Immigration 1) Major: ‘Migrants are natural Conservatives’

Major calls for windfall tax‘Immigrants who come to Britain should be praised for having the “guts and drive” to travel halfway across the world to create a better life, Sir John Major has said. The former Prime Minister said when he grew up there was a “different social value” placed on people who came into Britain in the 1950s. Describing immigrants as natural Conservatives, he said not all immigrants in his experience came to Britain “to benefit from our social security system”.’ – Daily Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: A Conservative immigration policy

Immigration 2) Foreign residents working here will lose £10,000 tax allowance

‘All those who work in the UK currently receive the first £10,000 of their income tax-free, which has meant the lowest earners pay no tax at all. But under plans drawn up by George Osborne’s department, migrant workers who are not full-time residents in this country would be stripped of this ‘generous’ allowance and pay 20 per cent tax on all of their income.’ – Daily Mail

Fox: Bomb ISIS – they are enemies of us all

Iraq flag‘Those who say we should have nothing to do with the conflicts in the region might want to think about the effect on oil prices in the event of a clash involving Iran or Saudi Arabia. If the global economy were to suffer another oil shock, the price, for the poorest countries in particular, could be disastrously high. Perhaps worst of all, a fundamentalist caliphate would be a magnet for jihadists around the world and it would soon be used as a base from which to export terrorism and extremism.’ – Liam Fox, Daily Mail

  • Popular support for intervention rises – The Times (£)
  • Pro-ISIS leaflets handed out in London – FT
  • Osborne’s foreign policy influence grows – FT
  • British recruiters for jihad – Daily Mail

Editorial and Comment

>Today: Mark Field MP on Comment: We may now need to deploy ground troops in Iraq and Syria

>Yesterday: Garvan Walshe’s Foreign Policy column: Arm the Kurds – before it’s too late

Littlejohn: We live in a judicial dictatorship

‘How absurd that the question of whether or not prisoners should get the vote rests on a decision by a supra-national court comprised of judges for whom no one has ever had the chance to vote. We may kid ourselves that we live in a parliamentary democracy, but the reality is that we are ultimately governed by a judicial dictatorship, accountable to no one, with its power base in Strasbourg.’ – Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The motivations of May’s attack on Strasbourg

Morgan attacks Labour’s education flip-flops

Labour holes‘Mrs Morgan insisted the Coalition would press ahead with its reforms to restore faith in A-levels among employers and universities. ‘Parents, young people and teachers deserve better than Labour’s education flip-flops,’ she told the Mail. ‘Two years ago Tristram Hunt said he’d “get rid of AS-Levels” because they were a “waste of time”. Now he wants to keep them. Labour’s plans to wind the clock back mean more exams and less learning. We agree with what Tristram said two years ago.’ – Daily Mail

Grayling to stop driving bans being served in jail

‘Disqualifications start on the first day of an offender’s sentence, rather than on their release — meaning many can get back behind the wheel as soon as they leave jail. Labour changed the law in 2009, but the relevant rules under the Coroners and Justice Act have yet to come into force. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will announce the move within weeks.’ – The Sun (£)

  • Greater Manchester Chief Constable suspended in misconduct probe – Daily Mail

Finkelstein: Israel has no alternative

Israel flag‘The war against Israel is not caused by the occupation. The occupation is caused by the war against Israel. And for all that I support a Palestinian state, would its creation really mean peace in the Middle East even if it left Israel alone? The peace that emulates the internal affairs of which neighbour? Egypt? Syria? Lebanon? Iraq? Iran?’ – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)

  • Arms export licences to be suspended if conflict resumes – FT
  • Warsi attacks Cable for not going far enough – Daily Mail
  • End appeasement of Putin – The Times Leader (£)

Tax questions over Labour adviser

‘Labour is facing questions over whether it has been avoiding the tax due on the employment of a senior adviser to the shadow health secretary. Labour pays Kevin Lee, who runs Andy Burnham’s office, via a private company rather than employing him as a full-time member of staff with a pay-as-you-earn contract. Labour has criticised such arrangements when used by the BBC.’ – The Times (£)

Independent Scotland would be left defenceless

SALMOND on Marr ‘Scotland  will be left without any weapons to defend itself if it votes for independence and refuses to take on its share of UK debt, an MP has warned. Ian Davidson, the chairman of the influential Scottish affairs committee, said that Alex Salmond’s ‘cavalier’ plan to renege on Scotland’s debts if he does not get his way on the pound would ‘poison’ negotiations with the UK.’ – Daily Mail

  • Better Together: Stop giving us money, we’ve got enough – Daily Telegraph

>Today: Henry Hill’s Red, White and Blue column: Benefit reform stalemate threatens Ulster devolution

Network Rail debt to go on balance sheet

‘Ministers are exploring ways to reverse the accounting changes that will next month see Network Rail’s £34bn of gross debts added to Britain’s national debt burden. Following an EU edict, Network Rail, the state-backed organisation that owns and operates Britain’s railway infrastructure, is to be reclassified as a public body on September 1.’ – FT

>Today: The Deep End: Don’t let the language of finance pull the wool over your eyes

The BBC sends 100,000 licence fee demands a day

BBC Money Funnel‘The BBC is sending out almost 100,000 enforcement letters each day demanding payment of the licence fee. MPs and campaigners rounded on the corporation last night as it emerged that more than 46 million letters have been sent out by TV Licensing in the past two years.’ – The Times (£)

Simmonds attacked for complaining of insufficient allowances

‘His ostensible reason for departing – that the expenses regime is insufficient to allow his young family to live or visit him in London – is puzzling. He didn’t have to live in hotel rooms three or four nights a week. The parliamentary cost of living allowance entitled him to claim up to £27,875 on the rental of a second home, either in London or in his constituency.’ – Chris Mullin, The Guardian

Detail of MPs’ expenses to be kept secret

money‘MPs’ expenses claims for small items like staples and paper clips are to be kept secret in future, The Sun can reveal. The behind-the-scenes agreement was reached after politicians complained they were being ridiculed in the Press. The claims will be lumped together with other items of stationery, rather than listed individually, to hide their embarrassment.’ – The Sun (£)

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