5pm Mark Wallace on ToryDiary: In the aftermath of Woolwich, what should we be watching out for?

4pm Graeme Archer on Comment: "Please do not wave any arbitrary, absolutist principle in my face: there
are some images which would never be broadcast. Not showing every available
image on the News At Ten is not the same as supporting China's censorship of
The Woolwich terrorist shouldn't have been given so much publicity

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1.45pm WATCH: Cameron – We will never give in to terrorism

1.30pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: By the time we have an EU referendum it'll hardly be worth doing – since we'll all agree to Out

10am Cllr Daniel Seal on Comment: Hague's visit to Israel – good for Britain, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and prosperity

ConservativeHome leads today with two pieces on the terrorist murder in Woolwich:

UKIP_mag 3The fourth piece in our 'Getting to know U-KIP' series asks: How has Nigel Farage changed?

This week's Culture Column is from Nick Pickles: From Bonnie Tyler to Brexit

LocalGovt: To avert the UKIP threat, Conservative councils should stop following socialist policies

The Deep End: The rightwing consensus on shale gas is about to be torn apart

MailWoolwichWoolwich Attack: Cameron: "We will never buckle"

'In a joint address with French President Francois Hollande, Mr Cameron said: "People across Britain, people in every community, I believe, will condemn this attack. We will not be cowed, we will never buckle. Terrorists will never defeat our values. We will always win." – Daily Express 

Woolwich Attack: May: "Despicable acts will not go unpunished"

 'The Prime Minister is returning to London and will chair another COBR meeting in the morning. In the meantime, security has been increased at Army barracks across London. The Home Secretary added: 'This attack was an attack on everyone in the United Kingdom, and it will be condemned by people from every community. Our thoughts and prayers tonight are with the victim and his family. We have seen terrorism on the streets of Britain before, and have always stood firm against it. Despicable acts like these will not go unpunished.' – Daily Mail

  • Elusive threat of self-starter terrorists – The Times (£) 
  • "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" – Transcript of terrorist's speech – The Times (£) 
  • Muslim Council of Britain condemns "barbaric act" – The Sun
  • Douglas Murray: Islamists repeatedly said they would do this – The Spectator
  • English Defence League attempt to fan the flames – The Times (£)  
  • Stand firm and donate to Help for Heroes – The Sun Says
  • They will never destroy pride in and support for our Armed Forces – Daily Telegraph Leader

>Today: ToryDiary - One of the terrorists said: "We want to start a war". They mustn't succeed. Attacks on mosques play their game.

PM tells backbench rebels: There'll be no more changes to my EU policy

'He warned Eurosceptics who may seek further concessions: ‘It’s a very clear, very decisive policy. [It] doesn’t matter the pressure I come under from outside the Conservative Party or in Europe or inside the Conservative Party – this policy is not going to change.' - Daily Mail 

  • Cameron reaches out to gay marriage rebels – Daily Express 
  • Time to focus on cost of living – Daily Express Leader 
  • Take the test: are you a "swivel-eyed loon"? – The Times (£) 
  • Hunting for loons – The Spectator 
  • In praise of loons (not that kind) – The Guardian 
  • New push to bring EU referendum forward – The Independent 
  • Iceland cancels EU membership talks – Daily Mail 
  • Will marriage equality really strengthen families? – Daily Mail 
  • Matthew Parris: Lord Howe warns us of an enemy within the Conservative Party – The Times (£) 

Growth ConHomeIMF: UK must get spending on infrastructure

'The International Monetary Fund has called on George Osborne to boost infrastructure spending urgently to help fuel Britain’s economic recovery, but to the relief of the Treasury toned down its previous critique of the chancellor’s fiscal strategy. In its annual report on the UK, the IMF said signs of better growth were “encouraging” but urged the government to do more to help the economy recover and rebalance.' – FT (£) 

  • Chancellor should be relaxed about the critique – FT Leader (£) 
  • Carry on with austerity, but slower, says IMF – Daily Mail 
  • The economy is still what matters most – Daily Mail Leader 
  • There are no magic solutions, says Chris Giles in the FT (£) 
  • We're not calling for Plan Balls, says IMF – The Times (£) 
  • Next up: the spending review – James Forsyth, The Spectator 
  • Osborne to return banks to the private sector – Daily Express 
  • The Chancellor's dangerous bubble – The Spectator 
  • More criticism for Help To Buy – FT (£) 
  • Turn Britain into a tax haven, says Mark Littlewood in The Times (£) 
  • Firms still struggling to get credit – Daily Mail 
  • EU tax evasion deal creeps closer – Daily Mail 

Hunt goes to war with GPs – and vice versa

'The Health Secretary will say: “As a member of the public, I want to know my GP. And I want my GP to be someone that knows me and my family. Yet we’ve turned GP practices into places where it’s a daily challenge for receptionists to cope with huge call volumes and GPs to get through to all the people they need to see.” But Dr Gerada accused Mr Hunt of using GPs as scapegoats for deep-rooted problems in the health service.' – The Times (£) 

GoveFlagGove backs military-style free schools

'Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, is proposing the establishment of a chain of state-funded “free schools” which boast an Armed Forces ethos in line with similar plans in the United States. The disclosure came as the Department for Education granted approval for one military-style school in Oldham – the first of its kind in the UK. Under plans, The Phoenix Free School will open from September 2014 staffed by former members of the Armed Forces and led by a serving Army captain.' – Daily Telegraph 

  • Deal for Afghan interpreters is "flawed" – The Times (£) 

Coalition 'to last until 2015'

'Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg put on a co-ordinated display of confidence in the longevity of the Government as they tried to quell pressure from both their parties for a divorce. Mr Cameron said it was “absolutely” his intention to continue governing with the Liberal Democrats, despite the disclosure in The Times last week that the Tories were making contingency plans for an early break-up.' – The Times (£) 

Police Commissioners building "cosy little empires"

'Once the cost of their offices are totalled up, 14 PCCs – or one in three of the total – are already costing more than the Police Authorities they replaced, the Commons home affairs committee said. One Police and Crime Commissioner, former MP Tony Lloyd who heads the Greater Manchester force, has appointed 45 members of staff, including two communications officers and a head of ‘scrutiny and engagement’.' – Daily Mail 

Miliband Labour LeftMerger vote brings left-wing "super-union" closer 

"A Unite-PCS merger would create an extreme super-union that would hold the country and the Labour party to ransom. This is the latest in a long line of evidence that the unions’ stranglehold over Labour is tightening, further weakening Ed Miliband,” said Henry Smith, a Tory MP.' – FT (£) 

  • Boris: The Coalition won't even introduce even moderate strike laws – Daily Telegraph 

News In Brief 

  • Sue Cameron meets the man in charge of Britain's complex laws – Daily Telegraph 
  • Stephen Glover: Boris paternity case is a victory for press freedom – Daily Mail 
  • MPs' average bar bill is £409 – The Sun 
  • Officials grant disability benefit to one identical twin…but not the other – Daily Mail
  • Alleged Hyde Park IRA bomber in court, 31 years on – Daily Mail 
  • Why does the BBC love lefties so much? – The Spectator 
  • MI5 bugged Edward VIII – Daily Mail 
  • Eric Joyce MP arrested. Again. – Daily Mail 
  • Quentin Letts visits BMQs: Boris Mayoral Questions


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