Cameron to Putin: Your thugs killed our people

Cameron1‘The Prime Minister has said the conflict ‘could have been stopped by Moscow’. He said all the evidence pointed to the fact that ‘Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area’. Mr Cameron said: ‘If this is the case then we must be clear what it means: this is a direct result of Russia destabilising a sovereign state, violating its territorial integrity, backing thuggish militias and training and arming them.’’ – Daily Mail

  • Damning evidence of Russia’s involvement – The Times (£)
  • Rebels keep the bodies of victims on train – Daily Mail
  • Tony Abbott demands UN investigation – The Times (£)
  • Anger as Sky journalist rifles through suitcase – Daily Mail
  • Driver may have filmed missile launcher being moved to Russia – Daily Mail
  • Russia ordered rebels to seize black box – The Sun (£)



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Montgomerie: Take on the NIMBYs and build, build, build

‘The Tory fear of the nimby vote is almost as poisonous to the common good as Labour’s fear of the public-sector unions. House prices are high because Tory councils, in particular, are failing to increase supply. Those prices mean impossible mortgage debt for some, cramped conditions for others and young people being forced to leave the communities in which they were raised.’ – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

  • Stamp Duty to squeeze the majority – Daily Mail

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Hammond: Reform the EU, or we’ll vote to leave

EU Exit‘Britain will vote to leave the EU if major powers aren’t won back, insisted the new Foreign Secretary yesterday. Philip Hammond said he was “pretty clear what the answer from the British people will be” if Brussels does not give real ground in renegotiations ahead of a pledged 2017 referendum. The powerful warning shot marks a significant hardening of the Government’s position.’ – The Sun (£)

Public bodies told to buy British food

‘Schools, hospitals and other public service organisations will be told to cut down on imported food and buy British instead under new guidelines unveiled today. Public bodies – including the Armed Forces and government departments – currently spend £400million a year on cheap imported produce that could easily be grown in the UK.’ – Daily Mail

Green: Break the grammar school taboo

GREEN Damian headshot‘Damian Green, the sacked Home Office minister, said that he is concerned that the topic of grammar schools has become “taboo” for the Conservatives. He told The Telegraph that he will enlist the support of fellow MPs in the run up to the General Election as he makes the case for building a new generation of grammar schools across Britain. Mr Green said: “One of the things I intend is to make the case for grammar schools. I went to a grammar school, I am in favour of them. ‘ – Daily Telegraph

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Grayling attacks blame culture

‘British people have become too inclined to blame someone else when something goes wrong, the justice secretary said yesterday. Chris Grayling said the “blame someone else” attitude in society had helped to fuel a compensation culture that needed to be broken. The justice secretary spoke as MPs prepared to debate the latest set of measures intended to curb ambulance-chasing lawyers and compensation claims.’ – The Times (£)

Labour’s energy policy is keeping your bills high

Labour holes‘The result of the Labour price freeze promise and the industry’s response is that bills are likely to be artificially inflated all through next winter. Some City analysts had already warned that Labour’s policy would backfire, however the admission from the energy industry insider is proof positive that this is the case. Peter Lilley MP, the former Tory Cabinet minister and a member of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, said: ‘This was always a fear when Labour announced their proposal.’ – Daily Mail

New push to end FGM

‘Teachers and doctors are to be given extra training to help them step in to prevent female genital mutilation. They are among key front-line public sector workers who will be given compulsary guidance to help them identify and help girls and women who may be at risk under a package of new measures. It will be announced by Nick Clegg at a conference aimed at ending FGM within a generation.’ – The Times (£)

Councils cut services, not bosses’ pay

money‘Most council bosses have defied government demands for pay restraint by handing out huge salaries while cutting services. Around 61 per cent of councils paid their biggest earners more than the Prime Minister, who receives £142,500 a year. The highest salary was thought to be the £318,500 paid by Somerset County Council.’ – Daily Mail

  • BBC stars and execs tighten their belts – The Times (£)

Ridley: Mild Anglicans and secular humanists, unite!

‘To combat the rise of radical Islam and radical Christianity, we should try the secular, free-thinking approach. Mild Anglicanism should make common cause with humanists in defence of tolerance. The experience of the past three centuries is that if lots of people stop believing in gods, they do not become less moral. On the contrary, the number of people attending church has gone down at about the same rate as the number of people who commit violent crimes. I am not suggesting a causal connection…’ – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)

Go-ahead for 175 wind turbines off the Sussex coast

votebluegogreen‘Visitors to the South Downs, drawn there for the unbroken vista of rolling hills and choppy seas, could soon be faced with the sight of scores of wind turbines towering above the waves. Energy Secretary Ed Davey has approved a £2billion project to build 175 turbines nine miles out to sea, each standing nearly 700 feet tall.’ – Daily Mail

Competition call for JobCentres

‘Private companies and charities should be able to compete with government agencies to help unemployed people find work, according to a think-tank close to the Conservative party. Policy Exchange says job centres are failing to help people find long-term jobs and should be restructured in a way that would allow other providers to bid to offer “more personalised and specialist support”.’ – FT

Gaza fighting intensifies

Israel flag‘At least 100 people were killed yesterday in the bloodiest day of fighting so far in the Gaza conflict — which deepened last night after Hamas claimed to have seized an Israeli soldier. The Palestinian death toll was 87, while 13 Israel Defence Forces soldiers died.’ – The Sun (£)

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News in brief

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  • Secret police files go missing – The Times (£)
  • Benefits fraudster is caught Morris Dancing – Daily Mail
  • Buy the island where Magna Carta was signed – The Times (£)
  • Tesco Chief Exec to leave – BBC News
  • Impartial pension advice launched – FT
  • SNP warned not to exploit Commonwealth Games – The Herald