Brum Bust-Up 1) Gove apologises as May’s adviser quits

michael-gove‘Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, was forced to apologise to David Cameron, after an extraordinary public row with the Home Secretary over Islamic extremism in state schools. Mr Gove was ordered to write a formal letter of apology to the Prime Minister and a separate letter apologising to the Home Office official in charge of counter-terrorism, who had been the target of his criticisms in the press. One of Theresa May’s closest colleagues, her special adviser Fiona Cunningham, was also forced to resign after a Downing Street inquiry found she had been the source of an acidic briefing against Mr Gove last week.’ – Sunday Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: Cameron’s real target. Neither Gove nor May – but Ministers’ special advisers

Brum Bust-Up 2) D’Ancona: Cameron walked away, drying his hands

‘Whatever errors of political etiquette were made by both sides last week, it needs to be said that, on the question of Islamic extremism, Gove is right: to deal with this threat, traditional counter-terrorist strategies are necessary but nowhere near sufficient…Cameron likes Gove more than May; but he is more like May than Gove. In this case, we needed to see him decide between the two and what they, respectively, believe. Instead, like Pilate, he walked away, drying his hands.’ – Matthew d’Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

  • Cameron should stop the Tory wars, or send for Lynton Crosby – Fraser Nelson, Spectator Coffee House
  • Gove and May both lose from playground brawl – Iain Martin, Sunday Telegraph
  • Behind the bluster lies battle between May and Osborne to be next Tory leader – Mail on Sunday

Brum Bust-Up 3) Gove to ban Birmingham plotters for life

School‘Teachers and governors involved in the alleged ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamic takeover plot face life-long bans from all schools in Britain under new powers being taken by Michael Gove. Mr Gove, the Education Secretary, wants to use the new powers to ensure that anyone found to have been involved in the plot – allegedly designed to Islamise secular state education in Birmingham – is prevented from working in schools elsewhere in the country. He is also considering removing all state schools in Birmingham from the local education authority’s control.’ – Sunday Telegraph

  • It is not “Islamophobic” to protect children from being brainwashed – Toby Young, Mail on Sunday
  • Ed Balls accused of failing to act on Birmingham school in 2008 – Sunday Express
  • Tories plan manifesto pledge that every child will be able to read and write – Mail on Sunday

Daley: Britain abhors enforced European uniformity

‘I do not believe that it is only the historical experience of the British people that inclines them to think the way they do: their extraordinarily courageous and self-sacrificing behaviour in wartime seems to me (not having been born British) directly linked to what their European partners see as the perversity of their attitude to EU authority. There is something splendid in the British character that abhors enforced uniformity and instinctively distrusts self-important authority.’ – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph

  • In the war rooms of Brussels, your vote has just been co-opted – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Cameron in fresh bid to stop Juncker – Observer
  • Juncker’s appointment would be a gift to UKIP – Adam Bolton, Sunday Times (£)
  • Cameron is right to try to junk Juncker – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer
  • Juncker was “dead drunk” and hurled vulgar abuse – Mail on Sunday
  • The week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi – Observer

>Today: Damian Green MP on Comment: The lesson of Newark is don’t ape UKIP

Hague and Jolie: How to stop rape as a weapon of war

HAGUE William looking right‘We have joined forces because we share several unshakable convictions. First, we are convinced that rape and sexual violence are not inevitable but a deliberate tactic of war that can be deterred, prevented and punished. Second, we believe the fundamental issue is justice. Each time these crimes happen and the world does nothing, a precedent is set that sexual violence can be used with impunity: whether the victims are schoolgirls in Nigeria or refugees in Syria.’ – William Hague and Angelina Jolie, Sunday Times (£)

Raab launches his Meritocrat’s Manifesto

‘With the 2015 election looming, the Tories have cleaned up the economic mess Labour left behind. But we also need a powerful alternative vision of a “fair society” — grounded in meritocracy — that appeals to the great British underdog. The odds of children from humble backgrounds becoming successful are far worse today compared to the life chances of youngsters growing up soon after the Second World War. Too many rungs on the ladders of opportunity have been broken.’ – Dominic Raab, Sun on Sunday

Labour plans new “property wealth taxes”

Labour Big Govt‘Secret Labour plans for a multi-billion-pound package of new ‘property wealth taxes’ to hammer London and the well-to-do counties of southern England were leaked last night…Tellingly, the report commissioned by Mr Miliband which contains details of the ‘triple tax whammy’ is marked ‘very sensitive’. It would mean that if he wins power in next year’s General Election all shop owners would be forced to pay a new ‘property owner’s tax’.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • Rachel Reeves warns that Labour voters are flocking to UKIP – Mail on Sunday


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