Police6.45pm WATCH: William Hague: Law-abiding citizens have "nothing to fear" from phone and email snooping

1.15pm MPsETC: Chairman Shapps is culling the candidates' list – but he must be careful not to destroy its newfound diversity

Noon ToryDiary: Select Committee Chairmen should be barred from having outside interests

ToryDiary: New sleaze allegations emerge – this time about Tim Yeo

Charlie Elphicke on Comment: "Small businesses are the life blood of our economy. They provide the entrepreneurs and the growth. They account for 6 out of 10 business jobs in Britain."The state should pay small businesses on time

YeoYeo facing lobbying allegations

'Tim Yeo told undercover reporters — posing as representatives of a firm offering to hire him — that he was close to “really all the key players in the UK in government” and could introduce them to “almost everyone you needed to get hold of in this country”. He said he could not speak out for them publicly in the Commons because “people will say he’s saying this because of his commercial interest”. But he assured them: “What I say to people in private is another matter altogether.”' – Sunday Times (£) 

  • Tim Yeo complains about John Gummer's green conflicts of interest – Mail on Sunday
  • Liam Byrne criticised for free trip to China – Mail on Sunday
  • New powers proposed to expel rogue peers – Sunday Times (£) 
  • Only three people sign up to Government green policy – Sun on Sunday
  • MPs want to turn off your lights – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary - New sleaze allegations emerge – this time about Tim Yeo

Liam Fox to meet Cameron amid reshuffle speculation

'Party sources tip Dr Fox to replace Sir George Young as Chief Whip after the 71-year-old said he found late parliamentary hours demanding. As the PM prepares his 2015 general election strategy, which may see him veer away from the Lib Dems, other hard-hitting Right-wingers may be welcomed back.' – Sunday Express 

  • Fox suing businessman over Werritty scandal – Mail on Sunday
  • Morgan, Javid, Truss, Bradley and other 2010 stars tipped for promotion – Sunday Telegraph

>Yesterday: ToryDiary - Why is every Conservative Secretary of State who's a woman being tipped for the sack? (Bar one.)

US snooping scandal reaches GCHQ

'The British agency may have been receiving material from a part of the programme specifically designed to meet its needs. MPs expressed concern. Senior Tory David Davis said it was difficult to reconcile GCHQ’s statement that it was subject to proper scrutiny with the fact that Parliament had no knowledge of the activity. ‘Since nobody knew it was happening at all there is no possibility of complaint,’ he said.' – Daily Mail 

Treasury: If Clegg won't allow welfare cuts, we'll cut education

Osborne'Mr Osborne’s calculations were thrown into chaos by a Coalition split over Britain’s annual £93 billion bill for welfare payments. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith offered to cut £3 billion from his own budget by freezing all benefits, curbing housing benefit for the under-25s and restricting new handouts for children to families with two offspring.' – Mail on Sunday 

Nick De Bois: Stop closing A&Es

'With obvious pressure on A&E departments, people are baffled about why both the Government and Opposition want to downgrade local units. Some half a million more people are attending A&E units than five years ago. Given such an increase it is inevitable, as we have recently seen, that some NHS trusts are not meeting their waiting time targets.' – Nick De Bois MP, Mail on Sunday 

I've met Assad – we should arm the rebels to take him down 

Brooks Newmark'While the West, scarred by Iraq and Afghanistan, prevaricates, 20 million Syrians face genocide. If we do nothing, instead of 100,000 dead we could see 300,000 dead a year from now.  Russia is threatening to send S-300 surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-ship missiles, which not only threaten Israel but also the West’s Mediterranean fleet.  The Syrian rebels urgently need their own surface-to-air missiles and tank-busters to have any chance of winning. Britain can and should supply them with them.'  - Brooks Newmark MP, Mail on Sunday 

  • Hague is the only one standing up for Syrians – Nick Cohen, The Observer 

Buckingham Palace scotches one of Maude's civil service reforms

'Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Commons Public Administration Committee, said: ‘Things like privilege days are at complete variance with the urgency and pace that we require from the Civil Service, particularly in the present economic times.’ A Palace spokesman said that the decision to keep the Queen’s birthday privilege day was ‘entirely’ that of the Cabinet Office.' – Mail on Sunday 

  • Palace caught up in row over gay marriage in Parliamentary chapel – Sunday Telegraph 
Cameron Dark

Andrew Bridgen writes to Brady requesting a leadership election

'Businessman Mr Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, said the Tories could lose the next Election unless Mr Cameron was replaced. 'There is a credibility problem with the current leader,' he said. 'It's like being in an aeroplane. The pilot doesn't know how to land it. We can either do something about it . . . or sit back, watch the in-flight movies and wait for the inevitable.'' – Mail on Sunday 

Labour facing financial disaster

'While unions still account for three quarters of all Labour funding, with donations totalling £23,600,000 since Ed Miliband took office, the party is facing a financial time bomb over loan repayments. According to the Electoral Commission, treasurers have received more than £9million in loans from seven private donors, of which £7.9million must be repaid by 2015. The debt mountain is made worse by 9.3 per cent interest.' – Sunday Express 

  • More questions about John Mills – The Observer
  • Voters still don't trust Miliband with their money – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday
  • Labour still won't admit that they got us into this mess – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph
  • FIrst steps on a long hard road – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • Austerity will still rule the debate in 2015 – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£) 

>Thursday: LeftWatch - Six questions which show Ed Miliband's benefits cap is a mess – already

Ministers take on foreign trawlers in EU fishing quota battle

EU Exit'One in three fish caught under the UK quota system is landed overseas, with little economic benefit for Britain. The industrial trawlers used by the foreign fishing barons also often cause more environmental damage than smaller vessels. Under the proposed reforms of the common fisheries policy, ministers will for the first time be required to consider economic and environmental impacts when allocating quota.' – Sunday Times (£) 

Nadine Dorries could be the new me, says Ann Widdecombe

'Is there anyone in the party who can replace her (she thinks Theresa May has grown in stature but ‘can get on the wrong side of the party’)? ‘Maybe Nadine Dorries?’ she says, scrabbling to come up with someone memorable. Ann Widdecombe is big. It’s politics that got small.' – Daily Mail  

News in brief

  • Questions for Crosby over his firm's lobbying clients - The Observer 
  • Pessimistic polling numbers on the economy – Sunday Times (£) 
  • New plebgate row engulfs Met Commissioner – Mail on Sunday 
  • New consumer protection laws put forward – Sunday Times (£) 
  • New attempt to save the High Street – Sunday Express 
  • Archbishop of Canterbury calls for crackdown on tax havens – Sunday Times (£) 
  • Andrew Mitchell's wife and daughter criticise Soubry's female Dr comments – Sunday Telegraph 
  • DCMS under fire over new planning rules for phone masts – Mail on Sunday 

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