YouGov: UKIP edges ahead of Labour, Tories third

FARAGE big laugh“UKIP edged just in front of Labour in the last poll before the European election today as the three main parties prepared­ for the voters to smash the established­ ­political order. A YouGov poll for The Times put Ukip on 27 per cent, one point ahead of Labour. The Conservatives look likely to come third with 22 per cent of the vote — the first time they would have failed to top a European election since 1994” – The Times (£)

  • Opinium poll puts UKIP on 32, Labour on 25, Tories on 21 – Daily Mail
  • Cameron appeals to “frustrated” voters not to back UKIP – Daily Telegraph
  • Mainstream parties braced for Farage “earthquake” – Financial Times
  • 10,000 EU officials better paid than Cameron – Daily Telegraph
  • Farage claims joint Tory-UKIP candidates are a possibility – Daily Mail
  • Day of high political tension over four Welsh Euro seats – WalesOnline
  • Cameron buys Boris Johnson a slice of cake in Newark – Daily Mail
  • Bercow accused of protecting Left-wing “quango queen” – Daily Mail
  • Cameron should stop protecting Tony Blair – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph


Mark Wallace: Six reasons to vote Conservative today

Harry Phibbs: It’s all about turnout

Montgomerie: I may not vote Tory

“So whom do I vote for today? For the first time since 1989, when I voted for the first time, I may not vote Conservative. I contacted the six Tory MEP candidates in my region (South West England and Gibraltar) to ask their views on EU membership…none are Bennite on the issue. I’m afraid I am. Like the late Tony Benn I believe voters should be able to change the laws of the land at general elections”- Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

  • The Sun endorses no party, but tells people to vote – The Sun Says

>Today: Syed Kamal MEP: More Conservative MEPs are the route to reform or an in/out referendum

Oborne: Farage deserves to be celebrated

EU Exit“Whether or not Ukip wins, this month’s European election campaign has belonged to one politician alone: Nigel Farage. Single-handedly he has brought these otherwise moribund elections to life. Single-handedly he has restored passion, genuine debate and meaning to politics. Single-handedly he has reinvented British democracy. This is a superlative achievement, and Mr Farage deserves to be celebrated. Instead strenuous attempts have been made to turn him into a figure of odium and contempt” – Peter Oborne, Spectator

  • By branding Farage racist they damn millions of decent Britons – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Farage says he doesn’t want to lead the Out campaign – Spectator
  • Rachida Dati: Farage is populist and nationalist but not racist – The Times (£)
  • UKIP candidate blames “Muslim man” for stabbing him – Daily Mail
  • UKIP candidate arrested for “sex assault” on homeless Bulgarian man – Daily Mirror

>Today: Sunder Katwala: The Ukippers you can talk to – and those that you can’t

Lib Dems “expect” complete wipe-out in European elections

“An internal Liberal Democrat document reveals that the party is braced for a complete wipeout in the European parliamentary elections…senior party figures have been briefed to say that a failure to win any seats in the European parliament should be ‘expected’ at this stage in the electoral cycle for a governing party.The document, the contents of which have been leaked to the Guardian, advises Lib Dem spokespeople about what to say if the party wins between no seats and two seats in Strasbourg” – Guardian

May denounces the Police Federation

MAY Police Federation 2014“Home Secretary Theresa May left rank and file officers in shock today – after launching a furious assault on the police. The Tory minister, speaking at the Police Federation’s annual conference in Bournemouth, accused officers of treating the public with ‘contempt’ over the way they treated victims of abuse and domestic violence. She also announced that she was scrapping all Police Federation funding because the organisation sits on ‘vast reserves’ of cash worth tens of millions of pounds” – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Mark Wallace: Theresa May stops the Police Federation’s taxpayer-funded subsidy

Bank of England edges towards interest rate rise

“The Bank of England is moving closer to a rate rise after some members of the interest-rate setting Monetary Policy Committee indicated they stand ready to vote for an earlier-than-expected increase. The Bank, which has kept interest rates at the historically low rate of 0.5 per cent since 2009, would be the first leading central bank to increase rates since the European Central Bank tightened its monetary policy in the summer of 2011” – Financial Times

  • The Bank has good reasons to raise rates – Chris Giles, Financial Times
  • How Europe’s Left signed perma-slump into law – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph
  • Vaizey attacks Boles for allowing too much development – Daily Mail

Scots “ready to pay higher taxes”, Yes campaign claims

Scottish flag“Scots are ready to accept tax hikes after a Yes vote to help bring about a ‘radical redistribution’ of wealth and create a fairer Scandinavian-style state, according to the head of the pro-independence campaign. Former Labour MP Dennis Canavan said voters want to see a ‘fairer, sharing society’ and warned that the ‘pooling and sharing’ of resources with Westminster has failed Scotland” – Scotsman

  • Parties unite in call to Scottish voters to reject UKIP – Herald

Russia demands “clarification” on Prince’s Hitler comment

“A senior Russian ambassador is to meet an official from the Foreign Office on Thursday after the Prince of Wales caused a diplomatic row by comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. The Prince made his remark, in which he likened Russia’s annexation of Crimea to the actions of Nazi Germany, during a visit to a museum of immigration in Halifax, Canada” – Daily Telegraph

  • Charles says what our politicians dare not – Daily Mail Comment
  • The Prince’s problem is he is expected to be as silent as his mother – Joseph Charlton, Independent

News in brief

  • Bombing in Xinjiang, China, kills at least 31 – Guardian
  • Columbia mourns 32 children killed in bus fire – Daily Mail
  • California woman kidnapped aged 15 rings the police – Daily Mail
  • 400 patients thrown out of hospital beds every night – The Times (£)
  • Royal Mail to pilot Sunday parcel delivery service – Financial Times
  • Esther McVey attacked for taking donation from loans boss – Daily Mail
  • John Inverdale loses Wimbledon job after sexist comments – The Times (£)
  • Bavarian aristocrat who made the Stones rich dies – Daily Telegraph
  • “Ugly” Sophia Loren nearly gave up acting – Daily Telegraph
  • Emma Thompson says Twitter is killing a generation – Daily Mail

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