11.15pm ToryDiary: Sunday's polling – UKIP ride high, but face a gender split; plus the public's initial post-Woolwich views

1.30pm ToryDiary: "We all know most politicians would love to be as popular as Boris. Douglas Carswell has explained how they can learn to do it – without putting on an act or pretending to be anyone but themselves." - Boris and Carswell show Conservatives how to win

ToryDiary: Unsexy perhaps, but deadly serious – the Coalition must not fail on infrastructure

MigrationWatch's Sir Andrew Green on Comment: The Government has a chance of hitting its migration target. But must act on in-work benefits

HS2…Welfare Reform…32 major projects in trouble, says Whitehall watchdog

Growth ConHome'The publication of the report from the Major Projects Authority – on the eve of a Bank Holiday weekend when MPs have started a long holiday – sparked accusations of “burying bad news” as the audit paints a damning picture of the Coalition’s competency. The Major Projects Authority was founded in 2010 with a mandate from David Cameron to turn around the Civil Service’s record of delivering projects. Its report uses by a traffic light system to rate the risk of delivery of every one of the Coalition’s 191 spending projects, which are so large that they provide Treasury approval Of the 191 schemes, 32 are defined as either “red” or “amber/red”. which means that they are unachievable or in doubt.' – Daily Telegraph 

Eric Pickles: Snooper's Charter would not have saved Drummer Rigby…

“I know of nothing that would suggest that the provisions that were in that Bill would have made any difference in this case, or would have saved the life of the young member of the Armed Forces. And I think it’s probably too soon to assess the powers that we need. – The Times (£) 

  • Beware a security policy panic – FT (£) 
  • Time to investigate extremist activists, says Lord Carlile – The Times (£) 
  • Do not tear down our liberties – FT Leader (£) 
  • Two arrested over airliner threats – Daily Express 
  • Did MI5 try to recruit Woolwich suspect? – Daily Mail 
  • Simon Heffer: Charge Drummer Rigby's killers with treason – Daily Mail
  • Gang background of one suspect – The Times (£) 
  • David Lammy: we must stop alienated young men being seduced by extremism  – The Guardian 
  • Victim's life on the front line – The Times (£) 
  • Surge in Help for Heroes donations "to counter evil with good" – Daily Mail 
  • Jonathan Freedland: Just as the right ignored Breivik, the left should ignore the Woolwich killers' message – The Guardian
  • PM unhappy with Hammond's "no uniforms in public" decision – Daily Mail 

…as Baroness Warsi praises Muslims campaigning against extremism

“My inbox is full of suggestions for prayers for the victims, Muslims who want to organize peace meetings, people seeking suggestions on how to support Help for Heroes. A campaign “Not in my Name” is starting… This is community activism of the right kind.” – Daily Telegraph 

  • Taxpayers unwittingly fund terrorism in the UK – The Sun 
  • Al Muhajiroun linked to one in five terrorist convictions – Daily Telegraph 
  • Home Office "Champions" to investigate campus extremism – The Times (£) 
  • Why is poisonous preacher Anjem Choudary touring BBC studios? Are we mad? – Andrew Malone, Daily Mail 
  • Time to show Choudary what we think of him – Sun Says 
  • Omar Bakri Mohammed praises killer – Daily Express 

Matthew Parris urges Cameron to attack backbench rebels to defeat "Tory dark forces"

'How can their advance be turned? The Admiral Byng strategy, I fear. A handful must be shot pour encourager les autres. This will be tricky for a PM whose instinct is to neutralise through olive branches and whose support is not so solid that he wants to risk a civil war. But risks are necessary. Pretexts must be found to single out one or two rebels for extraordinary punishment.' – The Times (£) 

BorisAtRallyBoris to get key election role

'BORIS Johnson will be a secret Tory weapon in the next general election campaign, The Sun can reveal. An embattled David Cameron is to give his old rival a key role in a bid to win back disillusioned Conservative voters. Mr Cameron believes the popular London Mayor – dubbed BoJo — is uniquely placed to rally the grassroots.' – The Sun 

Hinkley Point nuclear project is back on track – at a cost

'The project has been close to collapse in recent months because of a stand-off between the Treasury and the French state-backed group about the level of subsidies, funded by levies on consumer bills, that it would receive. In the past fortnight, the two sides have provisionally agreed a subsidy level of between £93 and £95 for each megawatt hour generated by the reactors — almost twice the wholesale market rate of electricity.' – The Times (£) 

  • Britain was six hours away from running out of gas – Daily Mail 

The Government is delivering on its immigration promise

'Underneath the noises-off the coalition is building a record of solid achievement. Michael Gove's school reforms; Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms; even Jeremy Hunt's attempt to get GPs to focus on their patients' needs. These are hugely important reforms being pushed through. Now we know that the Government is delivering on immigration.' – Stephen Pollard, Daily Express  

CarswellDouglas Carswell: Come to Clacton – test bed for the new politics!

'At a recent meet-up evening in Holland-on-Sea village hall, 120 local residents got together for an evening of fish and chips – and fun. Almost every person came because they heard about the event either through email, Twitter, Facebook or – my personal site. Most were not party members. But guess what? More than 30 joined up. Indeed, over the past two years, such events have helped increase my local association membership by 59 per cent. That’s a real start.' – FT (£)  

Now even mortgage lenders are worried about Help to Buy

'“We know it’s a three-year scheme, we just want to know, is there an exit strategy beyond that,” he said. “You don’t want there to be a peak of activity, followed by a desert." He also warned against setting expectations for the scheme so high that lenders could only meet them by lending recklessly. Both the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England’s governor took a swipe at Mr Osborne’s policy this week.' – FT (£) 

Sally Bercow faces £100,000 McAlpine libel bill

'Mrs Bercow said: ‘Today the High Court found that my tweet constituted a serious libel, both in its natural meaning and as an innuendo. To say I’m surprised and disappointed by this is an understatement. However, I will accept the ruling as the end of the matter.  I remain sorry for the distress I have caused Lord McAlpine and I repeat my apologies. I  have accepted an earlier offer his lawyers made to settle this matter.’' – Daily Mail 

  • She won't be the last to tweet herself into trouble – David Aaronovitch in The Times (£) 

Red EdAn invisibility cloak won't secure power for Miliband…

'A party whose poll rating improves when its leading advocates disappear from view has plenty to worry about no matter how far ahead it is said to be. During a general election campaign adopting a tactic of below-the-radar stealth really is not an option.' – Patrick O'Flynn in the Daily Express

  • Ed Balls: I care more about playing the piano than being in a Miliband cabinet – Daily Express 
  • Talk of an Alistair Darling comeback – FT (£) 

…but does Cameron face an impossible electoral challenge?

'Almost everything the Lib Dems believe in is anathema to the kind of voters whom the Tories are losing in droves to Ukip. From energy policy to the human rights regime, from EU membership to gay marriage, from immigration to foreign aid, Cameron is doomed to try to keep together two tribes who believe in opposite things. He can only keep the show on the road at the cost of further alienating an already deeply disenchanted Tory tribe. And the penalty for doing that will be an even bigger leeching of Conservative voters to the Farage Army.' – Patrick O'Flynn in the Daily Express 

News in Brief

  • City firms switching support to UKIP – Daily Telegraph
  • Farage Junior in court for drunken disorderly – Daily Express 
  • EU retreats on "damaging and reckless" pensions policy – Daily Express 
  • Kent County Councillor in charge of traveller sites apologises for gypsy rant – Daily Mail 
  • Amanda Platell: Stop wearing hard hats, George – Daily Mail 
  • Britain and Germany share more than Wembley today – The Times Leader (£) 
  • Rewards for failure in huge BBC IT scheme – Daily Mail 
  • Matt Hancock to take two months' paternity leave – The Independent 
  • Scandal-hit Lord Lambton's family at war over his millions – Daily Mail 
  • Fife council tells residents: You have to drag your bins half a mile…oh and now there's three of them – Daily Mail 

And finally…

BORIS! Shake, shake, shake the room… – Mayor asks Will Smith for rap training

'Revealing to Mr Smith that he had written his own rap song he said: ‘My first rap, I haven’t really set it to music yet. Perhaps with your help. It was about the Queen’s Jubilee.’ Mr Smith joked in reply: ‘That was big in the hip-hop community.’' – Daily Mail 


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