Johnson calls for quotas on European migrants

CAMERON & BORIS“Quotas for European immigrants must be considered to help win back Conservative voters who have turned to Ukip, Boris Johnson says. The Mayor of London says in an article for The Telegraph that people are ‘furious’ because the immigration system is ‘out of control’ and has become a ‘magnet for the hordes at Calais’. Mr Johnson says most UK Independence Party voters, or ‘kippers’, aren’t ‘wicked’ or racist but simply want to end the ‘madness’ of Britain’s lack of border controls. He says David Cameron is the ‘only man’ who can deliver the changes that Ukip voters want by restoring control over Britain’s borders” – Daily Telegraph

  • The answer to the UKIP anger is simple: vote David Cameron – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph
  • The day Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph
  • UKIP force clean-up of immigration mess – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun (£)
  • French army must protect Channel passengers at Calais, says MP – Daily Express


Deep End: Why won’t Boris stand up to the screw you school of architecture?

Montgomerie: Pacts with Tory MPs give UKIP a backdoor to power

“One or two more Conservative MPs may defect to Ukip but that should not be the Tory whips’ biggest fear. Much more dangerous — and more likely — is that a small number of Tory MPs seek local arrangements with Nigel Farage or even become joint Tory/Ukip candidates. I know of four or five Tory backbenchers who are already talking in these terms. I suspect there are more. If pacts are formed Tory MPs will move together. While one MP forming an alliance in defiance of David Cameron might be expelled from the party, it would be difficult for the leadership to move against a large group. This is Ukip’s backdoor to power” – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

  • Research by Goodwin fuels speculation about Tory defections – Financial Times
  • Carswell predicts more defections – Daily Mail
  • Farage demands EU referendum next year as price of supporting the Tories – Daily Mirror
  • UKIP to target rust-belt seats in Scotland – Scotsman
  • Labour faces battle to save heartlands from SNP surge – Herald

Labour MPs tell Miliband to fight UKIP with tougher line on migrants

MILIBAND Red Ed“Ed Miliband was urged to get tougher on immigration last night amid fears about the rise of Ukip among Labour MPs in the north of England. The Labour leader insisted that he had heard concerns about uncontrolled migration, but MPs said that he had to talk much more about the subject to persuade voters to trust him. Other MPs warned that the party was running out of time to devise a national strategy to halt the growth of the insurgency” – The Times (£)

  • Labour has 37-33 per cent lead over Tories in Populus poll – Financial Times
  • By pandering to anti-Israel sentiment, Miliband undermines Britain’s role – Guto Bebb MP, Daily Telegraph

NHS reforms our worst mistake, senior Tories admit

“Senior Tories have admitted that reorganising the NHS was the biggest mistake they have made in government. David Cameron did not understand the controversial reforms and George Osborne regrets not preventing what Downing Street officials call a ‘huge strategic error’, it can be revealed. One senior cabinet minister told The Times: ‘We’ve made three mistakes that I regret, the first being restructuring the NHS. The rest are minor’” – The Times (£)

  • Disastrous diagnosis that could yet prove fatal for the Tories – Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson, The Times (£)
  • Nine in ten care homes fail dementia patients – Daily Mail
  • Only 9.5 per cent of Unison members voted for today’s four-hour health strike – Daily Mail

Cameron says rescue teams will be sent into failing schools

School“A hit squad of centrally employed teachers is to be created to be dispatched into so-called failing schools, David Cameron will announce on Monday. Describing 500 schools as still failing, the prime minister will also give the hitherto low profile eight regional school commissioners extra powers to remove their leadership if deemed necessary. Cameron, anxious to move away from the diet of Europe and immigration that has dominated political debate, will say experts will be consulted to help develop the ‘rescue package’ which will be included in the Conservatives’ general election manifesto” – Guardian

  • How we will get to grips with failing schools and give everyone a brilliant education – David Cameron, Daily Mail

Brown warns Tory “lethal cocktail” could end Union

“Gordon Brown today warned David Cameron’s plan to ban Scottish MPs from voting on English laws and devolve total control over income tax to Holyrood was a ‘lethal cocktail’ that could end the United Kingdom. The former Prime Minister said Mr Cameron risks breaking the ‘fragile’ Union accidentally by creating two classes of MPs and accused him of playing ‘fast and loose’ with the constitution. He also warned the Tories’ plans to transfer total control over income tax played into the hands of the Nationalists by ‘driving a wedge’ between Scotland and England” – Daily Telegraph

Osborne aims for pre-election sale of Eurostar holding

“Britain has started the sale of the government 40 per cent stake in Eurostar, the high-speed train company, with the aim of selling it before the general election in May. George Osborne, the chancellor, will announce on Monday that he is inviting initial bids by the end of October for the state’s stake. He hopes to complete a trade sale in the first quarter of next year if the government can ensure value for money for taxpayers” – Financial Times

Carney attacks bankers who got away unpunished

Mark Carney“The Governor of the Bank of England last night launched a stinging attack on the bankers who caused the financial crisis and ‘got away without sanction’. Mark Carney said the bosses of the banks behind the 2008 global financial crash should have paid a higher price for their errors. Instead – despite facing limited social embarrassment – they were still on the ‘best golf courses’. Speaking in Washington, Mr Carney said: ‘The individuals who ran the institutions got away with it…Maybe they are no longer at the most esteemed table in society, but they are still on the best golf courses and that has got to change”- Daily Mail

  • Earnings of FTSE 100 directors rose by more than a fifth last year – The Times (£)

News in brief

  • Turkey opens its bases for use by US and other coalition forces against ISIS – Guardian
  • ISIS hostage fears he will be the next to die – The Times (£)
  • Rowan Williams raises plight of bishops imprisoned in Syria – Daily Mail
  • US warns of possible rise in Ebola cases – Financial Times
  • Chinese demand for British TV shows rises by 40 per cent – Guardian
  • Brooks Newmark had two-year affair – The Sun (£)
  • Backpacker had three-inch-long leech living up her nose – Daily Telegraph

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