Clacton puts pressure on Cameron to get tough on immigration…

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron is under intense pressure to crush Ukip in next month’s Rochester by-election after senior figures in his own party blamed him for the Eurosceptic party’s surge. After losing the previously safe Tory seat of Clacton to Ukip, the battle in the seat of Rochester and Strood, Kent, has become a critical test of the Prime Minister’s authority, warned MPs.” – Daily Mail

Tories face tough test at next by-election

“Party insiders admitted they were facing a “massive” fight to hold Rochester and Strood in the poll triggered by former Conservative MP Mark Reckless after his defection to Ukip. Tory whips are expected to move the Parliamentary writ that will set a date for the by-election in Kent when the Commons returns next week. MPs expect the by-election to be held in late November and sources hinted that a later date may be chosen to allow the Tory campaign to gain momentum.” – Daily Express

>Today: ToryDiary: After Clacton and before Rochester: Immigration – and Cameron’s nuclear option


Miliband pays the price for near-miss in Heywood & Middleton as Labour turns on its leaderPinning Down Miliband

“Ed Miliband came under mounting personal criticism from his party today after a by-election surge by Ukip in a Labour heartland left a huge question mark over his general election strategy. Senior Labour politicians warned that time is running out for Mr Miliband to convince voters he is a credible prime minister, with just over 200 days until the May election.” – The Independent

  • No seat is safe, Labour chiefs are warned – The Times (£)
  • Miliband feels the heat – Daily Mail
  • Labour leader urged to ‘harden’ immigration stance – The Guardian
  • Ed on course to lose general election, backbenchers warn – The Sun (£)
  • Labour MPs warn Miliband to “step up to the mark” – Daily Express
  • Ed has “panda eyes and strange lips”: Jack Straw on why voters don’t like him – The Sun (£)
  • The core voters have spoken, and they’re not happy – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • The next election will be a five-party race – Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun (£)


Simon Danczuk MP: My party leader is too scared to talk about immigration

“Over the past few weeks on the campaign trail in Heywood and Middleton I’ve had a terrible sense of déjà vu. Gordon Brown famously refused to debate immigration with the pensioner Gillian Duffy in my own constituency of Rochdale in 2010, dismissing her as ‘a bigoted woman’. Now Ed Miliband has similarly failed to address the issue with voters a few miles down the road in Heywood and Middleton.” – Daily Mail

Carswell denies planning to replace Farage…

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 03.04.27The former Conservative said that it would be “disastrous” for himself and the party if he took the helm. “I am not the leader of Ukip, I never will be the leader of Ukip and I will never seek to be leader of Ukip,” he said. That does not mean that the marriage between him and his new party is going to be a happy one. Tensions between Mr Carswell and Nigel Farage were on display from the moment he declared his defection in August. They were further laid bare in an extraordinary victory speech after his resounding win in Clacton. He used the address to allude to the claims of bigotry and xenophobia that have dogged Ukip.” – The Times (£)

  • Victory parade for the UKIP MP who made history – Daily Express
  • If a revolution can start in this sleepy seaside town, nothing is impossible – Andy McSmith, The Independent

…and bridges rift by apparently supporting controversial statement on migrants with HIV

“Douglas Carswell appears to have backed Nigel Farage’s calls to prevent migrants with HIV entering the country. The Ukip party’s first elected MP said he agreed with “everything” Mr Farage said on immigration during a recent interview with Newsweek Europe.” – The Independent

  • Farage calls for bar on migrants with “life-threatening illnesses” – Daily Mail
  • Should the ‘International Health Service’ treat immigrants with HIV? – Sue Reid, Daily Mail


The Liberal Democrats are now the party of no-hopers

LibDemDead“It trailed fifth behind Tory defector Douglas Carswell of Ukip, the Conservatives, Labour and the Greens. Getting less than five per cent meant the Lib Dems forfeited their £500 deposit – designed to discourage no-hope candidates. In Heywood and Middleton, Greater Manchester, the Lib Dems clung onto the deposit… Tom Mludzinski, of pollster Comres, said: “They are haemorrhaging votes in seats that aren’t theirs. We have never had a government party perform so badly.” – Daily Express

  • Lib Dems suffer second worst major-party by-election defeat in post-war history – Daily Mail
  • Modern Tribes: The Lib Dem candidate – Catherine Bennett, The Guardian

>Yesterday: Iain Dale in Columnists: The Lib Dems are like cattle being loaded up to go to the abattoir

Matthew Parris: Voters, not politicians, are out of touch

“Today’s parliaments are the most inclusive, diverse, unpretentious, least corrupt, most streetwise, hardest-working assemblies that Britain has ever elected, and by a long chalk the most in touch with the concerns of ordinary citizens. They do know how the other half lives. They try ceaselessly — they try too hard — to understand and empathise. They inquire, they engage, they research, they listen. They’re painfully aware of the impact of policy on people. Politicians do know what to do: in Jean-Claude Juncker’s phrase they just don’t know how to get re-elected after doing it. So cut the crap about reaching out to Rochdale or connecting with Clacton. There are parts of Britain that need to reach out to reality.” – The Times (£)

London should be “very concerned” about terror threat

Boris Johnson event“Thousands of terror suspects in the UK are being monitored by the security services, it has been claimed. Far more militants than previously thought are under surveillance, according to the Mayor of London. Boris Johnson said the threat from Islamist extremists may be greater than officials have admitted.” – Daily Mail

  • Security services monitoring ‘thousands’ of suspects in London – Daily Telegraph
  • Doreen Lawrence may run for Mayor of London – The Times (£)
  • Can Boris really go from self-styled joke to Prime Minister? – Gaby Wood, Daily Telegraph

Could Tory house-building plans be a rural vote winner?

“This week, the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, unveiled new planning guidance to safeguard the green belt from development and urged councils to prioritise building on brownfield sites. The guidance, forecast in The Daily Telegraph, signals a remarkable U-turn from present practice: after all, some 15 new houses are now approved every day for the supposedly protected girdles around key towns and cities. And, in doing so, he has left both Labour and the Liberal Democrats behind.” – Geoffrey Lean, Daily Telegraph

Cameron faces backbench revolt over Scottish funding vow

UNION FLAG torn“David Cameron is facing a challenge from Tory MPs over his pledge to maintain higher public spending in Scotland even as Edinburgh wins greater independence from London. Backbencher Dominic Raab is believed to have secured the support of scores of MPs to force a Parliamentary vote on the issue.” – Financial Times

Economic growth forecast a further embarrassment for Labour leader

“The figures, in the IMF’s World Economic Outlook, will be a boost for George Osborne. But they are an embarrassment for Labour leader Ed Miliband, who has closely aligned himself with France’s socialist president Francois Hollande. Mr Hollande swept to power in 2012 as an old-fashioned socialist, promising to take on the rich and big business, but is now the least popular French leader on record.” – Daily Mail

  • Osborne to lead efforts to avoid repeat of banking crash – The Sun (£)
  • Scottish Government’s financial forecasts do not factor in attempts to avoid new taxes – Daily Telegraph

Premiership clubs should interview one black candidate for manager every time, says Umunna

Umunna on Marr“Mr Umunna said it was time to introduce the ‘Rooney rule’ – first introduced in American Football in 2003 to boost the number of black and ethnic minority coaches. The principle was introduced by Dan Rooney – not Wayne, the Manchester United player – an NFL club owner who introduced a rule where at least one non-white candidate must be interviewed when a manager’s job comes up.” – Daily Mail

News in Brief:

  • The rise of the “tutor proof” exam – Daily Mail
  • Cameron plans to send his children to an “inner city comp” – Daily Telegraph
  • Police warned they could be target of attacks like that on Lee Rigby – Daily Express
  • Police have hacked “scores” of journalists’ phones – The Sun (£)
  • SNP demands “full fiscal responsibility” – Financial Times
  • Growing anger of pro-Israeli Labour MPs whipped into recognising Palestine – The Independent

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