Extremism 1) Twice as many British muslims wage jihad than join the army

Army‘More than twice as many British Muslims have travelled to Syria andIraq to wage jihad than have joined the British military over the past three years. The difference could be even greater after it was claimed last night that the number of Britons to have fought with Islamic State (Isis) and other extremist groups in the region was much higher than the 400 to 500 identified by police.’ – The Times (£)

  • Foley murderer’s regime of terror – The Times (£)
  • Up to twenty more westerners held by ISIS – Daily Telegraph
  • Support for air strikes grows – The Times (£)
  • Pay no ransoms – The Sun Says (£)
  • US condemns ISIS’ ‘Apocalyptic end of days strategy’ – FT
  • Work with Assad, urges Rifkind – FT

>Today: ToryDiary: Consistency should be the first and strongest line of defence against ISIS

Extremism 2) Proposals made after Lee Rigby’s murder are gathering dust

‘Downing Street was forced to admit plans to prevent youths being brainwashed by jihadists, ordered following the horrific murder of Lee Rigby, have been gathering dust for months. Prime Minister David Cameron set up an ‘extremism taskforce’ after the 25-year-old British soldier was hacked to death by cleaver-wielding fanatics in broad daylight outside Woolwich Barracks, South-east London, in May last year. But…it emerged none of the group’s main recommendations had been implemented.’ – Daily Mail


Tougher GCSEs but higher pass rate

GOVE, Michael blue sky‘The proportion of teenagers achieving A*-C grades at GCSE has risen for the first time in three years, with just over two-thirds passing this hurdle, despite a tougher exam regime in England which prioritises linear tests rather than modules and coursework.’ – FT

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: GCSEs are out today, but ending grade inflation holds its own risks

Stamp Duty tops £1bn for the first time since the crash

‘The Treasury raked in more than £1billion from stamp duty in a month for the first time since the financial crisis began, official figures showed yesterday. Some £1.09billion of the property tax was paid in July – the most since August 2007 – as a booming housing market swelled Government coffers. The surge in stamp duty receipts, the majority paid by families at a time of rapidly rising house prices, sparked fresh calls for the system to be reformed.’ – Daily Mail

  • £5bn government property sale – The Sun (£)

>Yesterday: Local Government: More councils collaborate on state land sales

Ashcroft’s troubling findings in marginals

Opinion Poll graphic‘Labour has pulled further ahead in the key battlegrounds set to decide next year’s general election result, a new poll has shown. A survey of eight Tory-held seats by Lord Ashcroft, the Conservative peer, found that all would fall to Labour if the election were held tomorrow, in part due to strong support for Ukip.’ – The Times (£)

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Will the Conservatives win on the economy or lose on values?

McVey: Doom-mongering Labour deter youngsters from job hunt

‘Unemployed young people are being put off even trying to find work because of the ‘morally reprehensible’ doom and gloom spread about the jobs market by Labour, the employment minister has said. Esther McVey said there are ‘more than enough’ businesses willing to give young people a chance.’ – Daily Mail

Ex-ministers join revolt against Bercow

John Bercow‘Two former cabinet ministers have sounded the alarm over John Bercow’s attempt to install a controversial Australian as the most senior official in the Commons…Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former foreign secretary, and Cheryl Gillan, the former Welsh secretary, spoke out yesterday after Downing Street signalled that it would not intervene in the row.’ – The Times (£)

Miliband blamed for high energy prices

‘Paul Massara, chief executive of npower, made the frank claim in a private letter to the energy regulator, which threatens to further inflame relations between the industry and the Labour party. He said that cutting bills would be too risky because the supplier would be unable to raise them again in response to rising costs if Labour won the election next May and implemented its promised 20-month price freeze.’ – The Times (£)

Ten-year turnaround for sink estates

Policy-Exchange-logo‘A report published by the Policy Exchange said a 10-year programme was needed to transform the lives of residents in areas that resembled the hit TV show Shameless. The report added: “The state of many of Britain’s social housing estates is nothing short of a national embarrassment. Too often, crime, unemployment, gangs and violence are rife. The human cost is heartbreaking; the cost to the public purse immense.’ – Daily Express

>Today: Gavin Knight on Comment: Britain’s sink estates can – and must – be turned around

Taxpayer subsidy for railways falls 40 per cent

‘Rail subsidies have fallen almost 40 per cent over the past five years, according to statistics released by the Department for Transport on Thursday. The government paid rail companies 6.8p per passenger mile during 2013-14, down 39 per cent since 2009-10, when rail companies were given 11.1p a mile for every passenger they carried.’ – FT

UKIP too ‘scared’ to reform public sector pensions

UKIP glass‘UKIP’s policy chief has admitted he is too ‘scared’ to confront Britain’s public sector pensions black hole. Tim Aker, head of the party’s policy unit said he had looked into public sector pensions, adding ‘I have, and then got very scared and ran away.’’ – Daily Mail

  • Look forward to the 2017 referendum – The Sun Says (£)
  • EU faces ’lost decade’ – FT

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: UKIP ditch principles in return for advancement

News in brief

  • Paul Gascoigne in new crisis – Daily Mail
  • Hancock ally seeks his seat – The Times (£)
  • Horrific Japanese landslide – The Guardian
  • 1,400 same sex marriages – FT
  • Irish man may have died of Ebola – Daily Telegraph
  • Hamas owns up to murdering three kidnapped Israeli teens – Daily Mail
  • Food spend falls thanks to price war – FT
  • Russia shuts Moscow McDonald’s – Daily Telegraph
  • Mackay ‘banter’ defence makes things worse – Daily Telegraph
  • Awaiting the West Midlands PCC result – The Guardian

And finally…it’s Clegg: The Movie

‘A film portraying Nick Clegg’s role in the creation of the first Coalition government since the Second World War has been announced – sparking ridicule in Westminster. The one-off Channel 4 programme – quickly dubbed ‘Nick Clegg the movie’ – will be set in the days following the 2010’ – Daily Mail

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