ISIS 1) Cameron: British lives are under threat

CAMERON PPB Jobs‘Islamist terrorists are out to “kill and maim” UK citizens, David Cameron said on Tuesday, as he disclosed that a number of Isil terrorism plots have been foiled. The Prime Minister said Britain cannot “opt out” of the fight against the extremists as he prepares to authorise air strikes in northern Iraq.’ – Daily Telegraph

ISIS 2) Parliament could be recalled on Friday

‘The Prime Minister will offer the services of the RAF during talks in New York with his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi. If the offer is accepted, MPs will be recalled for an emergency session of Parliament within the next 72 hours to approve the action. British Tornado bombers could be in action by the weekend.’ – Daily Mail

Miliband speech 1) He forgot to mention the deficit or immigration

MILIBAND Red Ed‘Mr Miliband made a blunder by omitting passages on how Labour would tackle the UK’s record £95 billion deficit or rising levels of immigration as he attempted to deliver his 66-minute speech from memory. His mistake, revealed when a version of the address was posted online, was seized upon by the Conservatives, who said it was proof he wasn’t up to the job.’ – The Times (£)


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Miliband speech 2) ‘Mansion tax’ under fire from Labour candidates

‘More than 100,000 homeowners across the country face an average bill of £15,000 a year thanks to Ed Miliband’s mansion tax, experts said yesterday. The Labour leader told his party conference he would impose the levy on homes worth £2 million to free up billions for the NHS. But the plan has already come under fire from Labour candidates to be London mayor, because the tax will disproportionately affect homeowners in the capital.’ – Daily Mail

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Cameron caught on camera revealing details of Scotland call with the Queen

Scottish flag‘David Cameron is to apologise to the Queen after he was caught boasting she had ‘purred down the line’ when he called to tell her Scotland had rejected independence. The Prime Minister was said to be ‘deeply embarrassed’ last night after he was inadvertently caught on camera discussing the Queen’s reaction to last week’s referendum.’ – Daily Mail


Support for Welsh independence falls to lowest ever level

‘Support for Welsh independence has fallen to its lowest recorded level in the wake of the Scottish referendum, according to a poll for BBC Wales. The survey, carried out days after Scotland voted “No”, found 3% wanted to Wales to be independent. But there was support for the idea of more powers being devolved to the Welsh Assembly, with 49% in favour.’ – BBC News


Public sector strikes on the way

On strike‘The government faces a series of public sector strikes after an announcement that civil servants are to stage a national walkout next month. Members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union will take industrial action on 15 October in a long-running row over jobs, pay and conditions. Council workers will strike the previous day, while a day of action in the NHS is expected on 13 October in separate disputes over pay.’ – The Guardian

  • Nurses’ poor handwriting and maths cost lives – Daily Mail
  • 160 British medics volunteer to fight Ebola – Daily Mail
  • Former health adviser attacks politicians for cherry-picking evidence – The Times (£)

Labour fear UKIP may win Heywood and Middleton by-election

‘Labour chiefs are desperately ploughing cash and MPs into a northern by-election as fears spiral that Ukip will pull off a shock win, The Sun can reveal. Party bigwigs popping over from their party conference in Manchester to campaign in Heywood and Middleton this week have been “stunned” by the huge recent swell in support for the anti-EU party.’ – The Sun (£)

Concerns over police errors in search for Alice Gross

Police shield‘Scotland Yard has launched a review into the shambolic handling of the Alice Gross case. The internal probe will examine what was done in the immediate aftermath of the 14-year-old’s disappearance – the so-called ‘golden hour’ when most cases are solved. MPs have expressed grave concerns over the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the case.’ – Daily Mail

Tesco crisis deepens

‘A day after Tesco suspended four senior executives and warned that a quarter of its interim profits constituted phantom earnings, insiders at the SFO said that the law enforcement agency was “following developments at Tesco with interest”. Moody’s, the ratings agency, followed its rival Fitch by placing the chain’s credit worthiness under review for a potential downgrade.’ – The Times (£)

School bars girl over full-face veil

School‘A school is refusing to allow a girl who wears the full-face veil to study in its sixth-form, it was reported yesterday. Camden School for Girls has taught the 16-year-old pupil for five years, but she decided to adopt the niqab, which covers her hair and face, on returning to start her A levels this September.’ – The Times (£)

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