Vince flips his lid on immigration…

Libdem bird vs TORY‘In an extraordinary attack, the Lib Dem Business Secretary claimed the Tories were speading ‘panic’ about immigration and compared their ‘populist policies’ to Mr Powell’s notorious ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech from the 1960s. And in a bizarre attack on the public, he suggested voters were ‘schizophrenic’ because they wanted curbs on migration despite enjoying holidays abroad.’ – Daily Mail

  • A minor party with contempt for voters – Daily Mail Leader
  • He’s gone too far – does Cable think we’re all racist? – The Sun Says (£)
  • Clegg recruits EU adviser – FT

…just as left wing think tanks realise concerns are justified

‘Romanian and Bulgarian migrants coming to Britain in the New Year could put huge pressure on housing, schools and hospitals, a major report warns today. The study by the centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research says most of the new arrivals will settle in London and the South East – meaning public services in these areas will be most affected. It warns that Britain could see an increase in anti-social behaviour, aggressive begging, rough sleeping and criminality from next week.’ – Daily Mail

  • A third of Big Issues vendors are Eastern European – Daily Mail

UK 2014: The fastest growth in Europe, deficit below £100bn

GROWTH Krieg‘Britain will be the fastest growing economy of any major European nation next year, experts predict. In a boost for Chancellor George Osborne, leading accountancy firm PwC said the UK economy is likely to grow by 2-3percent, outstripping Eurozone rivals.’ – Daily Mail

  • The MPC must look again at its forward guidance – FT Leader
  • Rail fairs set to rise again – Daily Mail

Is Karren Brady holding out to be Tory candidate for London Mayor?

‘Six constituency associations are now understood to have offered Miss Brady, who is known as the First Lady of Football, the opportunity to stand as their Conservative candidate in 2015. However, the businesswoman, who was among those accompanying David Cameron on his recent trade trip to China, has so far turned them all down. Instead, there is increasing speculation that she will be offered the Conservative London mayoral candidacy in 2016, when Boris Johnson has said he will stand down.’ – Daily Mail

Church charity launches political attack ad on welfare reforms

idspic‘Iain Duncan Smith’s officials have attacked a Church-backed campaign that claims his benefit changes are forcing people to go to food banks. In a striking billboard advert  that says ‘Britain Isn’t Eating’, the charity Church Action on Poverty uses the famous image from the Conservatives’ 1979 election poster, ‘Labour Isn’t Working’.’ – Daily Mail

  • Why are church leaders preaching the Gospel according to Miliband? – Daily Mail Leader
  • New chances to save for your children – Daily Mail

Cameron writes to the mother of British doctor who died in Syria…

‘David Cameron has written to the mother of a British doctor who died in custody in Syria, describing his death as ‘a sickening and appalling tragedy’. Dr Abbas Khan, 32, was on the verge of being released when his family were told of his death this week.’ – Daily Mail

…as May strips British jihadis of their citizenship

‘Secret use of citizenship-stripping powers has been dramatically stepped up as Theresa May moves to prevent the return of dual-nationals who have gone to fight in Syria. The Home Secretary has so far revoked the British citizenship of 20 people this year – more than in her previous two- and-a-half years combined.’ – The Independent

  • Meet the Brits joining rebels and islamists in fighting Assad – Daily Mail

Councils make £600m profit a year on parking

money‘Councils have made record profits of nearly £600million from parking charges, figures reveal today. Their margin on what they take in fines and fees over what they spend enforcing parking regulations has soared by nearly a quarter in just four years, despite a barrage of criticism from motoring groups. Ministers, who say town halls are ‘ripping off’ drivers to fill holes in their budgets, have announced plans to crack down on unfair practices.’ – Daily Mail

Northern Ireland talks on flags, parades and forgiveness

‘The five Northern Ireland Executive parties are to hold round-table talks later on the latest proposals for dealing with parades, flags and the past.  Former US diplomat Richard Haass gave them a third draft document on Sunday. The new, 30-page document recommends a separate process to deal with flags, as the parties could not reach consensus on the issue.’ – BBC News

Simon Cowell versus Michael Gove, Round Two

‘”Stupidly, he didn’t see the positive side of what I was trying to say which is that not everybody who leaves school is going to get great qualifications, or maybe they just don’t have that kind of brain. But that doesn’t mean that they should be ruled out, or not given a chance… so, if anything, I thought he was irresponsible, because he was basically saying, if you’re not qualified we’re not going to back you, and it’s like, how crazy are you for saying that?’” – Daily Mail

Sarah’s Law reveals 700 paedophiles to concerned parents

Police helmetMore than 700 paedophiles have been unmasked using powers under Sarah’s Law since it was rolled out nationwide. Figures show that about five child sex offenders a week have been identified to worried parents and guardians since the scheme was launched in 2011. Police forces in England, Wales and Scotland have received 4,754 applications from anxious parents and guardians.’ – The Times (£)

Unite forces Miliband into a “fudge” on the union link

Miliband Labour Left‘Unite, Labour’s biggest donor, said that it “cannot support any proposal that would lead to the collective voice of Unite being expressed solely through individual Unite members scattered across the constituency parties”. One figure involved in the negotiations said: “It’s going to go down to the very last moment. And I strongly suspect we are heading for a highly technical fudge.”’ – The Times (£)

  • Damning review of Ed’s leadership – The Times Leader (£)
  • Firefighter strike means troops will miss Christmas (£) – The Times

Anna Soubry apologises to Farage for bum/finger remark

‘Ms Soubry said: “If he in any was offended, I apologise unreservedly. It was a light-hearted remark.”‘ – The Sun (£)

News in brief

  • Bleak midwinter storm warning – Daily Mail
  • Foreign Office evacuates UK citizens from South Sudan – Daily Mail
  • Mandelson has faint praise for Ed Balls – Daily Mail
  • Rolf Harris to face more child abuse charges – The Sun (£)
  • M&S face boycott for allowing muslim staff to refuse to sell alcohol – Daily Mail
  • Charges for tribunals curb claims culture – Daily Mail
  • Pussy Riot member released – The Times (£)

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