Hunt pledges new GP contracts will bring back the family doctor


“Today, we are ripping up Labour’s old GP contract. A new contract has been agreed. Labour may have destroyed the family doctor, but this Government will bring them back. This is about fixing the long-term pressures on our A&E services, and giving elderly people the care and dignity they deserve.” – Jeremy Hunt, Daily Mail

  • Labour did terrible damage – Daily Mail Leader
  • Doctors will have to reveal salaries – The Times (£)
  • Seven day personal service intended to save A&Es – The Sun (£)
  • A first step in the right direction, but not in time for Winter – The Sun Says (£)

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PM laments the compromises of coalition

Libdem bird vs TORY“I would prefer not to have a Coalition. We were confronted with a hung parliament after the election with a country in economic crisis. The most important thing to do was to get on and form a government…and make it work. We’ve shown it can work. And actually the good parts of Coalition are because you have these arguments within government and you have to proceed on a rational basis – that’s good. Mr Cameron went on: ‘I think what’s bad about it is that sometimes you have to make compromises that are not necessarily in the long-term interests of the country.” – Daily Mail

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Eurozone growth falters

Euro meltdown“Disappointing growth figures in the eurozone and Japan driven by weak export numbers have dashed hopes that a global economic recovery would gather pace in the second half of the year. Growth in the eurozone faltered in the third quarter, expanding 0.1 per cent following growth of 0.3 per cent in the second quarter. The figures came a week after the European Central Bank cut rates in response to fears about deflation.” – FT

  • 200,000 families at risk of losing their homes – Daily Mail
  • France on the brink of a recession – Daily Mail

Cameron goes to Sri Lanka, and raises the country’s human rights disgrace

“David Cameron last night condemned the ‘appalling’ and ‘chilling’ slaughter of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka as he and Prince Charles arrived there for the Commonwealth summit. The Prime Minister flew into a diplomatic firestorm after demanding that President Mahinda Rajapaksa hold a new inquiry into his regime’s human rights abuses. But Mr Cameron’s hosts hit back, accusing him of behaving like a colonial bully.” – Daily Mail

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Home Counties concerns collide with plans for new Garden Cities

Homes For All Big“Plans for a new generation of garden cities announced by David Cameron last year have been all but killed off after running into hostility in the Tory heartlands. Eric Pickles, communities secretary, is understood to have quietly sabotaged the plans because of concerns that the “top-down” idea would cost the Conservatives votes in the Home Counties.” – FT

  • New Wolfson Prize offers chance of a radical housing solution – FT
  • Birmingham council needs breaking up, for the good of the second city – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph

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Labour’s crocodile tears over immigration “mistakes” doesn’t change their record

“Mass immigration wasn’t a ‘mistake’. A mistake is forgetting to take an umbrella when heavy rain is forecast. A mistake is wearing brown suede shoes with a blue pinstripe suit. No, trawling the globe for immigrants was a deliberate Labour policy. It was designed, in the memorable words of former Blair speech-writer Andrew Neather, to ‘rub the Right’s noses in diversity’.” – Daily Mail

200 MPs’ office rents under scrutiny over money-go-round fears

“Since the 2010 general election, £3.6m of taxpayers’ money has been passed on to parties through rental expenses in this way. The average cost of leases from political parties was slightly higher than those rented from other landlords, at £14,886 as opposed to £14,156.” – FT

Senior police “boys’ club” faces closure

Police helmet“The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) faces bring broken up after an independent review found millions of pounds could be better spent elsewhere. Retired Army General Sir Nick Parker said its ‘complex and unorthodox’ structure and status as a private company is unacceptable.” – Daily Mail

Warsi fears Christian extinction in the Middle East

“Christianity is in danger of becoming extinct in its ancient homelands because of a rising tide of sectarian attacks, a senior minister will warn on Friday. Violence against Christian worshippers and other religious minorities by fanatics has become a “global crisis” and is the gravest challenge facing the world this century, Baroness Warsi will say.” – Daily Telegraph

WebCameron videos now disappear from YouTube

“As David Cameron’s former general election speechwriter condemned the deletion of a decade of speeches from the party’s website, it has emerged that every video on the Conservatives’ YouTube page that dates from before 2010 has been removed or marked as private. Videos such as Ask David Cameron: Shared ownership, EU referendum, PMQs are now marked as unavailable on YouTube.” – The Guardian

>Wednesday: ToryDiary: Deleting the archive of speeches may be understandable, but that doesn’t make it any less foolish

Wodehousean Boris: but is he Jeeves or Wooster?

Jeeves and Wooster“The embarrassments and mishaps that seem to befall Boris de Pfeffel (a Wodehouse name if ever was) and his uncanny ability to survive them, echo the calamity-prone Wooster. “As I have discovered myself, there are no disasters, only opportunities,” insists Johnson. “And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters.”” – Ben Macintyre, The Times (£)

News in Brief

  • Councils offered troubling powers to close down protests – The Independent
  • Paperwork error leaves Fijian soldier facing deportation – Daily Mail
  • Engage Wilders and Le Pen in debate, and defeat them – FT Leader
  • ‘Rich thickos’ no longer welcome at Oxford – Daily Mail
  • Prince Charles enjoys his birthday – Daily Mail
  • “Dear Vladimir…” Paul McCartney appeals to Putin – The Times Leader (£)
  • Rising concern over London cyclist deaths – Daily Mail

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