The Coalition denies it is a zombie

Clegg Hands‘Mr Clegg insisted on Thursday that the coalition was still brimming with ideas, but the sight of MPs wheeling suitcases out of Westminster as they embarked on their fourth recess of the year seemed to tell a different story. Douglas Carswell, a Conservative MP, said: “This is the only place of work I know where people say, ‘Have a good weekend’ on a Wednesday.’’ – FT

Cameron: Vote No to get more powers for Scotland

‘David Cameron has vowed to deliver more powers for Holyrood if Scotland remains in the UK, as he seeks to present himself as a fiercely pro-­devolution prime minister. During a referendum campaign visit to Glasgow yesterday, Mr Cameron also insisted Scotland enjoys “more oomph” on the world stage as part of the UK.’ – The Herald

>Today: ToryDiary: Twelve reasons why the morale of Conservative MPs has risen

>Yesterday: Brian Monteith’s column: If Scotland leaves the Union, the Labour leader should resign, too

School Wars 1) Clegg ‘wants Cummings arrested’ over Free School Meals leaks

School‘The Deputy Prime Minister is said to believe a series of damaging leaks about his party’s free school meals plan may be in breach of the Official Secrets Act. According to a Government source, Mr Clegg says Dominic Cummings, a former senior aide to the Education Secretary, is responsible for undermining the programme. Nick Clegg is trying to have Dominic arrested for a breach of the Official Secrets Act,’ the source claimed.  ‘He seems to have an imbalance of mind.’’ – Daily Mail


School Wars 2) Super-heads could take over troubled Birmingham schools

‘Super-heads could take over running clusters of schools in Birmingham, as the government considers its response to allegations of extremism. It would mean some schools being taken from council control and being converted to academies.’ – BBC News

Labour lags behind on donations – despite £2m from Unite

Miliband Odd and Red‘Donations to Labour lagged behind the Conservatives in the first three months of the year, the Electoral Commission said yesterday. Figures released by the political watchdog showed that Labour had received £4.4 million in donations in the first quarter of the year — including more than £2.5 million from the Unite and Usdaw unions. This was behind the Conservatives, who were given £6.6 million.’ – The Times (£)


Climate change scientists accused of suppressing ‘unhelpful’ research

‘Research which heaped doubt on the rate of global warming was deliberately suppressed by scientists because it was “less than helpful” to their cause, it was claimed last night. In an echo of the infamous “Climategate” scandal at the University of East Anglia, one of the world’s top academic journals rejected the work of five experts after a reviewer privately denounced it as “harmful”.’ – The Times (£)

MPs tell Police Federation: reform yourself or we’ll do it for you

Police‘The government must step in and legislate to reform the Police Federation if the organisation fails to modernise itself, a report by MPs will say today. The home affairs select committee says that the federation has let down its members and tarnished the reputation of the police through its behaviour in opposing reform of the service, its highly personal campaign against the MP Andrew Mitchell and its accumulation of reserves of £70 million.’ – The Times (£)

  • 27,000 serial offenders get community sentences – Daily Mail
  • Why does the EU want to help crooks hide their pasts? – Daily Mail Leader

UKIP’s Paul Sykes defends the posters he funded

‘‘How dare people say they’re racist,’ he says. ‘So, it’s racist to want your borders back and want self-government? It’s racist to try to stop this country falling apart? Darling, I come from Barnsley. This country’s been very good to me. I owe it to speak out. Which is why I paid for these very graphic ads — I haven’t given any money direct to Ukip. But I don’t tell lies, believe it or not — I’m not a politician. I’m just paying for truthful information. People need to know!’’ – Daily Mail

  • Tory donors defect – Daily Telegraph
  • Insurgent party’s leaflets are printed in Germany – Daily Mail
  • Immigration spokesman hired illegal immigrants – The Times (£)
  • UKIP candidate said his local shops ‘look like Helmand’ – Daily Mail
  • Clegg calls eurosceptics ‘unpatriotic’ – FT
  • But he might agree to a referendum – The Sun (£)

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>Yesterday: ToryDiary: You can’t have democracy without a demos

Putin turns the gas tap to tighten pressure on Ukraine

Vladimir Putin‘Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country will demand payment in advance for gas supplies to Ukraine starting from 1 June. In an open letter to European leaders, Mr Putin said Ukraine now owed Russia $3.5bn (2.55bn euros; £2.1bn) for gas already delivered.’ – BBC News

>Yesterday: MPsETC: Julian Lewis: Bloodied but unbowed (and helpful as ever)

Want to become a millionaire? Go to university

‘One in five graduates who hold at least one university degree go on to become a millionaire, according to new data.  Official figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 20 per cent of all adults who complete higher education, which is equivalent to more than two million people, have a wealth of £1million or more.’ – Daily Mail

News in brief

  • Charlotte Leslie’s Baywatch days – Daily Mail
  • Expensive sun cream doesn’t work – Daily Telegraph
  • Driverless cars will change our lives – The Times Leader (£)
  • Wallace and Gromit may retire – Daily Mail
  • Turkish miners’ families protest – The Guardian
  • Modi poised for victory in India – FT
  • Shop assistant sacked for calling John Terry a pig – The Sun (£)

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