3pm: ToryDiary: Theresa May is absolutely right to take on police corruption

11.30am ToryDiary: Gove blames Lib Dem leadership plot for Clegg's U-turn on childcare

11am: WATCH: Rod Liddle investigates whether anyone would miss us if we did leave the EU

ToryDiary: The MEP selection purdah is a farce

In his third Sunday piece for ConservativeHome, Adam Afriyie on Comment argues for radical reform of international aid.

MPsETC: Scotland announces its European election candidates

Sayeeda Warsi: No, it's not racist to take action on immigration

"Remember Gillian Duffy? In 2010, when the Rochdale pensioner raised her concerns about the numbers of people coming into Britain, Gordon Brown called her a bigot. She and thousands like her were deemed narrow-minded for questioning Labour’s mass immigration policy – a policy that  saw 2.2 million migrants arrive during Labour’s 13-year rule. At the time, we were consistently told that this was for economic reasons, that we needed more newcomers to boost productivity.  In fact, it was also a politically motivated ploy to change the make-up of Britain." – Sayeeda Warsi, Mail on Sunday

  • The Conservative Party is neglecting ethnic minorities, claims activist – Independent on Sunday 
  • 84 schools have no white British pupils at all – Mail on Sunday 
  • Met report fears rise of "white backlash" among police officers – Sunday Express 

Ministerial aides plan to vote for EU referendum amendment – but will cabinet ministers?

"Cameron has tried to limit the damage by allowing backbenchers a free vote, while ministers are being told to abstain. Parliamentary aides — the most junior government rank — would usually be expected to follow the government line, but No 10 is allowing them to vote according to their conscience. A senior cabinet minister today adds to the febrile atmosphere over Europe by hinting that he could contemplate Britain leaving the EU. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, describes himself as “firmly on the Eurosceptic wing” of the Tory party. He says Gordon Brown’s decision to sign the EU’s Lisbon constitutional treaty was “disastrous for this country”." – Sunday Times (£)

  • "There is no excuse to dodge a poll on Europe" writes John Baron MP in the Sunday Telegraph 
  • Amendment is a loyalty test for ministers – Sunday Telegraph 
  • Jamie Oliver praises UKIP for "stirring it up" – Sunday Times (£) 
  • Pollsters predict 8 Tory seats could fall to UKIP – Sun on Sunday
  • Neil Hamilton wants to challenge Claire Perry for Devizes – Sunday Times (£)
  • Nadine Dorries: Consider dumping the Lib Dems and teaming up with UKIP  – Sun on Sunday
  • Lib Dems: Coalition might collapse over the EU – Mail on Sunday 
  • Rebellion could be "far more serious" than the 1990s – Sunday Times (£) 
  • EU students have £50m unpaid UK Student Loans Company debt – Mail on Sunday
  • Fury at MEP's Falklands slurs – Sunday Express 
  • EU Falklands is further evidence of antidemocratic Brussels – Sunday Express Leader 
  • Emboldened backbenchers demand gay marriage referendum – Sunday Times (£)

Cameron fence….so what should Cameron do?

"The irony is that the prime minister has never been anything other than a Eurosceptic. I remember travelling with him to Brussels when he was leader of the opposition: he argued for radically reforming Europe around the principles of free trade and competition. As a non-foaming sceptic, he is solidly in line with what now looks like a majority of British voters and he ought to be sitting pretty. Yet the cynicism about his intentions is not surprising, given the lack of clarity about two things. First, what would he regard as a successful renegotiation? Second, what will he do if he is unable to deliver it?" – Camilla Cavendish, Sunday Times (£)

  • No 10 instructs ministers to abstain on amendment – The Observer 
  • Ministers should be given a free vote – Sunday Telegraph Leader 
  • Cameron repositioning could leave a gap for Clegg – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer 
  • James Forsyth: The PM must start to lead his party over Europe – Daily Mail 
  • The referendum pledge is to his credit, but it has won him few friends – Matthew D'Ancona – Sunday Telegraph 
  • David Cameron must rise to this challenge – Sunday Times Leader (£) 
  • No party can represent everyone – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
  • Cameron must "chillax" about the special relationship with America – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£) 
  • The PM should vote for the EU referendum amendment – Sun Says 
  • Clegg attacks "navel-gazing" over Europe – Independent on Sunday 

Ambulance waiting times go up 58%

"The causes of the problems in A&E departments are thought to be varied although health secretary Jeremy Hunt has claimed the refusal of GPs to do out of hours work was partly responsible for a rise in numbers attending hospital. Hunt denies that there is a crisis, claiming that 90% of patients are seen within four hours when they attend emergency wards, with the average total waiting time at 53 minutes. However, he admitted last month the service was under pressure as two million more people were going through emergency wards every year compared with before the coalition came to power." – The Observer 

Theresa MayTheresa May supports anonymous arrests

"The police plan for ‘secret arrests’ is opposed by the Law Commission, the Government’s own adviser on legal reform, which believes it is in the interests of justice that police release the names of everyone who is arrested, apart from exceptional cases.  Lord Macdonald said: ‘My experience as DPP showed it is common that an arrest triggers other victims  to come forward.’  Yesterday it emerged that Home Secretary Theresa May had intervened in the debate by writing to all chief constables, saying she also backed plans for anonymity in arrests.  ‘I believe that there should be a right to anonymity at arrest, but I know there will be circumstances in which the public interest means that  an arrested suspect should  be named,’ she said." – Mail on Sunday

  • Police in talks to buy mobile phone records – Sunday Times (£) 
  • Police Federation to say crime is on the rise – Sunday Express 
  • May in controversial EU Arrest Warrant talks with Lib Dems – The Observer 

A Tory MP accompanied alleged victim to police station to file Nigel Evans complaint

"Last night the MP, whose identity is being withheld by The Mail on Sunday, said: ‘It is important for legal reasons that I make absolutely no comment.’ The revelation that Mr Evans’s arrest was caused by one of his own party colleagues will add to the sense of shock that the incident has caused at Westminster. It is also likely to intensify behind-the-scenes debate over whether the Ribble Valley MP should continue to carry out his Commons duties while detectives investigate." – Mail on Sunday

'Suicide' attributed to bedroom tax

"Early last Saturday morning, Ms Bottrill walked 15 minutes from the estate to Junction 4 of the M6 motorway, where she was killed. Police informed her children and gave them the notes she had left behind. Part of her letter to her son read: 'Don't blame yourself 4 me ending my life its my life the only people 2 blame r the Grovement no-one else.' (sic) Mr Bottrill, a HGV driver, told the newspaper: 'I couldn't believe it. She said not to blame ourselves, it was the Government and what they were doing that caused her to do it. 'She was fine before this 'bedroom tax'. It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses.'" - Mail on Sunday

  • The Government don't want our benefits back, I tried – Sunday Times (£) 
  • Nick Cohen attacks IDS' use of statistics – The Observer 

GraylingChris Grayling adds to his reputation as a tough Justice Secretary

"In an interview with The Sunday Times, Grayling admitted that illegal substances were “rife” in jails, leaving prison officers playing “a game of cat and mouse”. “The criminal fraternity uses ingenious methods to get drugs into prisons. There have been examples of a rocket stuffed with drugs fired over a prison wall into a yard; we have had tennis balls stuffed with drugs thrown over prison walls; we even had a dead pigeon stuffed with drugs. There are some really valuable potential new technologies available to detect them.” Grayling is establishing a reputation at Westminster as a hardline justice secretary, in contrast to his more liberal predecessor, Ken Clarke." – Sunday Times (£) 

Maude plans radical change to the civil service

"Permanent secretaries would serve fixed terms of four years and could even be renamed chief executives of their departments in a major shake-up of Whitehall that is being pushed by ministers.Some cabinet ministers are becoming impatient with their civil servants, claiming the service is crippled by "inertia" and inhibiting the Government's policy delivery. But mandarins are resisting a radical shake-up, warning that fixed terms would compromise the impartiality of the Civil Service and force highly skilled individuals to leave for the private sector." – Independent on Sunday 

Recession "an excellent time to start a business", says Lord Young 

"Number 10 said the Tory former minister was simply reflecting the fact that start-ups tended to multiply and thrive during economic downturns and accused critics of deliberately misinterpreting his words. The peer was previously forced to resign as Mr Cameron's enterprise expert for underplaying the effects of the recession but was subsequently brought back. His latest comments are in a report for the Prime Minister on measures to promote small business growth. In it he writes: "The rise in the number of businesses in recent years shows that a recession can be an excellent time to start a business. Despite tough economic conditions the number of new businesses has remained remarkably resilient and at historically high levels. Business closures have remained stable and lower than pre-recession levels." – Sunday Express 

  • Lord Young: Cheap labour is an opportunity for business – The Observer 
  • Osborne to put pressure on tax havens – The Observer 

Taxpayers to bail out the coal industry

"Michael Fallon, energy minister, said: “We are looking at whether the ownership of Daw Mill can be transferred back to the Coal Authority.” Separating the Warwickshire mine’s financial burden from the rest of the business would allow UK Coal to maintain operations at its six other surface mines and two deep mines. If successful, the complex restructuring could save 2,000 jobs and preserve staff pensions." – Sunday Times (£) 

Miliband Labour LeftMandelson warns of powerful trade union "cabal" within Labour

"Lord Mandelson has warned his party that powerful trade unions wield an “absolutely disgraceful” influence over the selection of parliamentary candidates. The Labour grandee said the unions’ power risks undermining the party’s campaign for a “new politics” in Britain. Mandelson, speaking at a conference of party activists in London yesterday, said “too many selection processes” for the Westminster and European elections were “in the hands of one union at worst or a couple at best”." – Sunday Times (£)

  • Shadow Cabinet split over plans to renationalise the railways – Mail on Sunday

News in brief 

  • Number 10 party clashes with "Welcome back, Nadine" bash – Mail on Sunday 
  • Lynton Crosby sues Australian minister for libel – The Observer 
  • Respectfully, Prince Charles should shut up about politics – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Labour bias claims hit James Purnell in his new BBC job – Mail on Sunday
  • Donald Trump: Alex Salmond is "insane" – Mail on Sunday 
  • PM to bring in "respected national figure" to mediate Leveson talks – Mail on Sunday
  • Afghan interpreter: Thanks to Britain I'll be rich but dead  – Sunday Times (£)
  • Give us honesty, not ring-fencing, on aid – Sunday Telegraph Leader 
  • List of wealthy Hacked Off donors revealed – The Observer 
  • Profumo scandal portraits emerge after 50 years – Mail on Sunday 
  • Blair's guilt over children's tough time in Downing Street – Sunday Times (£) 


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