Cameron could scrap IPSA

IPSA“David Cameron could scrap the parliamentary spending watchdog, it has emerged, as he issued an ultimatum over its ‘unacceptable’ plan to give MPs an 11 per cent pay rise. The Prime Minister has condemned plans by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) to give MPs a £7,000 rise at a time of public sector pay restraint. It will set him on a collision course with the pay body” – Daily Telegraph


WATCH: Cameron and Miliband unite against the MPs’ pay rise

Andrew Gimson’s Commons sketch: Cameron ruder than ever to IPSA, Miliband and Balls

Oborne: the chances are that Universal Credit will work

“Mr Duncan Smith’s reforms may yet be brought down, for all I know, by technological failure. But all great revolutions in administration are bound to encounter teething problems or worse, as Michael Gove is discovering with his free schools programme. Such early setbacks should not be cause for despair” – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Glover condemns that selfie

Cameron Obama selfie“It is not a laughing matter. Even if Mr Cameron was to some degree ambushed by the narcissistic behaviour of Miss Thorning-Schmidt (look at me with the leader of the Free World and the Prime Minister of Great Britain), he could have gently rebuffed her or, if she had persisted, reluctantly gone along with her idiocy while showing markedly less enthusiasm than he did” – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail

  • If Obama behaves like this don’t blame teenagers – Allison Pearson, Daily Telegraph
  • Photographer explains the story behind the selfie picture – AFP

Miliband drops opposition to Heathrow

“Labour leader Ed Miliband has abandoned his implacable opposition to building a third runway at Heathrow as the political balance shifts further towards the contentious west London project. Mr Miliband threatened to resign as energy secretary from the previous Labour government over the perceived threat to the environment from the huge project” – Financial Times

  • Boris fury as commission “plumps for Heathrow” – The Times (£)

Alexander: Lib Dems are not lurching left or right

Alexander Danny Jan 12“It is the responsibility of Liberal Democrats to anchor British politics in the centre ground – economic responsibility matched with social fairness. That is why when the serious work of dealing with the deficit is done, we will not support a fiscal lurch to left or right” – Danny Alexander, Independent

  • Alexander accuses Tories of planning deep ideological cuts – Andrew Grice, Independent

Baker: Home Office could stop banning ‘legal highs’

“Ministers are considering whether to give up on banning new psychoactive drugs known as ‘legal highs’ and instead regulate the booming trade in the substances which are emerging on the market at the rate of more than one a week…The move to fresh legislation is being driven by the new Liberal Democrat drugs minister, Norman Baker, who has been alarmed at the rapid spread of legal highs” – Guardian

Evans-Pritchard: Britain’s negotiating hand in Europe has never been so strong

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard“Britain’s hand in Europe has never been as strong as it is right now. This should not be abused. But it can be celebrated gracefully. We may be moving into a Europe of ‘multiple geometry’ where integrationist elites no longer hold the whip hand, different groups of states cohere as they see fit, power flows both ways, and perhaps even where can take charge of our own fisheries and farms” – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph

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