Carswell 1) Clacton MP defects to UKIP

UKIP logo‘David Cameron was on an international phone call in his No10 study when Douglas Carswell dropped his bombshell live on TV, just after 11am. A shell-shocked aide went in to break the news as soon as the PM put down his receiver. Rumours of Tory defections to Ukip have been circulating in Westminster for months. Downing Street was sure any imminent threat had been seen off by beating a determined but haphazard attempt from Nigel Farage to win the Newark by-election in June. In reality, it was in May that Douglas Carswell began to secretly plot his defection.’ – The Sun (£)


>Today: David Nuttall MP on Comment: I want to leave the EU, and that’s why I’ll be staying in the Conservative Party


Carswell 2) UKIP claim eight more Tory MPs have been in talks

‘After the shock defection of Douglas Carswell yesterday in protest at David Cameron’s stance on immigration and Europe, a source told the Daily Mail that the threat of a mutiny went far beyond just one MP. It is understood that Mr Carswell was among nine Tories wined and dined by millionaire Ukip donor Stuart Wheeler at a series of discreet lunches in Mayfair.’ – Daily Mail

Russia invades Ukraine

Ukraine flag‘At least a thousand Russian soldiers are now fighting alongside rebels in east Ukraine, Nato said yesterday as Kiev declared that the Kremlin has begun a “direct invasion.” Russian troops and an injection of Russian heavy equipment including tanks and sophisticated anti-aircraft missile systems appear to have turned the tide of the war in the last few days, placing Kiev on the defensive for the first time since early July.’ – The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: War in Europe

Net migration soars to 243,000

‘David Cameron’s target to cut net immigration to under 100,000 by next May appeared beyond reach tonight after the figure for the past year soared by almost 40 per cent to 243,000. The surge was largely driven by European Union nationals, including Romanians and Bulgarians, coming to Britain to seek work. The increase comes with a reviving UK economy and sluggish EU growth.’ – The Times (£)

>Today: Iain Dale’s Friday Diary: Why are foreign students counted as immigrants?

Rotherham 1) South Yorkshire PCC still won’t quit

Rotherham‘Mr Wright, the police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, was still clinging to his job last night. He continued to work ‘as normal’ even while protesters gathered outside his office and his deputy quit, calling for him to do the same.’ – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Graeme Archer’s column: Rotherham, Orwell and the collapse of language

Rotherham 2) Nelson: The shadowlands where victims are abandoned

‘Prof Jay has lifted up a stone that is usually left undisturbed in Britain – and given a devastating example of the problems that the Prime Minister alluded to when he spoke about our “broken society” nine years ago. Her report makes it clear that many of the safeguards there for those at the bottom are broken too.’ – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph

Better Together lead slips to six per cent

Darling TV debate‘Alistair Darling’s poor performance in Monday’s TV debate has given a huge boost to Alex Salmond’s campaign for Scottish independence, a poll revealed last night. The debate has been a disaster for the No campaign, which has seen its lead narrow sharply. With only 20 days left until Scots vote, the pro-Union Better Together campaign led by Mr Darling still enjoys a six percentage point lead.’ – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Brian Monteith’s column: Darling’s mauling is no cause for worry

Letts: The Speaker may have to go

‘The whole edifice of the Commons is built on the principle of democratic equality. Each MP should be treated the same. Mr Bercow, with his palpable loathing of certain Members and measurable leaning to the Labour party (which, as we have seen, pretty much created him) quite failed to do that. If the very Chair of Parliament is politically corkscrewed, what hope for the rest of British public life?’ – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

Ottaway: Parliament would vote for ISIS air strikes

Commons‘A leading Tory said he believed David Cameron could win a parliamentary vote for air strikes in Iraq, where the US is continuing its offensive against ISIS. Sir Richard Ottaway, chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said there would be support for arming the Kurds – including carrying out air strikes if they request them.’ – Daily Mail

Patients to rate hospital food

‘Hospitals will face hefty fines if they keep serving up disgusting bedside meals, under tough government rules unveiled today. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is introducing legally binding standards for the first time because of soaring complaints. And he will publish NHS league tables on hospital food.’ – The Sun (£)

Perry seeks to control rail fare rises

‘Talks are under way to limit an inflation-busting rise in train fares. Rail Minister Claire Perry told The Sun yesterday that “discussions are happening” to find ways of helping commuters facing hikes of up to 5.5 per cent in the New Year.’ – The Sun (£)

News in brief

  • Bake Off ‘villain’ speaks out about ice cream horror – Daily Mail
  • Get paid to recycle – The Times (£)
  • Man wears the world’s largest turban – Daily Mail
  • Google tests delivery drones – FT
  • Gold rush on Folkestone beach – The Guardian
  • White Dee, Black Dee – now it’s Orange Dot – The Sun (£)

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