ISIS murder another journalist, and threaten a Brit is next

Iraq flag‘Islamic State jihadists have threatened to behead a British hostage after releasing a second video capturing the murder of another American journalist. The man, who The Times is not naming, was identified at the end of the video published online last night, which shows the hostage Steven Sotloff apparently being beheaded.’ – The Times (£)


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Cameron: Don’t appease Putin like Hitler

‘David Cameron has warned that Europe must get tougher with Vladimir Putin – or risk repeating the mistakes it made with Hitler. He compared the response to Russian aggression with the disastrous appeasement of the Nazi dictator at the Munich conference in 1938.’ – Daily Mail

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UKIP lead in Clacton – as Tories plan an open primary

CARSWELL Douglas‘The Conservatives could face a crushing defeat at the hands of Ukip in the Clacton by-election, a second poll in a week suggests. Yesterday’s survey by Lord Ashcroft, the Conservative peer, gave Ukip a 32-point lead over the Tories in the seat as the contest was called for October 9, David Cameron’s 48th birthday. The Conservatives are urging local members in Clacton to hold an “open primary” to select a candidate to replace Douglas Carswell.’ – The Times (£)



Ashya King’s parents released

‘The parents of sick Ashya King were freed from their Spanish prison yesterday — after cops dropped all charges. Relieved Brett King 51, and wife Naghmeh, 45, were out just hours after a European Arrest Warrant was scrapped.’ – The Sun (£)



Popular backing for ConHome’s manifesto

MANIFESTO Power‘Polling by YouGov shows that seven out of 10 voters and nine out of 10 Tory voters want free movement within the EU to be scrapped. Meanwhile plans put forward by Tory grassroots organisation ConservativeHome aim to replace our open borders with an Australian-style points system.’ – Daily Express Leader

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Villiers strips IRA suspects of letter ‘immunity’

‘Hundreds of IRA terrorism suspects will learn they no longer have immunity from prosecution as the Government announces that hundreds of controversial “comfort letters” are to be rescinded. Theresa Villiers, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, will tell MPs the letters, issued to individuals suspected of terrorist offences committed before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, are worthless.’ – Daily Telegraph

Would-be leader 1) May sets out stall on public sector reform

MAY Warhol‘In a speech to Reform, a free market think-tank, the home secretary will describe how she is changing priorities at the Home Office away from merely responding to problems such as crime to understanding how to prevent criminals from acting in the first place. But straying beyond her own department, Ms May will also praise colleagues for making similar innovations in health, justice and welfare, and urge others to “think in creative terms about how we take this approach not just within individual departments but across government as a whole”.’ – FT

  • Home Secretary suggests integrating fire, police and ambulance services – The Guardian

Would-be leader 2) Row explodes as Davies rejects Boris Island

‘Sir Howard Davies rejected Mr Johnson’s ambitious scheme yesterday, citing an enormous price tag of up to £120 billion and major environmental and economic concerns. Mr Johnson denounced the decision as “myopic” and said that Sir Howard had privately told him that another airport commission would be needed in 2020, making a third — and possibly a fourth — runway at Heathrow inevitable.’ – The Times (£)

Market jitters as Scottish polls tighten

Scottish flag‘The prospect of a close vote on Scottish independence sent jitters through the City of London on Tuesday, as markets reacted for the first time to what one senior banker called “the unfathomable levels of uncertainty” associated with a Yes vote.’ – FT

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Bercow comes out fighting

‘Some MPs believe that by choosing an administrator rather than an experienced clerk, the speaker was trying to downgrade the clerk’s traditional role – attempting a power grab on issues of procedure. “It is nonsense on stilts,” he says. “There is a very low-grade, substandard, low music hall argument used that I am trying to destroy the clerk’s department, as it used to be called, in order to bolster my own power. This is so low grade, I am sorry – it can hardly be taken seriously.”’ – FT

Clegg tries to play married couples off against parents

CURSE OF CLEGG one‘A tax break for married couples would be scrapped to pay for free childcare for all two-year-olds, under plans from the Liberal Democrats. The married couple’s allowance – worth £200 a year to couples where one partner does not pay income tax – is due to be introduced next year. But Nick Clegg will today announce plans to axe the flagship Conservative policy in the Lib Dem manifesto for next year’s election.’ – Daily Mail

  • Lib Dems demand PR in local elections – FT

Energy may be rationed for firms over the winter

‘Emergency measures will be introduced to prevent the lights going out this winter. Offices and factories will be offered compensation to undergo 1970s-style energy rationing and shut down for up to four hours a day to prevent households being plunged into darkness. In addition, owners of old power stations will be asked to switch them back on to meet the country’s demands.’ – Daily Mail

News in brief

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