MIDNIGHT ToryDiary: EXCLUSIVECCHQ declares Conservative Party membership to be 134,000

6pm ToryDiary: Danny Alexander can't bring himself to celebrate wealth creation

Pound3.15pm ToryDiary: "The political and economic failure of the European project is starting not only to sway the European electorates, and it seems popular scepticism is starting to seep into the seats of power, as it has eventually done in Westminster." Euroscepticism is rising on the Continent, but is it enough to aid Cameron's renegotiation?

2.30pm Adam Afriyie MP on Comment: United, the Conservatives can deliver victory

2.15pm Local Government: "Cllr Hall was elected the new Leader last night by 31 votes to 24
after a number of Independent Labour councillors abstained or voted for
her. She and her team are capable
and determined and well aware of the need to apply strong Conservative
principles to achieve better value for money for local residents."
Conservatives take over Harrow Council

1.30pm LeftWatch: "Boot Vince out of the party – and the SDP lot" – that Lib Dem divide isn't going away

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 11.22.2411.30am Andrew R.T Davies on Comment: Why is Wales's First Minister so silent about Scotland's referendum?

11am Local Government: "Our taxes should not be going into the coffers of Mr Serwotka's outfit.
The Communities Secretary is right to be putting a stop to it, and other Government
Departments should do the same."
Pickles is beating the Pilgrims

9.45am Local Government: John Bald Maria Montessori would have backed revival of phonics

ToryDiary: Lib Dems in Glasgow cannot hide
harmony in Downing Street

In his weekly Foreign Affairs Column,
Garvan Walshe warns Israel to Beware Egypt’s ambitious General al-Sisi

Graham Stuart MP on Comment: Bad advice is
blighting the careers of thousands of young people. Here’s how to do better.

Local Government: Localism saves money

The Deep End: The sinister purpose of
academic jargon

LibDem Conference: Vince Cable keeps his red lines private

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 08.46.56“Vince Cable
stunned colleagues last night by declaring that the Coalition could break up
before the election and indicating that he has private ‘red lines’ that would
prompt him to walk out of the Cabinet. In an act of open rebellion, the
Business Secretary made a bid to be Chancellor in a Labour government and
savaged his Tory coalition colleagues. Mr Cable said it is ‘a possibility’ that
the power sharing deal with the Tories will collapse before 2015 – directly
contradicting his leader Nick Clegg, who has repeatedly said the Coalition will
survive until polling day. The veteran minister also faced Tory anger last
night after dismissing his Conservative colleagues as ‘nasty’, ‘callous’ and
‘ugly’ opportunists” – Daily

  • Cable is the
    most disloyal and dishonest politician of our times – Stephen Glover, Daily
  • Now it’s the
    Lib Dems who talk of power and the Tories who plot – Benedict Brogan, Daily
  • Nick Clegg is
    becoming the heir to Blair – Rachel Sylvester, The
    Times (£)
  • Lib Dems can
    reconcile head with heart – Guardian
  • Lib Dems
    accidentally leak tax document – Daily
  • Lib Dems plan
    tax rises for the “very wealthy” – Daily
  • Lib Dems wage
    war on motorists – Daily

>Today: ToryDiary: Lib Dems in Glasgow cannot hide harmony in Downing Street

Sale of Lloyds shares seen as vote of confidence in UK

UK government on Monday launched the reprivatisation of Lloyds Banking Group
with the sale of £3.3bn of shares in the bank, marking a momentous turnround in
the UK’s fortunes after the financial crisis. Five
years to the day since Lloyds’ disastrous takeover of HBOS, which led to its
£21bn bailout, the Treasury is set to make a profit of at least £60m on the
sale of 6 per cent of the bank. The sale – the UK’s second-biggest share
placing ever – is a milestone in Lloyds’ recovery…It is also a potent symbol of
the UK’s return to health after a catastrophic failure in financial markets
brought the banking industry to the brink of collapse in October 2008” – Financial

Women "feel alienated
by David Cameron"

“Should David
Cameron lose the next election, it will be because women deserted him. That is
the stark finding of a piece of research this week showing the extent to which
Mr Cameron now has a problem with women. Mr Cameron has not always had a
problem with women. Three years ago, when the public perception was of a normal
‘kinda’ guy who took his children to school and made it home for bath-time, 36
per cent of women backed the Tories, compared to 31 per cent for
Labour. But a new Ipsos Mori survey for Mumsnet this week showed that only
29 per cent of women support the Tories, compared to a figure for Labour of 42
per cent” – Melissa Kite, Daily

David Cameron: we must preserve the memory of the Holocaust – Daily Telegraph


Tim Loughton
condemned for attack on childless Sarah Teather

“Tory MP Tim Loughton has been vilified for
saying that Sarah Teather was a bad families minister as she had no family of
her own…He described his frustration that Ms Teather had refused to take
seriously his arguments for a married tax allowance. ‘The person who was
actually in charge of family policy amongst the ministerial team at the DfE was
Sarah Teather. Which was a bit difficult because she doesn’t really believe in
family,’ Mr Loughton told the Conservative Renewal conference in Windsor. ‘She
certainly didn’t produce one of her own. So it became a bit of a family-free
zone. I think that is a huge disappointment” – The Times

Iain Duncan
Smith warns Tories to stop “finger-wagging” at the unmarried and the poor

must stop ‘finger-wagging’ at the unmarried and the poor, Iain Duncan Smith
declared yesterday. He warned the ‘harsh punitive language’ used by some in the
past had wrongly given the impression the Tories did not care about poverty.
The Work and Pensions Secretary added that the party would win more support for
marriage if it stopped attacking people whose ‘lifestyles don’t fit’. Mr Duncan
Smith said voters responded better to ‘less finger-wagging, more arm around the
shoulder’ when talking about social issues” – Daily

  • Daniel Pelka
    tortured and killed after social work blunders – The Times (£)
  • Bishop attacks
    Michael Gove on use of food banks – The Times (£)

Sun calls for a partial ban on wearing the veil

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 08.50.59“British justice must be transparent.
And religious belief cannot trump the law of the land. That is why Judge
Peter Murphy was dead right to demand that a Muslim woman remove her full-face
veil to give evidence at her trial…The Sun also believes niqabs have no place
in hospitals or schools…We would ban veils in other areas too, such as airports
and banks, where covered faces are a security threat…The Sun believes that in a
British street people should wear what they like” – The
Sun Says

rises in Germany, France, Italy and Spain

“There has been a sharp increase in
Euroscepticism among four of the big European Union players, according to a new
poll…While most people questioned still consider membership was good, there was
a significant increase in those saying it was bad for their country, according
to the French daily La Croix. In Spain, 37 per cent of respondents said EU
membership was a bad thing, up from 26 per cent in June 2012, rising to 43 per
cent in France (from 38 percent), 44 per cent in eurozone powerhouse Germany
(from 36 per cent) and 45 per cent in Italy (from 39 per cent)” – The
Times (£)

  • Ignore the doomsayers: Europe is being fixed –
    Wolfgang Schäuble, Financial
  • There is an alternative to Angela Merkel – Andrew
    Gimson, The
    Times (£)
  • Miliband and Clegg should not promise an EU
    referendum – Janan Ganesh, Financial
  • EU wants to ban Union flag from being displayed on meat reared in Britain – Daily Mail

in brief

  • Thirteen
    dead in shooting spree at US Navy HQ – Guardian
  • Ban
    Ki-moon says gas attacks in Syria were “war crime” – Daily
  • Billy
    Connolly has prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease – Independent
  • Costa
    Concordia declared vertical – Daily

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