Grayling to bring in tougher sentences for internet trolls

MOStrolls“Internet trolls who subject victims to vile abuse are to be jailed for up to two years under a tough Government crackdown. Harsher sentences are to be introduced following a series of shocking, high-profile cases, including rape threats made against model Chloe Madeley last week. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling revealed to The Mail on Sunday that the maximum six month sentence for internet abuse will be quadrupled.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “Mr Grayling told the newspaper: “These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life. No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence.” Miss Madeley received threats after defending her mother Judy Finnigan’s comments on a rape committed by footballer Ched Evans, which she said was “non-violent” and did not cause “bodily harm”. ” – BBC
  • “Last night TV presenter Vanessa Feltz backed the change in the law that will target offenders who make victims’ lives a misery by abusing them using social media. The Radio 2 star was taunted by sick internet trolls who attacked her for publically claiming that she had been indecently assaulted by Rolf Harris while interviewing him on live TV. ” – Sunday Express

Cameron: This is an election to make or break Britain

suntelelection“We are committed to putting EU migration right at the heart of our negotiations in Europe. That comes from the first British Prime Minister to veto an EU treaty, get the European budget cut, and pull us out of the bail-out schemes that Labour signed us up to. We have also pledged to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act, ending the era of farcical human rights rulings handed down from Europe. And never forget: it is only the Conservative Party that is offering you that in-out referendum on Europe in 2017. There would be a terrible irony if people who care about these issues voted Ukip – making a Labour government more likely.” – David Cameron Sunday Telegraph

  • “Ukip may be enjoying a moment in the sun, capitalising on the frustrations that many people feel about the slow pace of reform. But do not mistake a protest movement capable of stealing headlines with by-election victories for a serious force for change. The reality is that there is a low ceiling on Ukip’s vote and its support will, typically, lead to Conservative marginals going to Labour in 2015.” – Leader Sunday Telegraph
  • Reckless army on the march – The Sun on Sunday(£)
  • Carswell claims more MPs could defect – The Observer

>Today: ToryDiary: Cameron shows he is taking the concerns of UKIP voters seriously

PM plans annual cap on EU workers allowed in to the UK

“David Cameron plans to slash EU migration by imposing an annual cap on the number of national insurance numbers given to low-skilled immigrants from Europe. Under plans being drawn up in Downing Street, new arrivals would get a national insurance number only for a limited period, to prevent them from coming to Britain to work and claim tax credits indefinitely….The plans would illegal under EU law, because they violate the principle of free movement of people. But Cameron thinks he can agree a deal because he will signal that he is prepared to leave the EU if he does not achieve what he wants.” – The Sunday Times(£)

>Today: Andrew Bridgen MP on Comment: Why Cameron must make border control a red line in his EU renegotiation

Truss to scrap subsidies to “ugly” solar farms

s216_Elizabeth-Truss“Taxpayers’ handouts to massive ‘ugly’ solar farms which scar the countryside are to be axed by Environment Secretary Liz Truss. She will tell farmers tomorrow to stop pocketing public funds by carpeting large parts of the landscape with the black panels – and go back to growing fruit, vegetables and crops instead. The move, to take effect from January, is the latest part of David Cameron’s attempt to move away from green politics. Ms Truss said: ‘I want Britain to lead the world in food and farming and to do that we need enough productive agricultural land. I’m very concerned that a lot of our land is being taken up with solar farms. We’ve already got 250 of them and we’ve got 10,000 football pitches worth of new solar farms in the pipeline.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “The Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) announced plans to limit its support for large-scale solar farms earlier this year. Subsidies under the existing “renewables obligation” will end next April under the proposals. Decc said large-scale solar developments had grown faster than expected and would exceed the budget for subsidies by £40 million over the next two years.” – BBC
  • Miliband’s Climate Act would bankrupt us – Christopher Booker Sunday Telegraph

Osborne will allow more money for road upgrades

“George Osborne is planning a giveaway mini-Budget to help shore up Tory MPs in marginal seats. He has asked Cabinet colleagues for spending ideas to put in December’s Autumn Statement. Cash will be splashed on major infrastructure projects such as highways which will create jobs and give local areas a boost. It will also tie in with the Tories’ “long-term economic plan” message.” – The Sun on Sunday

Selous attacked for saying the disabled work harder

iosdisabled“A second government minister made contentious comments over the disabled and their role in the workplace at the Conservative Party’s annual conference last month, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. Andrew Selous, a Justice minister and former parliamentary aide to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, told a fringe meeting that “disabled people work harder because they’re grateful to have a job”. His comments are revealed just days after David Cameron faced calls to sack Lord Freud as Welfare Reform minister after a recording emerged of him telling a separate fringe meeting that disabled people were “not worth” the full minimum wage. The IoS has learned that Labour will hold a vote of no confidence in Lord Freud, in the Commons.” – The  Independent on Sunday

  • “Believe me, parents of those with mental disabilities are not particularly offended by Freud’s remarks. The people we can’t forgive are those who would use our children as political chaff.” – Dominic Lawson Sunday Times(£)

Candidate to succeed Hague is chosen

“Businessman Rishi Sunak has been selected as the Conservative candidate to vie for William Hague’s North Yorkshire seat at the general election. Mr Hague, who has held the Richmond seat for 26 years, is to leave parliament in 2015. He made the announcement in July when he stepped down as foreign secretary, a post that Philip Hammond stepped into. Around 200 party supporters chose Mr Sunak from a shortlist of four at a meeting in the constituency earlier.” – BBC

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Rishi Sunak selected for Richmond

Green warns about pulling out of European Arrest Warrant

GREEN Damian serious“Last night former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell, who is a member of the Commons intelligence and security committee, and former Conservative immigration minister Damian Green, both warned that pulling out of the EAW would be a disastrous move at a time of heightened concern over terrorism.” – The Observer

Nesbitt calls for UUP/DUP pact

“Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt has repeated his call for an electoral pact between his party and the DUP in next year’s general election. He told his party’s conference that the UUP was prepared to support the DUP in North Belfast if they stepped aside in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. He said there was a danger the DUP could lose their north Belfast seat and leave Belfast without any unionist MPs. “That is a danger that should galvanise unionism,” he said.” – BBC

Leftwing Labour MPs challenge Miliband

Miliband coffee“LEFTIE Labour MPs publicly turned on Ed Miliband just hours after he made a desperate appeal for unity. They demanded a huge change in economic policy at a meeting of Labour Against Austerity on Tuesday night. Katy Clark, who hosted the meeting, specifically attacked party bigwigs, saying: “We’re simply not providing the leadership to enable people to fight back.” Ex-frontbencher Chris Williamson even urged Labour to “junk” market economics and copy socialist countries.” – The Sun on Sunday(£)

News in brief

  • Public sector workers march for higher pay – BBC
  • Labour lodge complaint against Craig Oliver for “smear” – Guido Fawkes The Sun on Sunday(£)
  • West calls for end of violence in Libya – BBC
  • Lord Deighton seeking billions Kuwaiti and Qatari billions of investment to the UK – Sunday Telegraph
  • UKIP donor was arrested for harassing woman executive – The Sun on Sunday(£)

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