Work requirement for long term unemployed..

independentwelfare“All those who have been unemployed for three years will have to do some work or training in return for their benefits – or attend a jobcentre every day – under tough measures to be laid out in detail by George Osborne today.” – The Independent

  • “From April, people who are jobless after being on the Work Programme will face three options, including community work, or face losing benefits. Mr Osborne will announce the plan at the Conservative Party conference. Labour said the idea was proof the Work Programme, set up by the coalition two years ago, had failed.” – BBC
  • “Polling suggests there is continued public support for ever tougher welfare crackdowns…. “For the first time, all long-term unemployed people who are capable of work will be required to do something in return for their benefits to help them find work,” Osborne will say, adding: “But no one will get something for nothing. Help to work – and in return work for the dole.” – The Guardian
  • 50,000 protestors march against austerity in Manchester – The Guardian

…tasks to include cleaning the streets and caring for elderly

mailwork“Benefits will be stripped from the long-term jobless unless they work full time picking up litter, removing graffiti or preparing meals for the elderly. George Osborne will today announce details of the US-style ‘work for the dole’ programme, starting within six months and affecting 200,000 welfare claimants.” – Daily Mail

  • “The LAZY will be put into community service groups, making meals for the elderly, cleaning up litter, or working for charities. The DODGY will attend job centres daily and seek work there instead of the black market. The TROUBLED, those battling addictions or other problems that prevent them looking for work, will be put on a Mandatory Intervention Regime of intensive help.” – The Sun
  • “WHY did the Labour Government think it was OK for millions to be paid to loaf around at home with no questions asked? Or that it was OK for the unemployed to pocket more money doing nothing than they would in work? The cynical answer is that Labour knew most would gratefully vote for them at election time. The more you think about that waste of life, and the colossal drain on the economy, the more mind-boggling it becomes.” – The Sun Says

Theresa May proposes “Deport first, appeal later” plan

“Foreign criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants will be kicked out of Britain before they get the chance to claim their human rights are being breached. In a massive shake-up of immigration law, Theresa May today tells the Daily Mail the Government plans to ‘deport first, and hear the appeal later’ – after they have been put on a plane home.” – Daily Mail

Nigel Farage offers Tories election deal

timesfarage“Mr Farage indicates that he would not stop agreements in individual constituencies, an intervention that threatens to split the Conservatives during the party’s annual conference in Manchester. Although he claims that UKIP is diametrically opposed to Mr Cameron, he says that there are many MPs who take a different view from the Tory leadership, naming Peter Bone and Jacob Rees-Mogg.” – The Times (£)

  • “I believe that at these coming Euro elections those Conservatives who believe, as we do, in our national independence should lend their vote to UKIP. This will help to toughen up the referendum message and could even bring forward a promise that is still four long years away.” – Nigel Farage The Times (£)
  • Nigel Farage haunts Tories like a bad smell – Trevor Kavanagh The Sun (£)

Hague says “ever closer union” must end

“Britain will seek to end the doctrine of “ever-closer union” in Europe, William Hague said yesterday. The Foreign Secretary made this the first formal demand in Britain’s renegotiation with Europe in an attempt to answer calls from Eurosceptics for details. The main target of the speech was to reform the demand in EU treaties to “lay the foundations of an ever-closer union among the peoples of Europe”.” – The Times (£)

HecklerRetired soldiers ejected from Tory conference

“Two retired soldiers have been ejected from the Conservative Party conference hall after heckling Philip Hammond over defence cuts. The pair were protesting at plans to axe the second battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.” – BBC

  • The old boy was right off It Ain’t Half Hot Mum – Quentin Letts – Daily Mail

> Yesterday: WATCH: Philip Hammond’s speech is interrupted by hecklers

Cameron says schools should be allowed to ban veils…

“The Prime Minister said that he will “back up” schools and courts that ask people to remove Muslim veils. He said that he does not believe there should be a ban on wearing the niqab, which conceals the whole face, in all public places. However, in an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Mr Cameron said he would consider issuing new guidelines to judges, teachers and immigration officers telling them when they can ask people to remove their veils.” – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday: David Cameron on Comment: Welcome to the Conference and thank you for your work for the Conservative cause

…and pledges end to human rights madness

“Before the start of the Tory party conference, the Prime Minister signalled he may remove the UK from the jurisdiction of meddling Strasbourg judges if he wins a majority at the next election. He said: “People should be in no doubt, under a Conservative-only government led by me, there will be the ability to throw out of our country much more rapidly people who threaten us and our way of life.” ” – Daily Express

Gove discounts GCSE re-sits from league tables

“Michael Gove is changing league table rules in England to try to stop schools from “gaming the system”. The education secretary says schools encourage pupils to take GCSEs early so they can “bank” good grades – simply entering them for retakes if they fail.” – BBC

Shapps says Thatcher would have been proud of what this Government is doing

grantshapps“Mr Shapps told the conference that Lady Thatcher would have been proud of the Coalition and its achievements. “If Margaret Thatcher were here today, you know what she would have been proud of? The 1.4 million private-sector jobs created under this government. A tax cut for 25 million ordinary working people; 2.7 million of the lowest paid removed from income tax entirely. Mortgage rates low, council tax frozen, benefits capped, the deficit down, immigration down and crime down.” – Daily Telegraph

Dominic Lawson on Labour’s fury at encouraging marriage

“Of course there are wonderful step-parents, but it is simply statistical fact that parents’ solicitude for children generally exceeds that of step-parents — let alone that of fleeting ‘partners’. So yes, marriage should be encouraged in the tax system; and I suspect Labour’s fury with Cameron is mere displaced anger that the public is on his side.” – Dominic Lawson Daily Mail

  • BBC presents Labour front Don’t Judge My Family as independent – Daily Mail
  • Marriage Tax allowance is state tutting – Owen Jones The Independent

Build more homes says Tim Montgomerie

“The money currently earmarked for high-speed rail could be used to help to build more affordable housing. If government didn’t require private builders to fund a large slice of affordable housing in every development, they would build more homes. A bigger government investment in affordable housing will, in the long run, also save money. A more sensible housing market will reduce the demand for housing benefit, currently costing taxpayers £17 billion a year — and rising.” – Tim Montgomerie The Times (£)

  • Help to Buy isn’t the answer – Allister Heath City AM

Lynton Crosby’s lacks deference

“Conservative MPs who packed into the main conference hall at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire at their awayday this month learned an important
lesson about their Australian campaign director: Lynton Crosby is not one for deference.” – The Guardian

Boris says as Energy Secretary Miliband rejected cutting bills

BORIS open mouth“Britain might be lagging in some respects, but once our programme was under way we would certainly not be lagging in lagging. Above all, we were going to achieve the number one objective of the scheme: we were going to help cut the cost of heating people’s homes and help stabilise fuel bills. I was interested in the plan as a way of helping the planet and helping people in tough times. As for Ed – well, it was, frankly, a bit disheartening. He wasn’t remotely interested.” – Boris Johnson Daily Telegraph

  • Grayling says get fracking to cut energy bills – The Guardian

> Today: Jesse Norman on Comment: Reflections on Ed Miliband

News in brief

  • “Go Private” – Unite tells members – Daily Mail
  • Teachers could be won round to performance related pay – BBC
  • Anti EU parties make gains in Austrian elections – The Times (£)
  • Banks extend opening hours to cope with Help to Buy mortgage demand – Daily Mail
  • IDS looking at extra tests for disabled and sickness benefits – The Guardian
  • EU propose quota for gypsy MPs – Daily Express
  • Labour rules out Royal Mail renationalisation pledge – BBC
  • US Government faces sut down over Obamacare – The Guardian
  • EU’s £2.4bn ad budget bigger than Coca Cola – Daily Mail
  • Charles Moore’s Thatcher biography on Samuel Johnson shortlist – BBC
  • Ed Miliband attacks Daily Mail – The Guardian

And finally…David Cameron can dance Gangnam style

“DAVID Cameron likes to cook, can dance Gangnam style, excels at karaoke and — apart from the time he left one of them in the pub — manages to look after his three young children without incident.” – The Sun (£)

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