Cameron makes the emotional case for the Union

CAMERON Olympics“David Cameron evoked his own family’s Scottish heritage as he announced that there is just seven months to save the ‘most extraordinary country in history.’ Mr Cameron added that while the Scottish root of his name means ‘crooked nose’ the Cameron clan motto is ‘let us unite’ as he urged English, Welsh and Northern Irish to ring and ‘tweet’ friends in Scotland to urge them to remain in Union. The Prime Minister made his emotional plea for the future of the United Kingdom at the East London Velodrome where Chris Hoy, a Scot, won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic games” – Daily Telegraph


ToryDiary – For Scots to support the Union, there is no need to love Cameron


ToryDiary – To bolster the Union of 1707, Cameron channels the spirit of 2012

WATCH – Cameron to Scotland: we want you to stay

Comment – Scotland mustn’t be allowed to keep sterling without the UK-wide referendum

Divert foreign aid to British flood victims, MPs say

SMITH Chris resign“Foreign aid funds must be diverted to help flood-stricken areas, MPs said last night. With appalling weather set to deepen the crisis in the West Country, politicians of all stripes called for a raid on the £11billion overseas development budget. They said instead of sending the money to increasingly rich countries such as China and India, charity should begin at home. ‘We send money all over the world, now we need to give people down here the hope that they will get what they need,’ said Ian Liddell-Grainger, Tory MP for flood-hit Bridgwater in Somerset” – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: WATCH – Lord Smith of the Environment Agency is cornered by a Somerset farmer

Boris to address MPs

“Boris Johnson will trigger renewed speculation over his leadership ambitions next week, by spelling out what a Conservative-only government could achieve to a private meeting of backbench Tory MPs. He is due to address a meeting of the ‘301 Group’, one of the largest and most influential Conservative backbench clubs, in the Commons on Tuesday” – The Times (£)

Yeo: “extreme” views of Tory activists could repel voters

YEO Tim grey“The Conservative Party is increasingly dominated by a ‘shrinking band’ of members with ‘extreme’ views on issues like Europe and same-sex marriage, an ousted MP has said. Tim Yeo, who was this week deselected by the Conservatives in South Suffolk, said the party’s dwindling membership was leading it to take positions that are increasingly at odds with wider public opinion” – Daily Telegraph

Downing Street police arrested over pornography

“Armed police officers guarding Downing Street are being investigated over allegations that they exchanged hardcore pornography on their smartphones while on duty. Scotland Yard said last night that three officers had been arrested on suspicion of possessing and distributing images ‘of an extreme sexual nature’” – The Times (£)

Rate fears prompt rush to fix mortgages

House icon“Homeowners are rushing to lock in cheap borrowing costs amid fears the Bank of England will raise interest rates, pushing up the cost of five-year fixed mortgages and signalling the end of the era of rock-bottom home loans. RBS, Santander, Nationwide, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Building Society have all increased their rates on five-year fixed mortgages this week” – Financial Times

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