise everybody to get their shopping done.’ ” – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Interview – McLoughlin – “If it wasn’t for the Conservative Party, nobody would know who Carswell and Reckless were”

Hunt announces £300 million extra for A&E

HUNT Jeremy open neck“Accident and emergency services are facing unsustainable pressure and Britons should copy their European cousins and visit pharmacists instead, health officials have said. Health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, warned the NHS is facing unprecedented demand as it copes with an ageing population and a surge in visits during the winter. Hunt announced a £300m boost to pay for more staff and extra bed space to cope with the expected spike in patients over the coming months.” – The Guardian

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Jeremy Hunt, quiet reformer

Miliband rejects TV debate with Farage

“Ed Miliband declared Labour needed to debate Ukip to show “where they really stand”, hours before turning down a demand from Nigel Farage to face him head-to-head on television. The Labour leader used a much heralded fightback speech to accuse David Cameron of running scared over TV debates, but found himself facing accusations of cowardice for refusing to appear with Mr Farage.” – The Times(£)

  • Labour’s Year Zero tactics will fool no one – Leader Daily Telegraph
  • Intrepid Ed back on planet Earth to tackle dark forces – The Times(£)
  • Instead of offering workable alternatives Labour’s leader is like a geeky Russell Brand – Fraser Nelson Daily Telegraph
  • Labour’s US election guru follows wrong Ed Miliband on Twitter – The Sun(£)
  • “His friendly audience, like credulous children, lapped it up then hissed reporters for questioning him. To Labour’s tribal followers, Miliband’s historic unpopularity must be down to papers like The Sun. Not the tens of millions of voters horror- struck by the idea of him in power.” – The Sun Says


 Labour pledge tax avoidance fines

Tax Take“Labour has said it plans to double the fines that can be levied on people who aggressively avoid tax, if it wins the next election. Under anti-tax avoidance rules, if someone’s tax arrangements are found to be “abusive” they must pay back the tax they would have avoided. But shadow chancellor Ed Balls pledged a “genuine deterrent” by making them liable to pay the same amount again. A Tory spokesman said it was “feeble stuff” and Labour had no economic plan.” – BBC

  • Osborne promises “a blank cheque to put bankers in the dock” – Daily Mail

Livingstone incites mob rule in Tower Hamlets

“Ken Livingstone was accused by the government yesterday of inciting a lynch mob after he urged protesters to go to public servants’ homes and “make their lives intolerable”. The Labour party was urged to expel the former London mayor for an incendiary speech in Tower Hamlets. Mr Livingstone was speaking at a rally for the borough’s independent mayor Lutfur Rahman, whose victory in May’s local elections is being challenged in the High Court amid claims that electors were pressured into voting for him.” – The Times(£)

Calls for Labour to withdraw the whip from John McDonnell

MCVEY Esther Downing Street“Labour has distanced itself from comments from one of its own MPs who it is claimed joked about “lynching” Tory Minister Esther McVey. Labour’s official Twitter account said: “John McDonnell’s comments, if accurately reported, don’t represent the views of the Labour Party. He speaks for himself.” The Daily Mail had reported a comedy event at which one of its MPs John McDonnell discussed attending a ‘Sack Esther McVey Day’ while campaigning for Labour in the Employment Minister’s Wirral West constituency. He said: “I spoke at a packed public meeting… there was a whole group in the audience that completely kicked off quite critical of the whole concept, because they were arguing ‘Why are sacking her? Why aren’t we lynching the b******?’.”- Daily Telegraph

  • Gloria De Piero rounds on McDonnell – Daily Mail

Youth Parliament to meet in Commons

“Members of the UK Youth Parliament will take part in a House of Commons debate on Friday, chaired by Speaker John Bercow. The 11 to 18-year-olds will debate and vote on five issues chosen by a ballot of 876,488 young people across the UK. The event, in which 285 take part, marks the start of Parliament Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness about politics and democracy in the UK. Over 100 events will take place nationwide during the week.” – BBC

Age limit for Army Reserve raised to 50

Army“The maximum age for some part-time soldiers to join up has been raised to over 50, The Times can reveal, as figures show that a multimillion-pound plan to expand the Army Reserve led to only 20 extra troops in the past year. Commanders have been accused of “Dad’s Army” desperation, with the drive to recruit thousands of reservists being branded as shambolic. Capita, the outsourcing company, is being paid £50 million a year to assist recruitment. Millions more have been spent on television and online advertising over the past two years to raise the profile of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force reserve forces.” – The Times(£)

Church schools warn Morgan that diversity “British Values” rules could undermine Christianity

“Nicky Morgan’s drive to promote British values in schools undermines Christian teaching and is potentially dangerous, divisive and undemocratic, the Church of England has warned. The Education Secretary was accused of adopting a ‘narrow’ set of values following the Trojan Horse scandal, ignoring Christian concepts such as ‘loving one’s neighbour’. The Church also criticised the use of Ofsted inspectors to ‘police’ the teaching of equality and diversity.” – Daily Mail

Hannan attacks hypocrite Juncker

HANNAN Dan white background“What makes these new revelations so awkward is that, as a candidate, Juncker campaigned for tax harmonisation. The long-term solution to the euro crisis, he said, was to have a common fiscal policy, leading, ultimately, to taxes being directly levied by Brussels. The leaked documents, to put this as neutrally as I can, are very hard to square with that official policy. The fact is that, if true, they are a devastating exposure of Juncker’s hypocrisy: on the one hand, he is a leading advocate of tax harmonisation across the 28 countries of the EU, but on the other, he is an unapologetic central player in a multi-billion-pound tax avoidance scheme based in just one of those countries – his own.” – Daniel Hannan, Daily Mail

News in brief

  • Old people trying to downsize should get a Stamp Duty exemption say MPs – Daily Telegraph
  • Mentally ill more likely to be found in prison than in hospital – The Guardian
  • SNP to allow non-members to stand as candidates – BBC
  • McCluskey warns Jim Murphy “a candidate of division” – Daily Telegraph
  • McLoughlin says shop early for Christmas as EU rules cause shortage of lorry drivers – The Sun(£)
  • Germany narrowly avoids return to recession – Sky News
  • Hundreds of asylum seekers “wrongly deported” – The Independent

And finally…Boris is outshone by Jennifer Lawrence

BORIS open mouth“He’s used to being the center of attention, but on Wednesday night Boris Johnson was left playing second fiddle to Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence when the pair appeared as guests on the David Letterman Show on U.S. television. The last time the Mayor of London appeared with Letterman he was the star attraction and enjoyed a healthy rapport with his host, but things were much more brisk and business-like this time around. When Lawrence overran her slot while promoting the latest Hunger Games movie, Boris’ interview got squeezed to under five minutes – less than half of what he had when he appeared in 2012.” – Daily Mail

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