Snap poll gives Salmond victory over Darling

Scottish Independence“Alex Salmond staged a dramatic fightback in the Scottish independence campaign after mounting repeated attacks on the credibility of no campaign leader Alistair Darling in a bloody confrontation in advance of next month’s referendum. Salmond scored a decisive victory in a snap poll for the Guardian by more than two to one after he goaded Darling, leader of the pro-UK Better Together campaign, accusing him of collaborating with a Tory government in London in a combative and ill-tempered referendum debate broadcast live across the UK from Glasgow” – Guardian

  • Both men turned incoherently pointy and shouty – John Gordon, Herald
  • Highlights from Salmond v Darling – Daily Telegraph
  • Darling and Salmond key quotes – Scotsman
  • For all Salmond’s bluster, there’s still no answer on the currency question – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph
  • Scottish politics still revolves round Salmond – Martin Kettle, Guardian
  • It comes down to a battle between caution and romance – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Burying my mum in a soggy Scottish graveyard taught me why the Union matters – Daniel Hannan, Daily Mail
  • Welsh First Minister would veto Salmond’s currency union – WalesOnline

>Today: ToryDiary – Last night’s scrap between Darling and Salmond showed how unsatisfactory this kind of debate tends to be

Tories need to woo young ethnic vote in marginals

“More than half of new voters in some Conservative battleground constituencies will be non-white at next year’s general election, putting further pressure on parties to woo the ethnic minority vote. Some 35 of the 40 of the Tories’ target seats, along with 25 of the key marginals they already hold, will see an increase in the proportion of ethnic minorities among first-time voters, according to a data study by Ian Warren, the elections analyst” – The Times (£)

MI6 man says Johnson is wrong on terror threat

BORIS angel devil“Britain should resist a rush to overhaul its fundamental legal principles in the face of an ‘unproven threat’ from homegrown militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, the former global counter-terrorism director of MI6 has said. In an interview with the Guardian, Richard Barrett criticised government plans for new laws to tackle British extremists and warned against Boris Johnson’s suggestion that Britons who travel to Iraq or Syria should be presumed guilty of involvement in terrorism unless they can prove their innocence” – Guardian

  • Grieve condemns Johnson’s proposal as “draconian” – Independent
  • The grotesque alliance that has been allowed to carve up Syria – David Blair, Daily Telegraph
  • Clegg promises ministerial announcement on identity of “Jihadi John” – Daily Telegraph


Columnists – Dom Morris: Learning my lesson – the unpalatable truth about “Islamic State”

Comment – Daniel Kawczynski MP: There must be no fudge or delay of the report into the Muslim Brotherhood


ToryDiary – How should Britain counter the Islamic State group? Take our latest monthly survey

May introduces new restrictions on stop and search powers

“Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has unveiled a series of measures which will scale back the way police can stop and search suspects. Tougher thresholds will mean officers in England and Wales are able to use the most controversial form of stop and search powers much less frequently…More than 20 police forces have agreed to implement the restrictions immediately after Mrs May failed to persuade Downing Street of the need for compulsory reforms” – Daily Telegraph

Harman accuses Tories of relying on “shady money”

harman“Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, accused the Conservatives of relying on ‘shady money’ on Tuesday as she published figures showing how reliant the Tories are on funding from unincorporated associations. Unincorporated associations can donate money to political parties without having to declare the source of their funding in full…Harman said the Tories had received more than £5.5m from such associations since 2010 and that, in 27 of their key seats, more than half the funding was coming from them” – Guardian

“Unsavoury” Londoners undermine Cameron’s foreign policy

“Londonistan and Londongrad: why has the nation’s capital become synonymous with foreign influxes of an often unsavoury kind?…David Cameron’s condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine sits uneasily with the UK’s role as the launderette for Russian money. His fury at the murder of the American journalist James Foley by a British jihadi needs to be reconciled with the failure to stem Islamic militancy on our own doorstep” – John Kampfner, The Times (£)

Juncker says Britain needs a woman in Europe

Juncker“Britain will be denied a key role in the European Commission this week unless David Cameron replaces his male candidate with a woman, the body’s new president has indicated. Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday expressed his frustration that ‘despite my repeated requests’, most governments, including Britain, have put forward men for the most important positions in Europe.He warned that the European Commission would be ‘neither legitimate nor credible’ without more women and said that female candidates would have ‘a very good chance’ of getting one of the top jobs” – Daily Telegraph

Hollande’s government collapses, again

“It had more than a whiff of pre-Berlusconi Italy about it. ‘Government falls’, ran one headline, barely five months after the previous collapse, as President François Hollande’s office announced that his prime minister, Manuel Valls, had been asked to form a new Cabinet. The real story was that Valls had demanded the head of Arnaud Montebourg, the flamboyant economy minister, for questioning government economic policy. Montebourg had been chivvying away for some time, advocating a degree of protectionism, a top-down industrial policy, and thundering against the ‘diktats of Brussels’ (he loves calling Mrs Merkel ‘Chancellor Angela Bismarck’)” – Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Daily Telegraph

  • Montebourg the maverick who sparked French crisis – Guardian

News in brief

  • Police swamp east Belfast interface after two nights of violence – Belfast Telegraph
  • Ukrainian president calls snap election for October – Guardian
  • Republicans plan to spend up to $350,000 to sue Obama – Washington Post
  • Bercow refuses to reveal Meryl Streep film “profits” – Daily Telegraph
  • Spain apologises to King of Morocco after yacht “drug smuggling” gaffe – Daily Telegraph
  • Crime fall masks huge risk in bank fraud – The Times (£)
  • Clegg dons traditional Indian dress on trade trip to Delhi – Daily Mail
  • Lib Dems call for sex education to begin at age of seven – Guardian
  • Plane diverted as passengers fight over reclining seat – Associated Press
  • BBC accused of spreading “poisonous” wild flowers – Daily Telegraph
  • British embassy apologises for “burning White House” tweet – BBC

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