Farage to feature in a leaders’ debate

FARAGE Nigel official‘Under the plans unveiled by the BBC, ITV, Sky News and Channel 4, Ukip leader Nigel Farage would be invited to take part in one debate also featuring David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. The Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem leaders would then take part in a three-way discussion, before Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband go head-to-head in a final clash. Ukip, which has just gained its first elected MP, welcomed its inclusion in one debate – but indicated that it would press for a second spot ‘if the political landscape continues to change’. The Lib Dems insisted the debates should take place on the same format as at the 2010 election.’ – Daily Mail



>Yesterday: WATCH: Carswell takes his seat in the Commons

Osborne announces further pension freedoms

‘Workers will be able to use their pension pots like bank accounts from the age of 55 and withdraw thousands of pounds to save, invest or spend as they wish on holidays or other purchases. George Osborne, the Chancellor, said that people would be able to take advantage of the Government’s flagship pension reforms to access “as much or as little as they want” from their savings.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • Pension consultants not happy – FT

Employment rate returns to pre-recession levels

growth flag‘The “jobs gap” since the start of the recession has finally closed as Britain’s recovery reaches an important milestone, according to a study to be published today. The proportion of people employed in the UK, at 73 per cent, is back to where it was before the downturn in 2008, said the Resolution Foundation. The think tank, which has often been critical of the Government, hailed the findings as “very good news”.’ – The Independent

Cameron faces European Arrest Warrant rebellion

‘David Cameron is heading for a Commons rebellion over Europe next month, just as a “must-win” by-election battle with Ukip comes to a head. Senior Tory MPs warn Mr Cameron today that they will vote against handing police powers to Brussels, including signing up to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), and could even support Ukip moves to mount a legal challenge.’ – The Times (£)

  • And a revolt over foreign aid, too – Daily Mail

Daily Mail: Common sense breaks out on human rights

Police shield‘In a ground-breaking triumph for common sense, senior judges reject an appeal against deportation by a vicious Chinese robber who claimed that booting him out of Britain would violate his children’s right to a family life. The Appeal Court ruling reflects great credit on the Home Secretary, who acted earlier this year to prevent foreign criminals from using their families as an excuse to remain in this country.’ – Daily Mail Leader

  • Time for a written constitution, says Lord Neuberger – The Independent

Boris 1) Ban takeaways near schools

‘Fast-food takeaways could be banned from opening within 10 minutes’ walk of schools under radical plans being considered by Boris Johnson. A report commissioned by the Mayor will this week outline the toughest measures seen in the UK to tackle the “obesity emergency”.’ – Evening Standard

  • Educating parents is the only solution – The Sun Says (£)

>Yesterday: Julia Manning & Matt James on ThinkTanks: How to slim down the Fat Man of Europe

Boris 2) Allow mothers to fine maternity units

NHS_Logo‘Mothers who endure appalling care in an NHS maternity unit should be able to demand that the hospital receives a punitive fine, Boris Johnson will argue this week. The proposal, in a report commissioned by the London Mayor, is part of a drive to hand significant powers to patients.’ – Daily Mail

Hannan: The only way to control our borders is to leave the EU

‘No one, Left or Right, would design an immigration policy like this — one where we are, in practice, forced to turn away skilled workers from other continents in order to free up space for EU migrants…Why do we put up with it? Because our leaders won’t contemplate leaving the EU. Our membership is treated as a given — a fact around which other policies must be slotted.’ – Daniel Hannan MEP, Daily Mail

Hunt: Expect a British Ebola case before Christmas

Hunt Jeremy 15‘Britain should get ready for a devastating case of Ebola every single week in the run-up to Christmas, Jeremy Hunt has warned. The Health Secretary confirmed to a hushed House of Commons that the deadly disease will reach our shores.’ – The Sun (£)

Miliband begs his party to stop sniping at him

‘Ed Miliband begged Labour MPs for unity last night as he warned that returning to the “bad habits” of infighting risked consigning the party to defeat. The Labour leader expects “every person in this party” to stop sniping.’ – The Times (£)

Rush to agree new powers for Scotland

UNION FLAG torn‘Politicians from all the major parties on Monday embarked on a hurried search for a deal over transferring more tax-raising powers to Scotland, amid signs of growing discontent among English Tory MPs…Meanwhile, English Conservatives have backed David Cameron’s decision to set up a committee to look at the question of “English votes for English laws”’ – FT

Commons votes to recognise Palestine as a state

‘In a landmark move, MPs voted by 274 to 12 to urge the Government to ‘recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel’. But fewer than half of MPs voted on the backbench motion. And the Government, which abstained, is not bound by the vote.’ – Daily Mail

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>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The obsession with Israel is disproportionate

News in brief

  • Gender life expectancy gap narrows – Daily Mail
  • Hong Kong police move in on protesters – The Times (£)
  • Kim Jong-Un reappears – The Sun (£)
  • Inside the battle for Kobane – Daily Mail
  • Three new terror arrests in London – The Times (£)
  • Lost British parrot returns…speaking Spanish – Daily Telegraph
  • Should British doctors be allowed to prescribe marijuana? – The Independent

And finally…

Cameron poses with ‘blacked-up’ Morris Dancers

‘Most other politicians might run a mile if they were asked to pose with anyone who was “blacked-up”, but David Cameron had clearly done his homework before he agreed to a picture with a group of Morris dancers. The Prime Minister was enjoying a day out with his family at the Banbury Folk Festival near his constituency in Oxfordshire on Saturday when he was collared by the Foxs Morris troupe.’ – Daily Telegraph

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