Lib Dem Ministers fight to keep green taxes – and energy bills – high

Lib Dem Bird Tory“Fuel prices will continue to soar, the Energy Secretary said yesterday – as he ruled out moves to cut punishing green taxes. Ed Davey said there was no respite in sight for hard-pressed families struggling to pay their fuel bills, adding: ‘I think we will see more price rises.’…And he indicated the Lib Dems will try to block any attempt by David Cameron to reduce so-called green taxes.” – Daily Mail

>Today: ToryDiary: There is nothing to lose in publicly falling out with the Lib Dems over green taxes

Growth will reduce borrowing by £45bn, forecast estimates

“Government borrowing will be £45billion less than expected over the next few years, according to a report out today. The deficit in 2013-14 will be £8billion to £9billion less than the £119.8billion pencilled in by the Chancellor at the Budget in March, it says. After that borrowing will be around £9billion lower than expected every year up to 2017-18 thanks to stronger economic growth, the Ernst & Young Item Club has said.” – Daily Mail

Homes For All Big

Build houses to fight the cost of living crisis

“In truth, politicians are far too scared of the winners in the housing market. They do not want to do anything that might threaten the hugely inflated value of housing. It is understandable that they create distractions when faced with a problem that is “too hard”. But it is unforgivable.” – John McTernan, The Times (£)


Shapps presents tax cuts – and a drive to make Britain more business-friendly

grantshapps“What we are trying to do is make Britain into the best place in Europe to do business,” the MP for Welwyn Hatfield explains. “We should be the entrepreneurial capital of Europe. It should be the preferred place to come to do business.” To this end the government will today introduce a bill to parliament – first announced in the Budget – to scrap the first £2,000 of employers’ national insurance contributions for every company. “450,000 small businesses will pay no jobs tax at all”, he says.” – City AM

  • Tory plan to seize the personal allowance issue from the Lib Dems – by raising it further – FT

Cut benefits for EU migrants, says Boris

“There was a 73 per cent increase in the number of ‘job-seeking’ EU immigrants in the country in the three years to 2011, according to the European Commission. The findings led Boris Johnson to urge the Prime Minister to demand a change in EU laws to delay migrants’ access to benefits. Meanwhile, a poll has found that two-thirds of the public want ministers to take ‘drastic action’ to cut immigration.” – Daily Mail

3,600 new regulations introduced by Brussels in 3 years

EU Flag“The European Union’s ‘addiction’ to red tape was laid bare yesterday. Since the 2010 general election Brussels has handed down almost 3,600 pieces of new regulation and directives affecting British businesses. Business for Britain said the avalanche of directives is strangling UK firms and making it harder to compete with corporations in the US and in emerging markets in the Far East and South America.” – Daily Mail

Trade mission to China seeks out wealth from the East

GROWTH Krieg“The fact that both the Chancellor and the Mayor of London have this week travelled to China to court its rulers, each accompanied by their own retinue of senior business leaders, speaks volumes for that nation’s diplomatic and commercial importance…It is to the Coalition’s credit that a large part of its foreign policy has focused on building (or rebuilding) Britain’s connections to parts of the world that were neglected under Labour, not least the emerging markets of the East.” – Daily Telegraph Leader

  • Fast-track visas for Chinese visitors to attract investment and tourism – Daily Mail 
  • Much to gain from trade with China – The Times Leader (£)
  • Mayor distracted by tea lady – Daily Mail

Hopes of relaxing the hunting ban are on the rise

“Under the proposals the law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes and shoot them would be scrapped allowing them to use a full pack. The move, which is backed by a cross-party alliance of MPs, would be the first change to one of the most contentious pieces of legislation in modern times.” – Daily Telegraph

Gove tries to stop schools gaming the league tables

michael-gove“School league tables are to be overhauled amid fears that bright and struggling pupils are being sidelined. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, wants to stop schools from improving their ranking by simply maximising the number of students achieving five GCSEs with a C grade or above.” – The Times (£)

Anti-GM campaigners are “wicked” – Owen Paterson

“In the strongest attack yet on the anti-GM lobby Mr Paterson told The Independent that NGOs such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth that oppose GM technology were “casting a dark shadow over attempts to feed the world”. And he backed an open letter signed by a group of eminent international scientists calling for the rapid rollout of vitamin A-enhanced rice to help prevent the cause of up to a third of the world’s child deaths.” – The Independent

IDS highlights Labour’s hypocrisy over welfare u-turn

LABOUR dead rose“Rachel Reeves, new shadow work and pensions spokesman, claimed that Labour would be ‘tougher’ on welfare than the Tories…This earned her a written rebuke from Iain Duncan Smith, who holds the post in Cabinet. He welcomed the change of tone but questioned if there had been any change of policy. ‘I was hoping you might explain exactly which of the many reforms you have personally voted against, you will now be in favour of?’ he said.” – Daily Mail

>Today: The Deep End: The final collapse of New Labour

David Ruffley speaks about falling under a train, and how it changed his life

“Recalling the events at Victoria station, he tells me: ‘It was an accident. I certainly had a bout of depression, but it’s not something I’ve had since. It was a psychological imbalance. I was incredibly lucky, to say the least. I now cherish every day.’” – Daily Mail

Senior NHS manager: Staff shortages make some wards “dangerous”

“Hospital wards and departments in some areas of the country are unsafe due to a desperate shortage of doctors and nurses, a senior health boss has admitted. Dr Andy Mitchell, who is overseeing the health service in London said there were times of the day when patients are at risk because staff are spread too thinly.” – Daily Mail

  • A third of hospitals seek staff abroad – Daily Mail
  • Police chiefs can now be recruited from overseas – Daily Telegraph
  • Regulated press wouldn’t expose health scandals – Daily Mail

News in Brief

  • Grand alliance forms to fight the lobbying bill – The Independent
  • Labour council gives huge pay rise to Chief Executive while cutting £45m – Daily Mail
  • Richard Branson moves to private island, but not for tax reasons, honest – The Independent
  • Abbott: I was sacked because I wouldn’t read from Miliband’s script – The Independent
  • Police release new e-fit of Madeleine McCann suspect – Daily Express
  • Axe first class seats to provide space for commuters – Daily Mail

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