Big Speech 1) Cameron deploys tax cuts to fire up the campaign

Cameron Fightback‘Tax cuts for millions of families were yesterday put at the heart of the Tory pitch to win next year’s election. David Cameron electrified his party conference with a dramatic pledge to raise the 40p income tax threshold by more than £8,000 to £50,000 by 2020. This would lift 800,000 out of the higher band altogether, reversing years in which it has sucked in more and more ordinary households.’ – Daily Mail



Big Speech 2) Pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act ‘once and for all’

‘A future Tory Government would scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a new Bill of Rights to give Britain more control over the laws that it implements, David Cameron said today…Many in his party have called for a Tory Government to pull out of the ECHR altogether but Mr Cameron has not gone that far.’ – The Independent

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Big Speech 3) A vow to England

England flag‘A future Tory government ‘will deliver’ English votes for English laws, Mr Cameron declared yesterday as he made a ‘vow’ on home rule. The Prime Minister said Scotland would get more devolved powers – as promised by the major party leaders in the late stages of last month’s referendum campaign.’ – Daily Mail

  • Upbeat election hopes in Birmingham – FT

>Yesterday: Lord Ashcroft on Comment: The Prime Minister has done a good day’s work

Big Speech 4) Limiting EU immigration at the centre of renegotiation

‘David Cameron promised to make curbing migration from within the EU the top priority during his renegotiation, amid warnings that he was raising hopes he may not be able to ­satisfy. The prime minister said the numbers of EU migrants had increased too fast in recent years and he wanted the issue “sorted”, amid pressure from cabinet colleagues to introduce quotas from poorer countries already inside the EU.’ – The Times (£)

Big Speech 5) Montgomerie: If he’d delivered this years ago, UKIP may never have bloomed

MONTGOMERIE purple background‘His leadership is now going in the right direction. If this speech had been delivered a few years ago, the Nigel Farage genie might never have escaped the bottle. Unfortunately it has and despite yesterday’s speech it’s still going to be jolly difficult to put it back.’ – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

>Today: Graeme Archer’s column: Tories who think they’d prefer to lose are fooling themselves – as I learned at Finsbury Park station

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Ebola conference in London

‘The international community is gathering in London for a conference to raise awareness about the Ebola virus. Philip Hammond, foreign secretary, Justine Greening, development secretary, and Ernest Bai Koroma, president of Sierra Leone, will be among those taking part at the event at Lancaster House.’ – The Guardian

  • Patient diagnosed in Texas after hospital sent him home – Daily Mail
  • We must help to upgrade Africa’s hospitals – The Times Leader (£)

>Today: The Deep End: How worried should we be about Ebola?

Lord Hill pledges to work ‘for the common European interest’

EU FLag‘The 54-year-old promised to put European laws before the interests of London, denying  accusations that as a former lobbyist he would be a stooge for Britain’s financial services industry. Addressing the European Parliament, Lord Hill said he backed strong regulation of the industry, and vowed to enforce rules governing bankers’ bonuses. ‘I want Britain to be part of a successful European Union…I want to work for the common European interest.’’ – Daily Mail

  • Peer to face second MEP grilling – FT

UKIP receive £1m donation

‘William Hague helped to secure a million-pound pledge to Ukip yesterday after he enraged a former Tory, who had just announced his defection to Nigel Farage’s party, by dismissing him as insignificant…he said: “He called me ‘a nobody’… Now he knows who I am.”’ – The Times (£)

Fallon: No more defence cuts

DEFENCE cuts‘Citing threats from Islamic extremism and Russia, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has warned the prime minister and chancellor not to cut the UK’s defence budget after the next election. Mr Fallon told the Conservative party conference in Birmingham he wanted Britain to continue to spend 2 per cent of its gross domestic product on defence.’ – FT

Raab: Banning online debate is no answer to extremism

‘While we should resist Sharia trumping British law, should we really be outlawing clerics who debate the issue? As well as being contrary to our tradition of free speech, it’s difficult to see how this could be enforced in practice, given the scale of online debate and the security of social media sites. Large numbers of officers should not be dragged into policing what should be the realm of democratic debate.’ – Dominic Raab MP, Daily Telegraph

Worldwide protests in support of Hong Kong

CHINA flag‘Thousands of demonstrators blocked roads and pavements outside the Chinese embassy in London last night as support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests spread around the world. Organisers said 3,000 people in London wanted to show citizens of the former colony ‘they are not alone’, as they fixed more demonstrations yesterday in 25 more cities including New York, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Paris, Toronto, Seoul, Taipei, Sydney and Melbourne.’ – Daily Mail

  • Democracy activists threaten to seize ministries – The Times (£)
  • Chinese ambassador refuses to meet Clegg – FT
  • Tensions at every level – David Pilling, FT
  • China warns of ‘unimaginable consequences’ – The Independent

News in brief

  • Body of Alice Gross found – Daily Mail
  • Taxpayer funded campaign to cut student drinking fails – The Sun (£)
  • BNP expels Nick Griffin – The Times (£)
  • US Secret Service chief resigns after blunders protecting Obama – Daily Mail
  • Charlotte Green says the BBC excused a sex pest boss – Daily Telegraph
  • Bitter battle to run Brazil – The Times (£)
  • It’s national poetry day; take the quiz – Daily Telegraph

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