First Rochester & Strood poll puts Reckless nine points ahead

Opinion Poll graphic‘David Cameron faced a second by-election blow last night after a new survey suggested Ukip’s latest Tory MP defector Mark Reckless is on course for victory in Rochester. A Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday shows that Mr Reckless is nine points ahead of the Tories, and that Nigel Farage’s fans are not put off by the Prime Minister’s warning that voting Ukip will result in Ed Miliband winning power.’ – Mail on Sunday

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Alan Henning’s brother-in-law accuses government of inaction

‘The family and friends of Alan Henning, the British hostage murdered by terrorists in Syria, have accused the government of doing too little to save his life. Colin Livesey, Henning’s brother-in-law, said he was “angry” at the government. He claimed that it could have done more to save both Henning and David Haines.’ – Sunday Times (£)


Birmingham conference leaves Tories feeling bullish

CONSERVATIVES‘What a turnaround. The Tories arrived in Birmingham reeling from the double body blow of a sex scandal and another MP defecting to Ukip. But they left with one Cabinet Minister confidently crowing: ‘We’re going to win the next election, and we’ve just shown you how.’’ – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday

Labour donors, MPs and peers lay into Miliband as Conservative poll lead holds

‘Ed Miliband was accused of taking Labour “back to the 1970s” last night as a new poll confirmed the Tories had jumped into the lead in the race to win the next election. MPs and peers rounded on the Labour leader as today’s YouGov poll for The Sunday Times put the Tories on 36%, two points ahead of Labour, with Ukip on 13% and the Lib Dems on 7%.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Lib Dems 1) Clegg lays into Cameron, ‘a rich man’s Farage’

angry clegg pram‘The Lib Dems sought to frighten voters off a majority Tory government last night by evoking a nightmarish image of Britain if David Cameron ruled alone. Party leader Nick Clegg depicted a ‘diminished and divided’ nation out of the EU, the economy ‘halted in its tracks’. In a wounding attack, he forecast David Cameron turning ‘trapped between being a poor man’s Margaret Thatcher and a rich man’s Nigel Farage’.’ – Mail on Sunday

Lib Dems 2) What is the point of the junior Coalition partners?

‘If the Lib Dems didn’t currently exist, it is doubtful many people would see the need to invent them in their present form. They continue to sing the same tired old tunes of the 1980s and 1990s, refusing to accept the tastes of their audience have changed beyond recognition. They come across as an analogue party in a digital world…If he continues on his present path, then in a flash, Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems could vanish altogether.’ – Mark Littlewood, Mail on Sunday

Raab: End the creeping powers of the ECHR

Raab Dominic headshot‘The convention was a laudable effort to bind European nations, ravaged by two world wars, to bedrock standards of decency. Churchill backed the plan. But, like the Labour government that ratified the convention, he shuddered at the thought of a European court rewriting British law…Those fears were borne out. An international court, set up to watch for any reversion to the barbarism of war and dictatorship, is now usurping the prerogative of elected parliaments.’ – Dominic Raab MP, Sunday Times (£)

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IDS: Control immigration or we could leave the EU

‘Mr Duncan Smith sets out his ambition for changing the terms of Britain’s membership of the European Union; warns that unchecked migration can cause “resentment” leading to “civil unrest”; says supporters of the UK Independence Party risk delivering a Labour government; and declares himself a fan of Jane Austen and the controversial American rapper Eminem.’ – Sunday Telegraph

Police use terror powers to identify journalists’ sources – again

Police shield‘Police used anti-terrorism powers to secretly spy on The Mail on Sunday after shamed Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne falsely accused journalists of conspiring to bring him down. Detectives sidestepped a judge’s agreement to protect the source for our stories exposing how Huhne illegally conspired to have his speeding points put on to his wife’s licence. Instead they used far-reaching powers under the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) – originally intended to safeguard national security – to hack MoS phone records and identify the source.’ – Mail on Sunday

Fears of child exploitation ‘whitewash’ in Manchester

‘A senior teacher turned whistleblower said the response of the authorities when she raised concerns about the safeguarding of pupils had been “a whitewash”. The warnings follow Ofsted’s decision last month to rate Manchester’s children’s services as “inadequate”. The regulator said “child sexual exploitation processes are not well embedded in social care teams” and “there are insufficient links being made with children who may be sexually exploited”.’ – Sunday Times (£)

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