Scotland 1) The Queen is ‘horrified’ at prospect of a Yes vote

The Queen‘The Queen is receiving daily updates because she is so troubled by the possibility that in just ten days Scotland’s referendum could end the Union. The official line from the Palace was: “The referendum is a matter for the people of Scotland. “The Queen remains strictly neutral on this, as she does on all political issues.” But another source said: “Everybody at the Palace is hoping we will stay together.”’ – The Sun (£)


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Scotland 2) New devolution offer

‘David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown will join forces this week to promise Scotland more powers from London if voters choose to stay in the UK. A cross-party plan for increased control over tax, welfare and job creation in Edinburgh would be announced ‘within days’, said Chancellor George Osborne.’ – Daily Mail

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TUC plans strikes into 2015

On strike‘The Government has been warned that industrial action by public sector workers over pay could continue into the new year amid growing anger over the “double standards” in British society. Pay will dominate the TUC Congress in Liverpool, which opened yesterday with fresh attacks on the coalition and predictions of strikes.’ – Yorkshire Post

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‘Ditch leftie nonsense’ to win

‘Cameron should ditch “leftie nonsense” and focus on traditional Tory policies if he wants to cling to power, according to a survey of party activists. A ComRes poll for the Grassroots Conservatives group found high levels of support for an immigration cap, tougher jail terms and income tax cuts. Large numbers also back re-introducing control orders for terror suspects and abolishing the Human Rights Act.’ – The Sun (£)

>Today: Nadhim Zahawi MP’s column: The real Tory divide is between the majority that wants to win and the minority that doesn’t

Miliband and Balls lock horns over tuition fees

MILIBAND Ed red background‘Ed Miliband is being blocked by Ed Balls from committing a Labour government to radically reducing tuition fees, claim senior Liberal Democrats. The Labour leader said three years ago he wanted to reduce fees to a maximum ceiling of £6,000 a year although he stopped short of making it a manifesto pledge.’ – The Times (£)

Osborne opposes MP pay rise

‘Minister could step in to block a proposed 10 per cent pay rise for MPs that would take their salaries to £74,000 a year, George Osborne indicated yesterday. The Chancellor made clear his opposition to the move at a time when increases to public-sector workers’ earnings are capped at 1 per cent.’ – Daily Mail

Build more houses, business groups urge

Homes For All Big‘Leading business groups are urging politicians to build 240,000 homes a year to tackle the “chronic” housing shortage and provide more funding to help with soaring childcare costs. Alongside more traditional business lobbying areas such taxation and trade, social concerns come high up the list of priorities for both the CBI employers’ organisation and the British Chambers of Commerce in their election manifestos, both published separately on Monday.’ – FT

Ukraine ceasefire starts to shake

‘Artillery battles over the weekend between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists threatened the fragile ceasefire agreed on Friday The shelling came only hours after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said in a statement that he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had reassured each other in a phone conversation that the ceasefire they had brokered was being observed.’ – FT

Brits running ISIS religious ‘police’

ISIS‘British women are reported to be running the group’s religious police force. Researchers believe that British jihadists have been recruited to the all-female al-Khanssaa brigade, set up by Islamic State to punish women for un-Islamic behaviour. The key figure is reported to be Aqsa Mahmood, 20 a former private school pupil from Glasgow.’ – The Times (£)


Brussels to attack British bonuses

‘A senior EU official has warned banks that Brussels is ready to challenge the use of cash allowances designed to sidestep the incoming EU bonus cap. Michel Barnier, the EU commissioner responsible for financial services, strongly criticised the alleged circumvention of the pay curbs by the City’s big banks.’ – FT

New industry press regulator launches

Newspaper mastheads‘IPSO, the new Press regulator, begins work today with a commitment to be ‘rigorous, independent, fair and transparent’. The Independent Press Standards Organisation, whose chairman is the retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Moses, will oversee editorial standards for the majority of national and regional newspapers and magazines.’ – Daily Mail

News in Brief

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