“Vast majority” of UKIP voters will stick with the party according to poll…

telegraphukip“The vast majority of the four million people who voted for the UK Independence Party in the European elections will make the same choice at the general election, a new poll predicts today. The poll, by ComRes suggests that 86 per cent of people who voted for Nigel Farage’s party will do so again next year. More than 4.3 million people voted for Ukip in the European elections, giving the party its first national victory. The Conservatives came third, suggesting many of their previous supporters had defected to Ukip. Several Cabinet ministers have publicly said that many Ukip voters are merely “lending” their votes to Ukip this year and will return to the Tory fold ahead of the general election.” – Daily Telegraph

  • “Mr Cameron claims he is listening to the voters but what has he done so far? He immediately immersed himself in murky horse-trading about which particular Euro-federalists are going to run the European Council and Commission, and thereby continue to give yet more powers to this unelected bureaucracy. ” – Paul Sykes Daily Telegraph
  • “David Cameron should respect the Ukip revolt but not allow it to sap his confidence. He needs to remind voters that the next election will be entirely about him and Mr Miliband, that any other narrative is a distraction. The Tories must show that fiscal discipline can produce an economic revival that people feel in their pockets.” – Leader Daily Telegraph
  • UKIP supporters “can’t stomach foreign cuisine” – The Times(£)

…as UKIP launch personal attack on Conservative candidate in Newark by-election

“A war of words has broken out in the Newark by-election campaign. As a poll highlights the narrow gap between Ukip and the Tories, rival candidates are falling over each other to prove their integrity. According to his election leaflets, the Conservative candidate is a secretary’s son who became a father and managing director and is in tune with the worries of struggling families and local businesses. However, Robert Jenrick, 32, has been accused by his Ukip rival of seeking to “crank up his CV” by exaggerating his business credentials and downplaying a multimillion-pound property portfolio bought with his wealthy wife.” – The Times(£)

Cameron demands Sudanese Government lifts death sentence

timesmeriam“David Cameron called on the Sudanese government yesterday to lift the “barbaric” death sentence given to a woman for marrying a Christian as political leaders condemned her treatment. The prime minister vowed to heap further pressure on Khartoum over the plight of Meriam Ibrahim, 27, who gave birth to a baby daughter on Tuesday while shackled in her cell. His condemnation was echoed by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair, who urged the international community to increase pressure on Sudan over the plight of the mother of two.” – The Times(£)

  • “Not all persecution of Christians is done at state behest. Where it is, policy must be clearly defined: there should be no budgetary aid to persecutors, no support whatsoever for those governments that cut Christians out of food assistance. The defence of religious freedom is both a human rights priority and practical necessity. As such its concerns should find a place at the diplomatic high table alongside economic and security concerns. North Korea has sentenced 33 Baptist missionaries to death.” – Leader The Times(£)

“Good Samaritan” law to protect heroes from health and safety rules

“Have-a-go-heroes are to be given special protection from prosecution or legal action under a radical ‘Good Samaritan law’ being drawn up by ministers. David Cameron wants to protect emergency workers and the public from legal consequences if they intervene in good faith to help someone in difficulty, the Daily Mail has learned. Similar legislation operates in Australia where it has reduced the potential for  negligence claims against doctors, police and firefighters, as well as ordinary members of the public.” – Daily Mail

Major warns Iraq suspicions could “fester”…

MAJOR, Sir John older“Sir John Major has said it is a “pity” that transcripts and full notes of conversations between Tony Blair and George W Bush about the lead-up to the Iraq war will remain secret. The former prime minister said the decision to release only the “gist” of talks between the two men could allow suspicions about the war to “fester”. He suggested Mr Blair should try to overrule the Cabinet Office’s decision.” – BBC

  • “The Cabinet Secretary epitomises the cliquey, detached cronyism of modern government, against which voters rose up so resoundingly last week. In what seems a blatant conflict of interest, Sir Jeremy is the former Private Secretary to Tony Blair who triumphed on Thursday in his campaign to prevent the Chilcot Inquiry from publishing the details of his ex-boss’s communications with George Bush before the Iraq War. Thus, he has fatally undermined the five-year, £10million inquiry’s brief to reveal the full truth about the invasion.” – Leader Daily Mail

Conservatives propose giving Scots power to set income tax

“David Cameron is expected to offer Scots the power to raise all income tax north of the Border if they reject independence at the ballot box, the Telegraph can disclose today. This newspaper understands that a Conservative commission examining which powers should be devolved if there is a No vote has recommended the change, which would allow MSPs to set higher or lower rates than the remainder of the UK.” – Daily Telegraph

Javid calls for control on EU immigration

Javid Sajid“David Cameron will push to tighten rules that leave Britain with “virtually no control over EU immigration”, a cabinet minister has confirmed. Sajid Javid, the culture secretary, suggested that ministers would attempt to change Europe’s freedom of movement rules as part of a new relationship with the EU. His move, which allies him with Theresa May, the home secretary, added to splits within the cabinet. Downing Street is under pressure to limit the freedom of EU workers to settle in Britain. Mrs May has been at the forefront of calls for a change, amid signs that she will fail to hit the government’s target of limiting net migration to the “tens of thousands”.” – The Times(£)

  • “JOHN Major is a veteran of countless EU battles over British sovereignty. So when he speaks on the subject, it’s wise to listen. Hopefully, David Cameron was all ears yesterday. Because as Mr Major pointed out, there has never been a better moment to regain control of our borders. The European elections were a game-changer. Suddenly EU leaders who have had their heads in the sand are willing to talk reform.” – The Sun Says

Carlile says Rennard apology is “generous”

“Lord Rennard has given a “generous” apology for his alleged behaviour and should be allowed back into the Lib Dems, his legal adviser has said. Lord Carlile said the former Lib Dem chief executive’s expression of regret for “inadvertently” intruding into “personal space” should end the row. And he called for an internal report into his conduct to be published.” – BBC

Labour lacks leadership and isn’t trusted claim Blairites

Red Ed Miliband“Ed Miliband’s Labour Party lacks leadership and is failing to convince voters it can be trusted on the economy, according to a party group supported by senior Labour MPs. The Progress group, associated with followers of Tony Blair, has passed a withering judgment on Mr Miliband’s leadership in the wake of Labour’s poor performance in the European elections. Mr Miliband is failing on economic competence and basic leadership, and has also failed to confront the UK Independence Party, Progress said, comparing his performance to that of Gordon Brown. The group is backed by MPs such as Tristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, who serves as its vice-chairman.” – Daily Telegraph

  • “An editorial on the Progess website said that Labour needed to improve on several fronts. “As in 1992, its failure to convince the electorate that it can be trusted with the economy undermines much else it tries to do,” the article said. Labour, it added, lagged the Tories on economic competence and leadership.” – The Times(£)

Police Federation “must rebuild trust” says new Chairman

“The days of scandal, alleged bullying and officials getting “bladdered” on expenses at the Police Federation must come to an end, according to its new leader. Steve White, who was elected last week as chair of the federation, which represents 125,000 rank-and-file officers, made a pledge to transform the scandal-hit body, which he conceded had sometimes looked like a “militant trade union”. In his first interview since securing the post, White said his priorities were unifying the federation, and “rebuild[ing] the level of trust the police service has with the public.” – The Guardian

Moore: Postal Voting wrecks democracy

MOORE Charles blue background“You would have thought politicians would be worried. They are rightly alarmed by public disillusionment with politics. If the nuts and bolts of democracy shake loose, that disillusionment will be complete. Yet the parties seem to be facing the other way. All of them voted for the extension of postal voting. They seem obsessed with the question of “engagement” – getting more people to take part. They neglect the integrity of the process itself.” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

  • Divide and rule: How race politics has posined Tower Hamlets – The Independent

Parris: the horror of the in/out referendum on the EU

PARRIS Mathhew“I left the conference, as I think most of the audience did, with the settled and dispiriting conviction that the economic argument for or against Britain’s EU membership will be impossible to frame convincingly, is unlikely to gain traction one way or the other, and in the years leading up to a possible referendum would confuse, exhaust and, finally, numb the voters. I’m numbed already. And there’s three more years of this to go.” – Matthew Parris The Times(£)

News in brief

  • Thousands of Syrians illegally enter Italy – BBC
  • Hospitals miss cancer care targets – Daily Mail
  • Fewer bobbies spotted on beat – The Times(£)
  • Ed Balls prevented from getting in to Bilderberg meeting – The Sun(£)
  • Ease fracking laws or we’ll pull out warns Cuadrilla – The Times(£)

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