Coalition 1):

Lib Dems block cuts in green levies

FORSYTH, James“Until four days ago, the Tory leadership was confident they could counter Miliband’s energy price freeze announcement by scrapping some of the green levies he had introduced as Energy Secretary. But I can reveal that at a meeting of the Quad – the Coalition’s senior decision-making body – the Lib Dems set themselves against this. It was not the 47th birthday Cameron was hoping for” – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday

Coalition 2):

Lib Dem ministers want to relax drug laws

“Cannabis and some ‘club drugs’ could be legalised in a Home Office shake-up of drugs policy proposed by Liberal Democrat ministers. In a move that threatens a clash with Theresa May, the home secretary, the Lib Dem ministers want a dramatic relaxation of the law after concluding that the government is losing the war on illegal substances.l” – Sunday Times (£)

Police insider blows whistle on Plebgate

MITCHELL Andrew “A senior police officer has blown the whistle on what he claims was a conspiracy by Scotland Yard protection officers to ‘stitch up’ the cabinet minister at the centre of the Plebgate affair. The officer, said to be a superintendent, has provided an account of the alleged conspiracy to a lawyer whom he has hired for his own protection.” – Sunday Times (£)

>Today on ToryDiary: The innocence of Andrew Mitchell

Voters back Afriyie’s call for EU referendum in 2014

“A rebel Tory MP’s bid to force David Cameron to bring forward his proposed referendum on Britain’s links with Brussels to next year has won strong public support. More than one in two voters want a referendum in 2014 according to a new poll – and more than six out of ten want MPs to vote on the proposal in three weeks’ time.” – Mail on Sunday


  • More than 600,000 unemployed EU migrants living in Britain – Sunday Telegraph
  • Cameron could not take Afriyie seriously after Segway proposal – Mail on Sunday

Labour U-turn 1):

Reeves promises to be tougher than the Tories on benefits

Snip20131013_2“The 34-year-old Reeves, who is seen by many as a possible future party leader, said that under Labour the long-term unemployed would not be able to ‘linger on benefits’ for long periods but would have to take up a guaranteed job offer or lose their state support. Adopting a firm party line on welfare, the former Bank of England economist stressed that a key part of her task would be to explode the ‘myth’ that Labour is soft on benefit costs, and to prove instead that it will be both tough and fair” – Observer

Labour U-turn 2):

Hunt backs parents who want to set up schools

“Tristram Hunt, Labour’s new education spokesman…wants to bury the idea that Labour is in the pockets of teachers’ unions and Lefty town hall chiefs…Labour’s schools will be called ‘parent-led academies’ (PLAs) – not free schools. But it’s a case of spot the difference…‘There are lots of parents out there who want to set up schools,’ says Hunt. ‘What I am saying is if you want to do that when we are in government we will be on your side’” – Mail on Sunday

Gove to make league tables more rigorous

GOVE, Michael blue sky“School league tables will be given a huge overhaul this week — to help all kids improve their grades. Education Secretary Michael Gove will scrap the system of judging performance on the number of pupils getting five good GCSEs…Under the new system, schools will be marked on pupils’ achievements in eight subjects…Every grade will be given points, not just A-star to C, and English and maths will score double” – Sun on Sunday (£)

  • “Rampant” grade inflation at British universities – Mail on Sunday
  • Labour urges Gove to reject his special adviser – Observer

Middle-class young “will fare worse than their parents”

“Today’s middle-class children are on track to be the first in more than a century to be materially less well off in adulthood than their parents, a government commission is expected to warn this week…The social mobility and child poverty commission, established by David Cameron, is expected to warn that government initiatives have all too often been aimed at the poorest 10%” – Observer

Lord Ashcroft not sure he has the courage to win a Victoria Cross

ASHCROFT blue shirt“Billionaire Lord Ashcroft owns the world’s largest collection of Victoria Crosses – yet he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to win one. ‘I’ve often reflected on it,’ he says. ‘And I’m not sure whether I have that kind of courage.’ We are in the Lord Ashcroft Gallery of London’s Imperial War Museum amid £40million worth of the most potent symbols of gallantry ever” – Sunday People

Whittingdale says newspapers will not sign up to royal charter

“A leading Tory MP said on Saturday that he expected newspapers to end up taking action in the European courts to avoid having to pay legal costs as a result of the new press regulation system agreed by politicians. John Whittingdale, chair of the culture, media and sport committee, said he believed that only a few newspapers would sign up to the royal charter agreed by politicians, and that most would remain outside” – Observer

News in brief

  • Vengeful MPs and a lethal threat to free speech – Fraser Nelson, Mail on Sunday
  • Cyclone hits east coast of India – Mail on Sunday
  • Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers – Observer
  • Madeleine McCann’s parents hope for Crimewatch breakthrough – Mail on Sunday
  • “Couple buried in garden” went on sending Christmas cards for ten years – Mail on Sunday

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