Yellow B**tards 1) Clegg to attack Gove over free school and academy use of unqualified teachers

angry clegg pram“Free schools and academies must employ qualified teachers, Nick Clegg will demand this week, in the first break with the Conservatives on education policy under the coalition government. The Deputy Prime Minister will deliver a hard-hitting speech that will put pressure on the Conservatives over the lack of appropriately qualified teachers in free schools, including the crisis-hit Al-Madinah school in Derby.” – The Independent

Yellow B**tards Two 2) Cameron and Osborne press to cut green taxes…

“Ed Davey, the Lib Dem Energy Secretary, is said to be “furious” that the Conservatives want to renegotiate the Coalition’s fragile truce on energy policy, which saw last year’s Energy Bill delayed by Coalition infighting. However, David Cameron and George Osborne are understood to have resolved to act in response to the public outcry at soaring energy costs, after British Gas and SSE announced sharp increases in household gas and electricity bills.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • ‘We put some wind farms in the wrong place’, says Greg Barker – Mail on Sunday
  • Nuclear given final green light – Sunday Telegraph
  • ‘Mini-nukes’ beat monster wind farms on every count – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph

…As the Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out

WELBY, Justin“Justin Welby said power giants had a ‘massive’ moral duty beyond squeezing customers for maximum profit, and challenged the firms to justify their huge increases in bills. The Archbishop, himself a former oil executive, said he understood the anger over apparently ‘inexplicable’ rises and called on the companies ‘to behave with generosity and not merely to maximise opportunity’.” – Mail on Sunday

Cameron to launch “Mystic Mil” attack on Labour leader over economy

“David Cameron will this week launch a YouTube attack on Ed Miliband and Ed Balls – branding them ‘Mystic Ed And His Crystal Balls’ for falsely predicting Britain’s economic slump would get worse. Headlined ‘Mystic Ed, The World’s Worst Clairvoyant,’ the internet  cartoon film is designed to convince voters the Labour leader and Shadow Chancellor were wrong to denounce the Coalition’s ‘austerity Britain’ policies.” – Mail on Sunday

  • ComRes: Cameron still leads on the economy – Independent on Sunday
  • Strikes during Coalition Government’s reign have cost British economy £400m – Sunday Express
  • You won’t be poorer than your parents – Sunday Times Editorial (£)
  • What’s wrong with modern capitalism – Lord Saatchi, Mail on Sunday
  • Charles Walker MP says that Prime Minister should back 11 per cent pay rise for MPs – The Observer
  • Osborne determined to get attack on Miliband in before Coulson trial – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday

Yesterday: Tory Diary – Osborne says Britain can do better than this

Sshh! Don’t mention the C-word! MPs barred from mentioning Coulson as trial looms

COULSON Andy“MPs have been banned from mentioning the name of David Cameron’s former director of communications Andy Coulson in the run-up to his trial for phone-hacking. The unusual action was taken by the Solicitor General after a series of heated exchanges in the Commons during which Labour MPs made disparaging remarks about the former News of The World editor. The move was made to avoid MPs’ comments prejudicing the outcome of the case.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Steve Hilton is barred from boarding a plane in California because he is wearing no shoes – Mail on Sunday

Who should benefit from any tax cuts? Poorer workers or richer ones?

“The Prime Minister has indicated that he is ready to consider giving the lowest paid workers more help by raising the threshold at which they start paying tax or national insurance. However, while some members of the Number 10 policy board publicly support the proposal, others are deeply sceptical about such a move. A number have confided privately to The Sunday Telegraph that further cuts in taxes for the low paid would be the wrong priority for the Conservatives, a view shared by other Tory MPs.” – Sunday Telegraph

> Today: Tory Diary – What kind of tax cut is most likely to help win Bolton West?

Goodwill to announce “biggest road-building programme in 40 years”

GOODWILL Robert headshot“A former trucker will this week take charge of the biggest road-building programme in 40 years. New transport minister Robert Goodwill will unveil a £28billion plan to get Britain moving. He will TREBLE spending on motorways and improve A roads with new lanes, smoother surfaces and better junctions. And he will stump up an extra £10billion to end the scourge of potholes.” – Sun on Sunday (£)

Soames to Afriyie: “You **%£@@!!*  $£*(£**@**!! %%£&*!!*”

“Shocked fellow MPs looked on as Mr Soames, grandson of wartime leader Winston Churchill, tore into Windsor MP Mr Afriyie over his plan to force David Cameron to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU before the next Election. Mr Soames told Eurosceptic  Mr Afriyie: ‘You are a chateau bottled nuclear powered ****. You are totally f***ing disloyal, a f***ing disgrace to your party, your fellow MPs, your Prime Minister and your country.’” – Mail on Sunday

Kris Hopkins: Second homes are good for the country

HOPKINS Kris yellow jacket“Kris Hopkins, who was made a junior minister in the communities and local government department in the recent Tory reshuffle, dismissed suggestions that wealthy city-dwellers were fuelling the shortage of affordable housing in the countryside by snapping up cottages as holiday homes. He said second-home owners brought a catalogue of benefits, generating jobs and boosting the wider economy.” – Sunday Times (£)

Left and Right unite against lobbying bill as it goes to the Lords

“The organisations – including the Women’s Institute, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, Business for Britain, Oxfam and Amnesty International – say this could have snuffed out campaigns such as those to ban land mines, remove lead from petrol and give women the right to equal pay. The move follows strong criticism of the bill from two parliamentary committees and from human rights lawyers. In a letter, the organisations say the proposed law could undermine democratic participation in this country.” – The Observer

Sunday Express: It’s time for an independent body to investigate police misconduct…

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 09.03.25“A free society cannot operate without a police force that merits our trust but after a litany of wrongdoings that faith has been terribly eroded. So who is it that investigates these breaches? Why, it’s the police themselves and every time they do so they find themselves innocent. This won’t do. It is time to establish a proper, independent body that holds the service to account and that is not riddled with conflicting interests.” – Sunday Express Editorial

  • Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner savages ‘feral’ police force over Plebgate – Mail on Sunday
  • Police corruption is now so rife that radical reform is the only answer – Henry Porter, The Observer

 Adam Boulton: The Davis campaign behind Mitchell’s fightback

“There is a further source of pressure on the prime minister. Mitchell was campaign manager for David Davis in the leadership election against Cameron. Had Davis become prime minister, Mitchell would have the chancellor’s job now. Davis is not going to let his cause drop and the “Branch Davidian Sect”, as one Labour wag dubbed them, has proved to be ruthlessly efficient, raising Mitchell’s case and the structural faults it perceives in the law-and-order apparatus.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Give Mitchell his job back, and show who’s in charge – Matthew D’Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

The Telegraph returns to question the European Commission’s claims on migrants and welfare

EU Flag“[Cameron’s spokesman] was speaking in response to the report, which last night was questioned by Frank Field, a former Labour welfare minister, who chairs Balanced Migration, a group made up of cross-party MPs. “The conclusion of this report is genuinely mystifying when the issue over what is going on is quite clear,” he said. “Many migrants are here and they are not in work. So how are they living?” – Sunday Telegraph

> Today: Henry Smith MP on Comment: We’re right to seek to curb EU benefit tourism

> Yesterday: Michael Burnett on Comment: Europe – Those whom the gods wish to destroy…

Labour Man: Tristram Hunt is hailed as a future Labour leader by John Rentoul

“Tristram Hunt has had a good week. He has had such a good week that Labour might have shifted on its axis. If he continues to avoid making mistakes, he could easily be the front runner to succeed Miliband if Labour loses in 2015. Furthermore, the moment such a realisation dawns is the moment Miliband becomes vulnerable. Despite the start last week of a “One Nation” group of Labour MPs, there are no such things as Milibandites.” – Independent on Sunday

Labour Woman: Gloria De Piero launches topless pictures fightback

DEL PIERO, Gloria“I did some things which I’m not especially proud of, including posing for some topless pictures when I was a teenager. My parents were upset at the time but I did it because I wanted to earn a bit of extra cash to buy some clothes. Apparently there are reporters now trying to get hold of those pictures — though I’m pleased to say that this newspaper has assured me that its reporters have not done that. I can’t turn the clock back and it’s part of my story and who I am. And it won’t stop me from speaking out on behalf of ordinary women in Britain.” – Sun on Sunday (£)

  • More Labour women: Shortlists put women in hot seats – Sunday Times (£)
  • More Labour women: The wealthy £40,000 Labour donor who is Sally Bercow’s Westminster drinking pal – Mail on Sunday
  • More Labour women: Abbott TV show appearance: charity gets £1k, she gets £5k – Sun on Sunday (£)
  • More Labour women: ‘I wanted to prove I could have a family and career,’ says Cherie Booth – The Observer

Salmond pledges higher minimum wage

“In a keynote speech that set out a vision of an independent government far to the left of the UK coalition, the First Minister said a government under his control would up-rate the £6.31 an hour wage by at least the rate of inflation. Such a plan over the past five years would have left people on the minimum wage £675 better off, he said.” – Scotland on Sunday

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Alex Salmond offers a vision of a socialist Scotland

News in Brief

  • Claim that Conservative women oppose return of fox hunting – Sunday Express
  • Pussy Riot star wins her ‘gulag’ jail battle with Russian authorities – Mail on Sunday
  • Bloody Sunday troops face murder arrests – Sunday Times (£)
  • England football team’s Brazil hotel branded ‘dump’ – Sun on Sunday (£)
  • Front National’s victory signals French sense of abandonment from mainstream – Observer
  • Wolf packs pushing into eastern France – Independent on Sunday

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