May: We must give ourselves the powers we need to fight terror

MAY Home Office“We must confront and defeat the extremist ideology that sanctions and encourages terrorist activity. Propagandists who encourage or approve terrorism are prosecuted. Terrorist groups, like Isil, are banned and support for them is a criminal offence. I have excluded more than 150 people from this country for unacceptable behaviour since 2010, including foreign hate preachers.” – Daily Telegraph

>Today: JP Floru on Comment: Jihadists should be stripped of their British citizenship

Liam Fox: We failed Syria, and cannot afford to blink again in Iraq

“As the full horror of events in Iraq dawn on a seemingly unprepared international community, the spectre of last August’s parliamentary vote on military action in Syria – in which the government was defeated – continues to stalk Whitehall. According to news reports, ministers are unwilling to risk a repetition. It is necessary to lay this particular ghost to rest.” – Financial Times

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Consistency should be the first and strongest line of defence against ISIS

Matthew Parris: Don’t lump all Muslims in the extremist camp

parris“In reply came an outpouring of rage and fear. A handful of posts took a more temperate tone but my selection illustrates the predominant response. I made the substitution to show how this would read if translated into the language of antisemitism. You could equally choose “blacks” or “homosexuals”. Whichever minority you chose you would think such remarks completely unacceptable. They would shock you. Applied to Muslims, though, they did not shock me. They dismayed me but I found the sentiments almost routine.” – The Times (£)

Hunt cracks down on ‘parking cowboys’

“Hospitals must offer free or cut-price parking to the seriously ill, the Health Secretary will announce today. Setting out strict new rules, Jeremy Hunt will say cowboy parking operators can no longer be allowed to impose huge fines for trivial infringements. His intervention is a major victory for the Daily Mail’s campaign to protect vulnerable patients.” – Daily Mail

  • Sun victory as Health Secretary scraps charges – The Sun (£)

Hollobone slams ‘refuelling stop’ for migrants planned for Calais

French flag“But last night critics said her plan to open a dedicated camp would encourage huge numbers to flock to the Channel port. Conservative MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone said: ‘It’s completely unacceptable at every level for the French authorities to provide a refuelling stop for illegal immigrants trying to get to Britain. This needs to be raised urgently at the highest level with the French government.” – Daily Mail

Bercow appointee could be blocked for months

“John Bercow could be prevented from appointing a controversial outsider as the Commons’ top official for months to come, it has emerged. Unrest has been growing among senior MPs over the Speaker’s determination to hand the job of Commons clerk to Carol Mills, who leads Australia’s department for parliamentary services.” – The Times (£)

  • Australian at centre of the row denies wrongdoing – Daily Telegraph
  • Mills breaks her silence on fears she’s wrong for the job – The Times (£)
  • By backing Bercow, Hague has betrayed the Commons – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Npower chief blames high prices on Labour’s threat of a freeze

gas-energy“The chief executive of one of the UK’s biggest energy companies has said his firm has not reduced fuel bills because of the Labour party’s threat to freeze prices… Massara claims that dropping prices – at a time when there is a dip in wholesale gas prices – would be risky because npower would not be able to raise them again should Labour win the next election and put in place a proposed freeze.” – The Guardian

Labour win PCC by-election that cost £3.7 million… with 10 per cent turnout

“Labour won a police and crime commissioner by-election yesterday, at a cost of £18 for every vote cast in a poll with a record low turnout. David Jamieson, a former Labour MP, was elected to the £100,000-a-year post in the West Midlands after achieving just over half of all votes cast.” – The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Mark Wallace in Local Government: Labour win West Midlands PPC by-election on 10.4 per cent turnout

Lib Dem plans to probe ‘fondling’ members

Lib Dem bird cage“The Lib Dems are to investigate any MP accused of touching others or playing with themselves inappropriately. Party members have been issued with a “Guide to Making a Complaint” which lists all allegations that will be probed. They include “physical and verbal abuse or inappropriate behaviour” or conduct which brings the party into disrepute.” – The Sun (£)

The best #LibDemMovie parodies

“News that Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to become the star of a one-off TV movie has clearly tickled Twitter users. The 90-minute film has the working title “Coalition” but tweets have been pouring in suggesting alternative titles, from Jim Carrey’s ‘Liar Liar’ to ‘Nightmare on Downing Street’. Photoshop-savvy tweeters have also taken it upon themselves to mock up some less-than-flattering movie posters.” – Daily Telegraph

Salmond’s former policy chief launches ‘blistering’ attack on plan to keep pound

money“Alex Salmond’s former policy chief has launched a blistering attack on the SNP’s currency plans as he lifts the lid on the confusion and deceit at the heart of the independence campaign. In an explosive political diary, Alex Bell said the Nationalists’ currency proposal is ‘arguably not independence’ and has hinted at a power struggle at the top of the party.” – Daily Mail

  • Better Together leader Darling accepts ice bucket challenge – Daily Mail
  • Business voices fears on breakup of UK – Financial Times
  • Only person who could privatise the NHS is Salmond, claims Brown – Daily Telegraph
  • ITV to simulcast Scotland’s second TV debate – The Guardian

News in Brief

  • BBC plans to expand licence fee to iPlayer users – Daily Mail
  • Police chief accuses BBC of Sir Cliff cover-up – The Times (£)
  • MPs spend almost 2,800 hours a year tweeting – The Sun (£)
  • Landlord rents room that can only be accessed by crawling – Daily Telegraph
  • Tributes paid to former Irish PM Albert Reynolds – Daily Express
  • Hurricane of bad publicity costs Co-op 300 savers a day – Daily Mail

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