Tory discontents 1): fears that Salmond could break Union

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.58.00“David Cameron has been warned that the future of the United Kingdom is in jeopardy as the campaign to save the Union founders. Senior Tories have spoken of their fear that Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister and nationalist leader, could defy the odds and pull off a shock victory in the forthcoming referendum on independence. Among those who have voiced concerns about the state of the unionist campaign are Lynton Crosby, the prime minister’s election guru, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, and prominent Scottish Conservatives” – Sunday Times

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Tory discontents 2): spooked by UKIP

“On the eve of the last full year before the general election, it is worth restating the salient feature of the British political landscape: that we are sleep-walking towards a Labour Government…In truth, the Cameroons are far more spooked by UKIP than they are worried about winning over centre-ground Labour voters” – Matthew d’Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

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Tory discontents 3): yearning to divorce the Lib Dems

FOX Liam blue background“The coalition was only ever a marriage of convenience. Three years into it, the respective partners are doing it only for the kids, preparing for an inevitable divorce. The only question is whether it will be of the rarer, amicable sort, or the more common, acrimonious variety” – Liam Fox, Sunday Times

Tory discontents 4): set to finish an “embarrassing” third in Euro elections

“David Cameron has yet to prove himself as Tory leader and is set to finish an ‘embarrassing’ third in May’s Euro elections behind UKIP and Labour, a senior Conservative MP claimed last night. In a withering attack, David Ruffley said Ed Miliband’s onslaught against the Government over the cost of living had ‘struck a chord with voters’ and ‘dented’ their view of the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne” – Mail on Sunday

  • Boris Johnson being primed as Tory election weapon – Sun on Sunday

Shapps: capitalism can be a profoundly moral force

SHAPPS Grant favourite“We may forget it, among the glitz of the Christmas lights, but capitalism can be a profoundly moral force. It creates wealth and jobs, drives innovation and makes goods cheaper and more plentiful. To take just one example, supermarkets have done more to tackle food poverty in our poorest housing estates than decades of government schemes. So businesses, not benefits, are the true ladder of social mobility” – Grant Shapps, Observer

Rose: let foreign workers come here

“Sir Stuart Rose, the Ocado chairman and former Marks & Spencer chief executive, has said that Britain should welcome foreign workers to the UK days before the lifting of restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants coming to Britain. ‘The question is: “Should we let them in?”” Sir Stuart told the Sunday Telegraph. ‘The answer is that if we’re a member of the EU, those are the club rules. The second thing is that we do need labour in this country and the third thing is that, by and large, they’re hard workers’” – Sunday Telegraph

  • Nigel Farage calls for Syrian refugees to be allowed in to UK – BBC

Bulgarians and Romanians may drive out Poles

Snip20131229_2“Bulgarians and Romanians will flock to Britain in far greater numbers than forecast as our economy races ahead of the rest of Europe, a secret report predicts…The Home Office-funded review – obtained by the Mail on Sunday – also suggests that the UK could lose out financially if low-paid Bulgarians and Romanians drive out Poles on higher wages, who pay more tax” – Mail on Sunday

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