Boris 1) Announcement of return to Parliament puts “leadership bandwagon in full swing”

mailboris“The Boris Johnson leadership bandwagon was in full swing last night after the London Mayor finally declared his intention to return to Parliament. Putting an end to months of speculation, he announced he was looking for a seat so he can return to the Commons at next year’s election, reneging on a series of ‘solemn vows’ not to do so. In a pointed snub to David Cameron, on holiday in Portugal, he did not even inform the Prime Minister in advance that he would be making his statement.” – Daily Mail

  • “A return to Westminster will hand him the chance of contesting the Tory leadership should David Cameron fail to win power in next year’s election. He is likely to be up against Theresa May, the home secretary, and an increasingly confident George Osborne, the chancellor.” – The Times(£)
  • “What about George Osborne, who is also building up support for a future leadership bid? There’s no doubt that Boris’s eye is on the big prize – and on a scrap with the Chancellor. And while Boris’s supporters are ready for the fight, already spying on Mr Osborne’s long-term tactics, they are also adamant that they are only concerned with a “post-Dave” leadership bid and that Boris will remain completely loyal to the Prime Minister until he goes.” – Isabel Hardman Daily Telegraph
  • A kitchen cabinet, a war chest, even his wife is on side – Andrew Pierce Daily Mail
  • How Boris could become PM – Daily Telegraph



Boris 2) Already he’s in talks about standing in Uxbridge

“The Sun can reveal that his senior staff secretly rang Tory officials in the North West London seat to discuss their candidate selection process a month ago. BoJo ordered his team into action the moment Tory grandee Sir John Randall announced he was stepping down from the safe seat with a majority of 11,216. Uxbridge is the perfect berth for the capital’s boss, meaning he wouldn’t have to abandon Londoners before his second mayoral term expires in 2016.” – The Sun(£)

  • Where might Boris stand in 2015? – BBC
  • Boris will put real liberalism back into politics – Alex Deane City AM

Boris 3) Don’t be afraid of leaving the EU says the Mayor

TIM.001.1GM.07aug“The UK should not be “afraid of in going for an alternative future” if plans to reform the country’s relations with the European Union fail, London Mayor Boris Johnson has said. Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in-out referendum on membership in 2017, following a renegotiation of ties with Brussels. Mr Johnson said the UK could be boosted by a looser association. It follows a report from his adviser saying a UK exit could be “viable”.” – BBC

  • “The Tories need to win over Eurosceptic, Ukip and other target voters who don’t quite trust the prime minister any more. In his speech yesterday Boris positioned himself as the most senior Tory ready to take Britain out of the EU. He said, of course, that he preferred that Europe could be reformed and that Britain should remain a member of that reformed EU. But Boris knows that reform is unlikely. He’s set out a position that is similar enough to Mr Cameron’s to minimise talk of a split but different enough to help him reach deep into Nigel Farage’s support base.” – Tim Montgomerie The Times(£)
  • Legal and General boss suggests leaving the EU – Daily Mail
  • UKIP exits right pursued by a Boris – Tim Stanley Daily Telegraph

Boris 4) BoJo for Business Secretary? Or Party Chairman?

“Boris Johnson is being lined up to become Business Secretary within a year of the General Election if the Conservatives win in 2015, the Telegraph has learnt. Friends of Mr Johnson believe he will play a key role in facing down the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming election campaign, after he announced that he will run for Parliament. The “assumption” is that he will then be rewarded by Mr Cameron with a Cabinet post, potentially with an over-arching role in charge of infrastructure, after he steps down as Mayor of London in 2016.” – Daily Telegraph

  • “Nobody barnstorms so well. Mayor of London or not, if I was David Cameron I would make Boris party chairman, because the Conservative Party needs inspiration, and nobody else can match his quota of stardust. Sure, his London political foes would moan about him wearing two hats, but it seems worth a row, to provide a booster rocket for the Tory campaign.” – Max Hastings Daily Mail

Boris 5) The leader writers give their verdicts

AUTOAHfrt_1_gdn_140807_01_s_“With his tendency to put his own interests first and his less than punctilious adherence to his word, Boris Johnson may not be everybody’s choice of companion on a tiger shoot – perhaps least of all David Cameron’s. But this paper warmly welcomes the London mayor’s determination to return to Westminster next year. For the Commons has been a duller, more insipid place since he left to pursue his mayoral ambitions in 2008.” – Leader Daily Mail

  • “We need him in Parliament because he has star quality, something the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are all woefully short of. Love ’em or hate ’em, the big personalities — the Thatchers, the Blairs, the Mandelsons, the Heseltines, the Benns — encourage voters to engage with politics. And that’s a vital ingredient in a healthy democracy.” – The Sun Says(£)
  • “The Tory who has most reason to celebrate Mr Johnson’s return is Mr Cameron. For with the Mayor comes a little stardust. Like the greatest Brazilian footballers, he is known by a single name. And “Boris” is quite a player to summon on to the field as the match with Labour comes to its nail-biting conclusion.” – Leader Daily Telegraph
  • “There is scope for unease about the very tool Mr Johnson has deployed so successfully – his unashamed willingness to play to the gallery. The announcement emerged as Mr Johnson gave a speech hailing – in the face of much evidence – Britain’s prospects outside the EU. Does Mr Johnson winking at the cheap seats have the maturity to navigate issues of critical importance?” – Leader The Guardian

Boris 6) Could BoJo beat George?

borisjumps“Boris is already forming a loose-knit collection of supporters — FOBs, friends of Boris, to engage in mortal combat with the FOGs, friends of George Osborne, should there be a leadership contest. Jesse Norman and Zac Goldsmith are said to be keen FOBs — they have received little preferment under Cameron and bring powerful cadres of MPs in their wake. Alongside them is Nadine Dorries, one of the few Tory MPs to back Boris openly. Boris’s deputy mayor, Kit Malthouse — who has the safe seat of North-West Hampshire lined up at the election — will be a staunch ally in the next Parliament.” – Harry Mount The Spectator(£)

  • “Whichever constituency Boris plumps for, and however compatible it is for him to continue to serve as Mayor, he will still be breaking a clear promise that he made during his mayoral campaign: ‘I made a solemn vow to Londoners to lead them out of recession, bring down crime and deliver the growth, investment and jobs that this city so desperately needs. Keeping that promise cannot be combined with any other political capacity.’ “- Isabel Hardman The Spectator(£)

 Baroness Anelay is the new Foreign Office Minister

“The government’s chief whip in the House of Lords is to replace Baroness Warsi as a Foreign Office minister, with the right to attend cabinet. Baroness Anelay of St Johns – a former teacher and Citizens Advice Bureau boss – has been in the Lords since 1996. Lord Taylor of Holbeach is the new Lords Chief Whip, No 10 said. Former Conservative MP Lord Bates replaces Lord Taylor as parliamentary under secretary of state at the Home Office.” – BBC

  • I won’t “kiss and tell” says Warsi – The Sun(£)
  • The principled Lady Warsi has given our PM a wake-up call – Peter Oborne Daily Telegraph
  • Andrew Mitchell backs arms embargo on Israel – The Guardian

>Today: Jeremy Grier on Comment: Keep calm and carry on supporting Israel, Mr Cameron

Javid recalls his bus driver father’s advice – in attack on Labour’s spending plans

Javid Sajid“Tory Cabinet minister Sajid Javid today revealed how his immigrant bus driving father taught him the value of money, as he launched an attack on Labour’s tax and spending plans. The Culture Secretary said he learnt about economics at a young age, watching his family struggle to balance the books and realising ‘you can’t spend money you don’t have’. He invoked Margaret Thatcher as he spoke of a ‘greater moral purpose in politics’ to leave the next generation better off.” – Daily Mail

650,000 plan to use Osborne’s rule change to cash in their pensions

“More than 650,000 savers are preparing to take advantage of George Osborne’s flagship pension reforms over the next five years, providing the Government with a £4 billion tax windfall, the first official analysis of the scheme has revealed. The research has found that under the reforms, which scrap rules that currently force most Britons to buy an annuity, more than 130,000 Britons a year will withdraw money from their pension funds.” – Daily Telegraph

Miliband faces rebellion from Labour Friends of Israel

Miliband Natural“Anne McGuire, the Labour MP for Stirling and chairwoman of Labour Friends of Israel, said Hamas could not evade responsibility for casualties when it fired from civilian locations. “Neither can it mean that the Israeli government’s hands are tied when it comes to their duty to protect their own civilians.” In private other Labour MPs go further. “My real worry is that we have raised expectations to such a degree that a future Labour government would condemn out of hand any Israeli military action,” said one.” – The Times(£)

News in brief

  • More protection for NHS whistleblowers – The Times(£)
  • Councils concerned at care costs cap – BBC
  • English celebrities to tour Scotland backing a No vote – Daily Telegraph
  • FBU attacks Penny Mordaunt – BBC
  • Integrate health and social care says Liz Kendall – The Guardian


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