Police call for Adams to be charged

Gerry Adams“Police have recommended that Gerry Adams, the Sinn Féin president, should face charges in connection with the IRA’s abduction, torture and murder of a mother of ten more than 40 years ago. Mr Adams was released yesterday after 94 hours in police custody during which time he was questioned about the killing of Jean McConville in 1972 and the nature of his association with the IRA” – The Times (£)

  • Gerry Adams should not be immune from prosecution – Ruth Dudley Edwards, Daily Telegraph
  • Hain warns if Adams charged there will be Bloody Sunday arrests – Daily Telegraph
  • The peace process can’t deliver true justice – Melanie Phillips, The Times (£)
  • Adams back on the campaign trail – Guardian

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Labour “to back Tories on knife crime”

“Labour is preparing to humiliate the Liberal Democrats by backing a Conservative plan for criminals caught carrying a knife for the second time to face an automatic jail sentence. Nick Clegg was said to be ‘bouncing off the walls’ last week after secret Cabinet correspondence was leaked to the Daily Mail revealing senior Lib Dems are resisting Tory proposals to toughen punishments for repeat offences. Now Labour sources suggest the party is planning to exploit what has become one of the worst coalition splits” – Daily Mail

  • Coalition split on AstraZeneca bid – Guardian

Cameron “should do God”, Tory members say

“The Conservative Home website has carried out a survey…The results suggest that three in five party members believe that Mr Cameron should ‘do God’ – 61% against 29%. 85% said Britain was a Christian country; 12% said it was not. 86% said Britain should be a Christian country; 11% disagreed. But respondents were more equally divided on whether the role of ‘faith-based organisations’ should be expanded or not” – BBC

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Boris: Economic sunshine leaves Miligoblin groping in the dark

Miliband Labour Left“As the economic weather gets finer, the predicament of the Leader of the Opposition gets harder. He starts to look a bit invisible – a bit pointless – as though he and his poll lead were vanishing together. So he scurries around in search of the darkness. He needs to find the bad bits, the dwindling patches of shade, and make as much of them as he can” – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph

  • Blair adviser tells Labour to admit it will raise taxes – Independent
  • Miliband under pressure to renationalise railways – Daily Mail
  • It’s Ed, not Dave, who’s for the chop – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun (£)
  • Red Ed would drag us back to the 1970s – Leo McKinstry, Daily Express

Farage: UKIP isn’t racist and I will prove it

UKIP glass“Nigel Farage denied yesterday that Ukip was a racist party as he justified voicing concern at the prospect of having neighbours from Romania. The Ukip leader said that the presence of ‘a lot of black, ethnic minority candidates’ at its election launch this week would disprove claims that it was prejudiced. He also promised a fresh purge of those representing the party after a series of exposés of candidates expressing racist or anti-gay views” – The Times (£)

  • Transport minister attacks UKIP for “telling fibs” – Guardian
  • Cameron must confront Farage in debate – Daily Express editorial
  • EU benefits to British trade are “imaginary” – Daily Telegraph
  • Yes I was guilty, but I was prosecuted on the basis of Constance Briscoe’s deception – Chris Huhne, Guardian

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Care home fraud soars among the middle classes

“Fraud in the care system has almost doubled in a year as middle-class families try to hide their assets from the taxman, a watchdog has claimed. The Audit Commission recorded an 82 per cent rise in the amount lost to councils last year as families avoided nursing-home fees, pocketed money destined for home-care services for elderly relatives, or failed to report the death of a loved-one to keep receiving payments of up to £60,000 a year” – The Times (£)

  • Peter Bone MP will not face charges over care home funding – The Times (£)

Looser planning rules lead to more housing estates

Homes For All Big“The number of large scale housing estates being pushed through by developers across England has soared over the past two years, according to the most extensive analysis ever of the Coalition’s relaxation of planning laws. The figures are the most detailed and authoritative analysis yet that the Government’s relaxation of the planning rulebook has seen a significant rise in building across the country” – Daily Telegraph

News in brief

  • Kiev loses grip on Odessa as police bow to protesters – The Times (£)
  • Gamblers more likely to vote for an independent Scotland – Herald
  • Last ditch talks over London Underground strike – Financial Times
  • Lord Winston warns the rich may pay for brighter babies – Daily Mail
  • Blood transfusions may reverse ageing in mice – Guardian
  • Top British tennis player Elena Baltacha dies aged 30 – Daily Telegraph
  • Prince William and Prince Harry party in Memphis – Daily Telegraph
  • James Packer fights TV chief at Bondi beach – Guardian
  • Ten-year-old pupils plot to poison teacher – The Sun (£)

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