5.45pm WATCH: HMS Westminster docks in Gibraltar

2pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: MPs are not "employed by voters to listen to voters' concerns"

Noon LeftWatch: "To paraphrase a great Norwegian: Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Keir Hardie, Gordon Brown, Eddie Izzard, Len McCluskey…can you hear me, Polly Toynbee? Your boys took one hell of a beating." Picking up the slack: Labour's economic doomsayers are proved wrong, again

10.30am Nick Pickles on Comment: David Miranda's arrest shows why our anti-terror laws need a comprehensive overhaul

Grassroots voiceToryDiary: "The Party needs a plan either to revive membership or replace it (or follow a mix of both approaches).  Douglas Carswell has put forward some good ideas, and ConservativeHome will return to the subject.  A part of should be that all Party members vote on any future Coalition deal." Any proposal for a second Coalition should be put to all Party members – not just MPs

Jesse Norman's fortnightly column: "Committed MPs use the recess to good effect; they reconnect with their constituencies; they read, they write, they think and they recharge.  We can pretend that they don’t, or that they are all rogues, or that only Westminster matters.  But the result of this sloppy thought will be a worse politics." Reflections on a ramble through Herefordshire, and on the reporting of certain newspapers in London relative to that event

Brian Binley MP on Comment: Iran's President Rouhani is anything but a moderate

Local Government: Eric Pickles's end of term letter to Tory MPs

The Deep End: "In Britain there aren’t enough houses for people to live in, but in many parts of Germany there aren’t enough people to live in the houses." Population decline is real and happening in Europe right now

Cameron reviewing party rules to prepare for second coalition

"The Prime Minister has held private talks with Cabinet ministers over new Conservative Party rules which would make it easier to strike another deal. Under the plans, backbench Tories would be consulted on the new power-sharing agreement with the final text being put to them in a vote. Mr Cameron wants Conservative MPs to put their names to any second coalition agreement and “dip their hands in the blood”, a senior source said." – Daily Telegraph 

>Today: ToryDiary - Any proposal for a second Coalition should be put to all Party members – not just MPs

HS2 cost estimate rises to £80 billion

"The controversial new high-speed rail line will cost every household £3,000 and ‘defies economic logic’, an independent report has warned. Senior Tories were braced for a revolt against HS2 after a study found its price tag had soared to £80billion, double the official estimate. The report, released today, increased the pressure on David Cameron to abandon the scheme." – Daily Mail

Better times on the way: CBI upgrades growth forecasts

Growth ConHome"Employers' group the CBI has hiked its forecast for economic growth for this year – giving a further boost to hopes Britain is dragging itself from the post-recession doldrums. The body, which represents around 240,000 UK companies, raised its expectations for growth in gross domestic product from 1 per cent to 1.2 per cent during 2013 as confidence among business people increases. And for next year, the CBI reckons the economic recovery will gather pace with growth of 2.3 per cent compared with 2 per cent forecast previously." – Daily Mail 

  • Exports must rise – FT 
  • Private sector provide's record share of jobs – Daily Mail 

Anti-shale gas protestors celebrate as police fail to protect against them

PoliceDescribing himself as a ‘professional protester’ he said it was the 14th demonstration he had funded through claiming benefits.  He added: ‘We’re winning as they’ve already halted the drilling and we can stick it out here until it’s removed altogether. ‘The police can’t handle us and don’t want to deal with it. This is a waste of the police’s money and their time. They can’t win as we outnumber them and it’s too large a space to contain." – Daily Mail 

  • Local PCC must ensure police do their job – Mark Reckless, The Times (£) 
  • Energy truth versus greeny nonsense – The Times Leader (£) 
  • Councils want 10% of shale gas profits – The Times (£) 
  • Fracking boom drives US export success – FT 
  • 4,000 police officers to be trained in child protection – Daily Mail 

Promote marriage and end multiculturalism, says departing Chief Rabbi

“I think the Government has not done enough [to encourage marriage],” he told The Times. “Although I don’t take a party political stance … I don’t think the Government has done enough at all. The State has an interest in marriage because the cost of family breakdown and non-marriage, the last time I looked at it, was estimated at £9 billion a year. [The Government] should certainly recognise marriage in the tax system, it should certainly give more support to mothers who stay at home, or for childcare provision. I don’t believe in getting involved in the details, but the principle is pretty clear.” – The Times (£) 

Thatcher biography is Tory MPs' top summer read

ThatChe"While last summer saw EL James's novel top the reading list of Tory MPs taking a summer holiday, this year's favourite was the hefty biography of Margaret Thatcher, by ex-Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore. There was little appetite for light reading this year, with another serious-minded tome – a biography of the political philosopher Edmund Burke written by fellow Tory MP Jesse Norman – coming in as second favourite, the ComRes survey revealed." – Daily Mail 

  • Lady Verma argues for more women in Parliament – The Guardian

>Today: Jesse Norman's fortnightly column - Reflections on a ramble through Herefordshire, and on the reporting of certain newspapers

Spanish flotilla protests in Gibraltarian waters

"It was hardly the Spanish Armada, but the Royal Navy and police raced into action yesterday when the Bay of Gibraltar was invaded by fishing and pleasure boats. Spanish fishermen were protesting over an artificial reef made of concrete blocks dropped on the seabed which, they say, ruins traditional fishing grounds." – Daily Mail 

Lobbying Bill carries unintended consequences

Commons"It is an open secret around Westminster that the proposals in this bill are a highly partisan attack on trade union relations with the Labour party. But as leaders of charities, churches and faith groups return from their holidays, they are starting to realise it could redefine activities they have always regarded as being far above party politics as election campaigning." – Frances O'Grady, The Guardian 

>Yesterday: ToryDiary - Will the Lobbying Bill give Cameron the power to close down ConservativeHome?

Australia is a test: do voters want conviction or empty spin?

"For Mr Abbott there is no embarrassment about conservatism’s right-wing character. He has diagnosed — correctly — that people don’t mind traditional conservative views on tax, immigration and welfare. What voters want is a broader conservatism rather than a wholly different kind. They largely want a more compassionate conservatism rather than a more liberal one. Voters want a conservatism that looks after the little guy and, whenever necessary, will cut big business or big government or other vested interests down to size." – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£) 

  • Boris splashes down in the Great Barrier Reef – The Sun (£) 

>Yesterday: International - Abbott's Liberals "on track comfortably" to win Australia's election

Oops – Chuka uses fateful IDS quote in Miliband's defence

Chuka Bullingdon"Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna accused Mr Miliband’s Labour critics of ‘hysteria’ as Lord Prescott led a chorus of disapproval about his performance this summer. Responding to Lord Prescott’s criticisms, Mr Umunna said: ‘We are talking loud and of course we will be turning up the volume even louder. Mr Duncan Smith tried to answer his critics at the 2003 Tory conference by declaring: ‘The quiet man is here to stay and he is turning up the volume.’ He was ousted 20 days later." – Daily Mail 

  • Opposition are loud enough, they've just got nothing to say – The Sun Says (£) 
  • Labour bigwigs give Ed a kicking – The Sun (£) 
  • Are votes at 16 their solution? – Daily Express
  • Last chance to turn things around, Ed – Daily Express Leader
  • Clegg's local party loses 20 per cent of its members – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Dominic Raab MP on Comment - Miliband's cost of living gamble shows that he's out of ideas

News in brief

  • Cameron in talks with Stephen Fry over Russia – The Times (£) 
  • Chefs battle council busybodies for right to serve rare meat – Daily Mail 
  • 150 Britons are fighting with Syrian rebels – The Times (£) 
  • Chief Medical Officer took cannabis at university – Daily Mail 
  • Guardian journalist's partner detained at airport – The Guardian 
  • Chess champion Labour MP challenges UKIP Treasurer to a game – The Times (£) 
  • The Camerons holiday on the isle of Jura – Daily Mail 

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