EU 1) Cameron promises immigration proposals by Christmas

Border‘David Cameron has told EU chief Jose Manuel Barroso that the British people want migration from Europe ‘fixed’ – and he promised detailed proposals by Christmas on how he will do it…Mr Cameron said British voters – not the head of the European Commission – were ‘the boss’, insisting reform of the right to free movement would be central to demands for a looser relationship with Brussels if he wins the next election.’ – Daily Mail

  • Other states plan restrictions, too – FT
  • Bring forward the referendum, and threaten an Out vote, Prime Minister – Daily Mail Leader
  • Ken Clarke: a cap would threaten growth – Daily Telegraph
  • Plans to block those without means to support themselves – The Times (£)
  • He is raising expectations he cannot meet – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: Immigration won’t win the Conservatives the election

EU 2) Hannan: No, Mr Barroso, we’d be Better Off Out

‘We are a leading member of the G20 and the G8, of Nato and the Commonwealth, and one of five permanent seat-holders on the UN Security Council. How much bigger do we have to be, for Heaven’s sake, before we’re capable of governing ourselves? How does Mr Barroso think seven million Swiss manage, or 320,000 Icelanders? Or, come to that, the 32,000 people of San Marino, who recently rejected EU membership in a referendum, preferring to remain in a free trade area?’ – Daniel Hannan MEP, Daily Mail

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EU 3) Farage hangs on to Brussels cash – thanks to party too extreme for Le Pen

UKIP glass‘He secured the backing of Robert Iwaszkiewicz, of the Polish Congress of the New Right party, a signing that is likely to stir controversy about Ukip’s allies in Brussels. The Polish MEP, a 52-year-old businessman, represents a party that was rejected in the summer as a possible ally by Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front, because of the alleged pro-Nazi sympathies of its leader.’ – The Times (£)

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‘One in three’ chance of electricity brownouts this winter

‘Fire and faults at five power stations have left Britain’s homes with a one in three chance of electricity “brownouts” this winter, leading to dimmed lightbulbs, slow clocks and other disruption, according to a leading energy analyst. Didcot B power station, which produces electricity for up to a million homes, lost half its capacity indefinitely after a fire on Sunday night.’ – The Times (£)

‘Refugees’ leave Wales to seek NHS treatment in England

NHS‘Patients are so desperate to flee the crisis-hit Welsh NHS they are going private or moving to England, it emerged last night. Tens of thousands cross the border every year to escape lengthy waiting lists or access life-saving drugs. Nearly four times as many Welsh patients are treated in England as the other way round, official figures show.’ – Daily Mail

  • MPs want slimming classes for overweight pregnant women – Daily Mail
  • Families seek right to use untested drugs – Daily Mail
  • MRSA cases down by more than half – The Sun (£)

Labour’s mansion tax could cost up to £28,000 a year

‘Owners of properties worth more than £3 million face paying a levy of £28,000 a year under Labour’s plans for a “mansion tax”, it emerged today. The party has come under increasing fire from senior figures in its own ranks over the electoral impact of its plans for a tax on homes worth more than £2 million.’ – The Times (£)

>Today: Judy Terry on Local Government: Labour’s pledge for 200,000 new homes lacks credibility

ISIS on the back foot in Kobane

ISIS‘ISIS positions in and around Kobane felt the full force of American airpower last night, as sustained bombing raids resulted in a series of spectacular explosions in the besieged Syrian town. The radical Islamic group has been dramatically pushed back from the town, having as recently as last week looked like it was about to drive out the last of the brave Kurdish fighters defending it. As a fresh round of airstrikes rained down, the US also ran a series of airdrops for the Kurdish resistance, dispatching weapons and medical supplies.’ – Daily Mail

Greens overtake the Lib Dems in Ashcroft poll

‘A surge in support for the Green Party has propelled it into fourth place in the polls, ahead of the Liberal Democrats for the first time in a decade. The Greens were at a record 8 per cent in the Ashcroft National Poll, up 3 per cent, pushing Nick Clegg’s party into fifth place on 7 per cent. It is the Green Party’s highest ever rating in the poll.’ – Daily Mail

>Today: Stephen Tall’s column: British politics is more fragmented than ever

>Yesterday: Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Labour lead by three points in my latest weekly poll

Milburn: The UK could be socially divided forever

MILBURN-ALAN-e1382082358140‘Britain risks becoming a country “permanently divided” between the rich and poor, says a pre-election state of the nation report by the government’s social mobility supremo. Alan Milburn, who chairs the social mobility and child poverty commission, said all the main political parties had failed to confront the problems of UK citizens stuck in low wage jobs, excluded from the housing market and suffering the effects of public spending cuts.’ – FT

Sir John Hoskyns, author of Thatcher’s ‘Stepping Stones’, has died

‘Sir John Hoskyns, who has died aged 87, was a businessman who became the pugnacious first head of Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit at Downing Street, driving efforts to reverse the UK’s economic decline…Hoskyns began work for Thatcher when the Conservatives were in opposition. She encouraged him in 1977 to begin work on the Stepping Stones strategy, a programme to tackle trade union power and stabilise public finances.’ – FT

  • He critiqued her management style – Daily Mail

Clegg calls for new protections for journalists

Nick Clegg portrait‘Journalists would benefit from defences to be added to various statutes to cover activities deemed to be part of responsible investigative journalism in the public interest, under Liberal Democrat proposals being pushed in government. Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, told a press conference on Monday he wanted reporters to have more protection from prosecution and police investigation.’ – FT

>Yesterday: Emma Carr on Comment: Grayling’s plans will censor unpopular views – not quell online threats

Ganesh: Don’t worry, be happy

‘We are not just better than we think we are, we are better than we were. In 1973 we could hardly govern ourselves, much less look France and Germany in the eye as economic equals. That was, by the way, when Britain really was run by elites: the troika of big business, organised labour and government whose shambling corporatism eventually forced the world’s first industrial nation to send for the International Monetary Fund. The country is now richer, freer, more roundly envied.’ – Janan Ganesh, FT

Peston: Our economic troubles are far from over

GROWTH Krieg‘Investors may be wrong; that would hardly be unprecedented. But if you look at our economic weaknesses — massive debts, rising inequalities increasingly seen as restricting growth, education systems that fail to equip our young people with the skills they need — they are hardly fixable in a week, or a year or a single parliament.’ – Robert Peston, The Times (£)

New crackdown on welfare fraud

‘A nationwide crackdown on benefit cheats has been launched today in a bid to save the country more than a billion pounds a year…
Work and Pensions Minister Mark Harper said: “We are giving benefit claimants every opportunity to tell us if their circumstances have changed, as the majority do. But those who cheat the system need to know we will use everything in our power to stop them.’ – The Sun (£)

News in brief

  • Nigeria defeats Ebola – FT
  • It’s windy – Daily Mail
  • Pistorious to be sentenced – Daily Telegraph
  • Plague of exploding breast implants – The Sun (£)
  • Total chief executive dies in Moscow air crash – FT
  • New treatment allows paralysed man to walk – The Times (£)
  • Gay couple thrown off bus for kissing – Daily Mail
  • Bank of England payment breakdown threatens house purchases – FT
  • Bob Blackman MP defends expenses claims – Daily Telegraph

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