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7.30pm ToryDiary: Congratulations to Andy Murray, CCHQ-style

6.30pm WATCH:

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3pm WATCH: Abu Qatada is deported

1pm WATCH: Lord Hurd on Egypt – "Tony Blair leaps in before he's thought things through"

11.15am ToryDiary: The many virtues of the Home Secretary's statement on Abu Qatada

9.45am MPsETC: "Delighted"…"Well done, Theresa"…"Very good news"…"Now for the ECHR". Tory MPS queue to praise May over Qatada deportation

May Theresa Home Office
ToryDiary: Theresa May, Strong Woman

Nick de Bois MP on Comment: Why shouldn't union members choose who gets their political levy?

Good news for the Tories 1) Abu Qatada is
deported from Britain

“Abu Qatada, the notorious hate cleric,
is expected to appear in a Jordanian court to face terrorist charges this
morning, marking the end of an eight-year battle by the British government to
deport him…Just after 2am, Abu Qatada was due to board a small private jet for
a 5-hour flight to Amman, the Jordanian capital…The deportation marks a triumph
for Theresa May, the home secretary, after previous attempts to deport Abu
Qatada were thwarted by human rights laws” – Sunday
Times (£)

> Today: ToryDiary – Theresa May, Strong Woman

Good news for the Tories 2) Feelgood factor
reaches its highest level since 2010

“A Sunday Times YouGov poll reveals that
the feelgood factor is at its highest since the general election in 2010, with
a growing belief that we have weathered the economic storm. …A majority of
people surveyed by YouGov believe that economically the worst is over and 15%
of respondents even expect to be better off over the next 12 months. When asked
about the financial situation of their household, 53% of respondents expected
it to get better or stay the same over the next year. A total of 41% expected
it to get worse — giving a 12-point lead to the cheerful over the glum” – Sunday Times

Good news for the Tories 3) Miliband can't stop the McCluskey row: says he will “mend not
end” Labour’s link with the trade unions

Miliband ball and chain“Some people will ask whether…we should break the link
with the trade unions. They will say trade unions helped found the Labour
party, but that they have decreasing relevance in today's world, represent a
minority of the workforce, and their relationship with Labour is a problem. But
the presence of ordinary working people… in a political party should be its
biggest asset…So we should mend the relationship, not end it” – Ed Miliband, Observer

Meanwhile McCluskey tells Labour to put
its house in order and insists Unite did nothing wrong…

“We want to give our
democracy back to ordinary working people. We say they need to be given a fair
crack of the whip in the Labour Party in particular…The party that wants to
make Britain a fairer place should start by putting its own house in order.
That is what caused the Falkirk argument. Unite was working completely within
the rules to secure the selection of a working-class woman as Labour candidate,
someone with 30 years membership of the Party” – Sunday

…and Matthew
d’Ancona says Miliband’s future depends on his battle with McCluskey

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 08.58.14“What started as a constituency scandal in Falkirk has become a
national confrontation between Miliband and Len McCluskey, the general
secretary of Unite. The resignation from the shadow cabinet of Tom Watson – a
close ally of McCluskey – has only fuelled the flames of controversy. Like
Watson’s resignation from the Labour front bench in 2006, to which he alluded
in his resignation letter, it has forced the question: who’s in charge?” –Sunday

  • Ed gets a taste of the medicine he fed his brother – Adam Boulton, Sunday
    Times (£)

> Today: Nick de Bois MP on Comment: Why shouldn't union members choose who gets their political levy?

> Yesterday: LeftWatch – Miliband will want you to think that he’s broken from the unions – and Ken Livingstone to think that he hasn’t

Tony Blair says the Egyptian army was right
to depose President Morsi

“The events that led to the Egyptian army's removal of
President Mohamed Morsi confronted the military with a simple choice:
intervention or chaos. Seventeen million people on the street is not the same
as an election. But it is an awesome manifestation of people power…The Muslim
Brotherhood was unable to shift from being an opposition movement to being a
government…The economy is tanking. Ordinary law and order has virtually
disappeared. Services aren't functioning properly” – Observer

  • Sheer numbers are plunging Egypt beyond control – Sunday Express
  • Nobel Laureate becomes new Prime Minister – Mail on Sunday
  • Sometimes
    democracy starts with a coup, not a free election – Camilla Cavendish, Sunday
    Times (£)

Ministers to seize back 100 powers from Brussels

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 08.59.09“In the first part of efforts to renegotiate Britain’s
relationship with the European Union…Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will give
MPs details of proposals to opt out of 133 EU measures covering justice, home
affairs and the police — including the controversial European Arrest Warrant —
by next spring. Some of the measures that are seen to be in the national
interest will then be opted back into, in a complex process, but ‘more than two
thirds’ will disappear permanently from British law” – Sunday

Chris Grayling wants young offenders who misbehave to lose

“Mr Grayling
said last night: ‘The youth custody system is failing. We need to instil
discipline, education and the simple principle of good behaviour. It seems
ludicrous to me that we dole out privileges regardless of how they behave.
Quite simply, we need to teach these young people right from wrong. Luxuries
must be a reward for good behaviour not an automatic right.’ Ministers are
worried different institutions impose different rules and want consistency.
They also want more education on the inside” – Sun
on Sunday

Is Owen Paterson planning to kill off HS2?

PATERSON OWEN NW"Well-placed sources claimed that Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has vowed to kill off the project on the grounds that it will damage the environment. The Prime Minister has made the vastly ambitious scheme, linking London and the North with 225mph trains, a symbol of his commitment to investing in the nation’s future." – Mail on Sunday

  • HS2 is "the maddest waste of money since Concorde" – Simon Jenkins, Mail on Sunday
  • Pull the emergency brake on HS2 – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)

Lord Hennessy warns that TV election debates create “plausible

“Warning that they meant future
leaders would be selected for being ‘plausible tarts’ rather than simply
‘decent’, he said a culture of ‘celebritocracy’ could blight politics. Lord
Hennessy, a cross-bench peer, added that Clement Attlee, the post-war Labour
prime minister, would never be elected today because his ‘considerable virtues’
would be eclipsed by his ‘charisma and presence of a gerbil’” – Sunday

Douglas Hurd: Boris Johnson follows in Disraeli’s footsteps

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 09.02.07“His
reputation has soared past these difficulties. This is in large part because he
is entertaining and makes good use of his education in his rhetoric. Of course,
there is a question of control. While Disraeli tried to keep his comedy in
check and did not let his wit gallop away with him, Boris allows himself to be
consumed by his own jokes. This makes it difficult when he wants to make a
serious point. But, one way or another, Boris has nonetheless done today what
Disraeli did in the 19th Century, namely raise the level of interest in
politics up several pegs” – Mail
on Sunday

News in brief

  • David Cameron’s younger
    daughter gets sticker stuck up her nose – Mail
    on Sunday
  • Clegg hit by charity cover-up claims – Mail on Sunday
  • MPs to lose gold-plated pensions – Sunday Telegraph
  • Two killed, ten critically
    injured in San Francisco plane crash – Observer
  • Michael Parkinson reveals he
    has cancer – Sun
    on Sunday
  • Way cleared to Pope John Paul II becoming a saint – Sunday Express
  • Prescott: I'm quitting Privy Council over press regulation plan – Sunday Mirror
  • Charles Saatchi announces he is
    divorcing Nigella Lawson – Mail
    on Sunday
  • John Bercow’s outbursts said to
    be caused by marital difficulties – Mail
    on Sunday

And finally, the BBC apologises for
“insensitive” comment on Wimbledon winner Marion Bartoli’s appearance

“The Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli said she would not
let comments about her appearance by the BBC presenter John Inverdale spoil the
greatest day of her life. The BBC was forced to apologise after Inverdale
suggested the French player was ‘never going to be a looker, on Radio 5 Live,
shortly after she defeated Sabine Lisicki to win the women's final on Centre
Court…Bartoli said: ‘It doesn't matter, honestly. I am not blonde, yes. That is
a fact. Have I dreamt about having a model contract? No. I'm sorry. But have I
dreamed about winning Wimbledon? Absolutely, yes’” – Observer


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