It’s a Splash! Row over Boris, May and water cannon. ConservativeHome poll cited.

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 05.40.43‘Boris Johnson is heading for a clash with Theresa May after buying Britain’s first mainland police water cannon before the home secretary has approved their use. The mayor of London’s move will increase tensions in the senior ranks of the Tory party and be seen as a challenge to Mrs May’s authority at a time when she has been damaged by the row over Islamic extremism in schools. Mrs May and Mr Johnson have emerged as leading candidates to succeed David Cameron as party leader. The home secretary surged ahead of the London mayor this month in the latest of a regular series of polls of activists conducted by the ConservativeHome website.” – The Times (£)

Home Secretary in the firing line over passport queues…

“With passport staff struggling to clear a backlog of half a million applications, holidaymakers and business travellers face losing costly trips abroad. Officials are now offering to fast-track their documents for £55.50 on top of the £72.50 standard fee. Angry families said they were being held to ransom. And in stormy exchanges in the Commons, Theresa May was accused of complacency. MPs told the Home Secretary their constituents were panicking at the prospect of not being able to travel.” – Daily Mail

…While Wilshaw backs down over Gove spot checks row

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 07.59.38“Ofsted boss Sir Michael Wilshaw accused the Education Secretary of vetoing his bid for on-the-spot inspections in 2012. He said: “I am really pleased that minds have been changed.” Sources close to Mr Gove hit back by insisting the chief inspector was “wrong”. The pair held crisis talks in a bid to defuse the row. In a statement afterwards, Sir Michael said the decision to drop the original plan for unannounced visits had been taken by him after headteachers complained.” – The Sun

Ann Widdecombe: Portillo idoliser Gove attacked me in the Times because I was a rival to his hero (and May “has a habit of letting press comment go to her head”)

“I have pointed out before that Michael Gove, who briefed against Theresa May to The Times, has form. Once he pinned his colours so firmly to the Portillo mast that he took every opportunity to denigrate me in The Times, for which he then worked, because he thought I was a rival to his hero. Now he has adopted the same puppy-dog admiration for George Osborne and, seeing Mrs May as a rival to the Chancellor, he decides again to use The Times if in a different way.” – Daily Express

  • What’s eating Gove? – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph
  • I fear Islamic extremism in these schools is just the tip of the iceberg – Manzoor Moghul, Daily Mail
  • Ban faith schools – Alice Thomson, The Times (£)
  • It’s bad news when Whitehall meddles – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
  • Muslim children are still leading parallel lives – Ted Cantle, Daily Telegraph
  • “There is a tension between giving schools greater autonomy and directing the curriculum. But religious indoctrination cannot be permitted in the classroom” – Times Editorial (£)
  • British values? Here are ten – Daily Telegraph Editorial

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Merkel issues veiled warning to Cameron over top EU job

Cameron & Merkel“The German chancellor is frustrated by Mr Cameron’s claim that the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission president would hold back EU reforms and might prompt Britons to vote for an exit in his planned 2017 in-out referendum. Ms Merkel restated her backing for the former Luxembourg prime minister but held out the prospect of an alternative candidate emerging by saying that the “European spirit” involved a willingness to compromise.” – Financial Times

  • Is the wife of Kinnock’s son Prime Minister’s EU Commission Presidential candidate? –  Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron rules out action to halt wave of EU migrants coming to work – The Sun (£)
  • Get real, PM – Sun Editorial (£)

Daniel Finkelstein: Juncker is the embodiment of outdated ideas

“Jean-Claude Juncker stands for this idea of Europe — one that keeps accumulating power, keeps itself aloof from people. What must be opposed here is not the man (although he must be), but the idea of Europe that he advances. Arguing against a Juncker presidency is not about preferring a closed little Britain to one that faces the world. It is about arguing our corner for an open, successful Europe against an outdated but tenacious model of federalism.” – The Times (£)

Prime Minister “plotting to form a coalition with Northern Ireland MPs”

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 08.26.09“Paul Goodman, editor of the ConservativeHome website, said: ‘Were a 2010-style result to happen, two main options are canvassed – a second coalition, or a minority government.’ But he said there was a third – ‘a confidence and supply arrangement with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists’. ‘The province’s MPs have a history of importance in Parliaments in which the government of the day has a small majority, or none at all. Downing Street is certainly eyeing the DUP with interest,’ he added.” – Daily Mail

Maude plans web revolution of Government services

“He said millions of pounds can be saved by copying airlines, which only provide services face-to-face if there is no way to move them online. The minister called on older people to get ‘digitally engaged’ – because getting to grips with the internet is a ‘better thing for people’s lives’. But pensioners’ groups last night reacted with fury, saying that elderly people who refused to ‘conform’ to the state’s demands would be treated as ‘second-class citizens’.” – Daily Mail

> Yesterday: Francis Maude MP on Comment – How we saved almost £850 for each working household last year

Jolie, Hague call for action on rape being used as a ‘weapon of war’

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 08.01.43“Foreign Secretary William Hague also announced that the UK will pledge a further £6 million to support survivors of sexual violence in conflict, saying that only “weak” or “inadequate” men abuse women. Jolie told the summit: “We must send a message around the world that there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence, that the shame is on the aggressor.” She also said it is a “myth” that rape is an inevitable part of conflict.” – Daily Express

  •   Foreign Secretary to investigate claims of Tamil rape victims being deported – The Guardian

Karen Bradley publishes modern slavery bill

“There will be a new Anti-Slavery Commissioner to oversee the authorities’ response to the problem. The bill will also give slaves the right to compensation while offering them a legal defence if they are forced to commit non-violent crimes by those holding them captive. Ms Bradley said people could unwittingly be buying the product of forced labour when they drink in a bar, have their drive paved or go for restaurant meals.” – Financial Times

Greg Clark opposes calls to cut the voting age to 16

CLARK Greg Krieg“Speaking to The Independent, the Cabinet Office minister Greg Clark reiterated the Conservatives’ opposition to lowering the age at which teenagers can participate in elections, but announced plans for a drive to add university and college students to the electoral register. 16- and 17-year-olds will be able to take part in September’s referendum on Scottish independence, but Mr Clark said there was no “big push” to extend the move to all UK elections and it was not Coalition policy.” – The Independent

Conor Burns accuses Oxfam of misusing its donations

“Oxfam has been reported to the Charity Commission after criticising the government’s programme of austerity. The organisation released an advert on Twitter that said it was “lifting the lid on austerity Britain” that was “forcing more and more people into poverty.” A mocked-up film poster showed a stormy sea under a dark sky with the words: “The perfect storm: zero hour contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment, childcare costs.” – The Times (£)

What’s Labour’s policy on immigration? Hold coffee mornings

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 08.05.32“A leaked document from shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper says it is vital people know Labour are “listening to their concerns”. It comes amid mounting fears that Ukip are making major inroads in Labour heartlands. Backbenchers have also urged party bosses to set out how a Labour Government would slash the numbers moving to the UK. The 20-page “immigration campaign pack” was sent out to Labour MPs and candidates last week. It suggests they set up “listening events with constituents” to let them know “Labour’s approach to immigration has changed”. – The Sun (£)

  • Burnham claims NHS facing summer crisis – The Guardian
  • Soaring waits for care homes cost NHS more than £500 million – The Sun (£)
  • Ex-Labour MP plans north-east party – The Guardian
  • Labour must dare to lose – Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph
  • Sarah Vine, a.k.a Mrs Gove, attacks mansion tax – Daily Mail
  • Prescott touched up my wife – Austin Mitchell MP interview, Daily Mail

Abbott and Harper seek Conservative alliance to limit carbon emissions action

“The two countries have each rolled back green policies in recent months, and want others to join them to resist a legally-binding international deal on carbon emissions. Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, called for limited action on climate change that would not ‘clobber the economy’. He is seeking to form a conservative alliance that aims to undermine what he calls a ‘left-liberal’ push by US President Barack Obama to ramp up green taxes.” – Daily Mail

News in Brief

  • Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 08.18.32Osborne announces another new Star Wars film to be made in the UK – Daily Telegraph
  • £10,000 fines for speeding are ‘chilling’: Drivers will be too scared to appeal huge tickets, warn motoring groups – Daily Mail
  • M.O.D delays criticism of army cuts – The Times (£)
  • Gang violence in Scotland down by a third – Scotsman
  • King’s Fund says Ministers intervene in the NHS more than ever – Financial Times
  • Doctors at war over statins advice – Daily Express
  • Fracking revolution – The Sun (£)
  • Four in 10 of us don’t care about England’s World Cup chances – Daily Mail
  • Warmest summer ever? – The Independent


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