10pm ToryDiary: Whose Britain is it? Today's restrained, dignified mourners? Or the outnumbered protesters?

6pm Update: More reaction from commentators to Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Funeral3.30pm WATCH: Another set of videos from this morning's service:

2.30pm Mark Fox on Comment: The Bishop of London did Mrs T proud. The nation owes him a debt of gratitude.

1.30pm ToryDiary: The full text of the Right Rev Richard Chartres' address at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

12.30pm WATCH: Two videos from this morning:

12.15pm ToryDiary: The poetry of Margaret Thatcher's funeral

11am ToryDiary: Commentators react to Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Tweet 110.45am MPsETC: Conservative parliamentarians react to Margaret Thatcher's funeral

10.15am ToryDiary: Why the significance of yesterday's IMF intervention shouldn't be overstated

Majority StepsToryDiary: Margaret Thatcher's legacy should be a Conservatism For Bolton West

Members of Thatcher's Cabinets have had their say. So have members of David Cameron's. But it's right that today a "foot soldier" – in his own words – of the Thatcher revolution should have his say. Brian Monteith on Comment: On the day of her funeral, Margaret Thatcher is alive: the inspiration of my generation of conservatives – and of future ones, too

Also on the subject of Margaret Thatcher, Henry Hill's Red, White and Blue Column: Devolved politicians contest Thatcher's legacy

Local Government: Margaret Thatcher was not a centralist

Also on ToryDiary: A Government website has won a design award?! It’s true and, what’s more, it’s deserved

The Deep End: The lost tribes of British politics – day 3: the Labour left and the palaeo-socialists

WATCH: The Met discusses the scale of the security operation for Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Margaret Thatcher's funeral takes place this morning

I-Images_SL_thatcher_coffin_arrives_parliament_008© i-IMAGES

"Through busy streets, past some of the landmarks of her time in office, Baroness Thatcher was returned to Parliament yesterday, scene of some of her greatest triumphs. … After so long out of the public eye, the former prime minister was allowed to take centre stage again on this, the first leg of her final journey. … There were no military bands, no massed crowds lining the streets, and none of the pomp and ceremony that will accompany her funeral today." – Daily Mail

  • Boston bombing prompts security increase at Margaret Thatcher's funeral – Independent
  • "George Galloway failed in an attempt to prevent the cancellation of prime minister's questions after 245 MPs from across the house voted in favour of a change to Commons business on the day of Lady Thatcher's funeral." – Guardian

> Today:

> Yesterday:

As William Hague pays tribute to the Iron Lady

Wh"Margaret Thatcher ‘would not be the slightest bit upset’ by the controversy generated by her death and modern Britain needs a dash of her resolve, William Hague said last night. … Devoting his entire annual speech at the Lord Mayor’s Easter Banquet to her memory, Mr Hague suggested the Tories needed to show Thatcherite determination on issues ranging from reform of public services to tax rates and Britain’s future in Europe." – Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph suggests that the Tories adopt "Thatcher Blue" as their colour

"…Margaret Thatcher liked blue, but her fashion adviser Margaret King knew that lighter blue did not always look good on her. So she found a less brash blue for Linton Tweeds suits for the party conference. It came to be known as conference blue. Now it might be called Thatcher blue. The Conservatives could do worse than to adjust their own blue livery to match it." – Daily Telegraph editorial

Further remembrance and comment

  • AH"Her vision of a property-owning democracy, based on mass share and home ownership, helped align the interests of bosses and workers, destroying the traditional rationale of the conflict-obsessed Labour Party and trade union movements." – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • "With his love of bold ideas, the Labour Party leader is a pretender to the Thatcher legacy" – Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph
  • "She would definitely not have approved. She didn’t mind fuss but was firmly against the sort of extravagance we shall see today." – Andrew Alexander, Daily Mail
  • "Though her critics would doubtless argue that her policies were unjust, justice, in fact, was one of her great strengths. She placed an unusually high value on fairness." – the Daily Mail concludes its serialisation of Robin Harris's new book about Lady Thatcher
  • "Mrs Thatcher was the last in a long procession of prime ministers who were born before the Second World War began, experienced it as an adult and allowed it to shape their politics." – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)
  • "She would surely have fought hard against the imposition of immense economic burdens, which she would have feared would fall hardest on the poorest. She would have driven nuclear power forward and gone for fracking." – William Waldegrave suggests what Lady Thatcher would now do about global warming, The Times (£)
  • "Prime Minister David Cameron and his associates are clever enough to understand that a simple resuscitation of Thatcherism is impossible." – Richard Vinen, Financial Times
  • "It's time to bury not just Thatcher – but Thatcherism" – Seamus Milne, Guardian
  • "If only Mr Cameron could persuade voters he shared her belief in the sense and talents of the aspirational people of Britain from whom she sprang, how much more he could achieve for this country." – Daily Mail editorial
  • "Were it not for the reforms to the power of trade unions introduced by Mrs Thatcher’s Government this newspaper would most likely not be here today to report on her funeral." – Times editorial (£)
  • "Those opposing today’s funeral have had their say. The time for anger is over." – Sun editorial

The IMF's warning for George Osborne

Imf"The International Monetary Fund slashed its UK growth forecasts to a mere 0.7 per cent in 2013 and 1.5 per cent in 2014 – a 0.3 percentage point cut for each year. … The highly respected global watchdog also said the Chancellor should consider watering down his plans to cut the deficit as its doubts hardened over his tax hikes and spending cuts." – Daily Mail

And a warning from MEPs, too: the EU might sting us for an extra £2 billion

"Brussels has already angered ministers by demanding an extra 11.2 billion euro (£9.3 billion) this year to plug a black hole in its budget – landing Britain with an extra £1.4 billion bill. … But MEPs have now warned that the true hole in the EU budget will hit 16.2 billion euro (£13.5 billion) this year – potentially landing the UK with a demand for another £2billion." – Daily Mail

The Government on libel reform: watch this space

WATCH"MPs rejected plans passed by the House of Lords which would have made it impossible for a company to sue unless they could show that they have suffered significant financial loss. … But Justice Minister Helen Grant last night offered to look again at the issue of financial losses – hinting that the government would bring in a fresh amendment in the House of Lords next week to strengthen the safeguards." – Daily Mail

The Government on planning reform: watch this space

"…after complaints that the planning relaxation would set neighbour against neighbour, Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, said that he was willing to agree a 'sensible compromise'. … Mr Pickles had been facing a rebellion among Tory and Lib Dem MPs but he averted a damaging Commons defeat by promising to present the compromise in the Lords next week." – The Times (£)

"Sam Gyimah, the Prime Minister's parliamentary private secretary, is campaigning against a development of up to 140 homes in his local area." – Daily Telegraph

  • "…rather than tinker at the edges with a temporary burst of plus-sized conservatory-building, the Government should focus on tackling our acute housing crisis." – Independent editorial

> Yesterday's video to WATCH: Today's debate on the Growth and Infrastructure Bill – including the Government's compromise offer on planning

A design award for a Government website


"The government rarely receives accolades for design but on Tuesday its website won the Design of the Year award for 2013. … The new site ( brings together the hugely disparate sources of information, forms and regulations for everything from benefits and citizenship to taxation and business, previously strewn across a plethora of websites." – Financial Times

> Today on ToryDiary: A Government website has won a design award?! It’s true and, what’s more, it’s deserved

New charges in the NHS? Jeremy Hunt isn't keen on the idea…

HUNT"Jeremy Hunt, health secretary, said on Tuesday he would 'oppose' the introduction of new user charges into the NHS, as he responded to comments made by the chairman of NHS England to the Financial Times." – Financial Times

The battle between Lord McAlpine and Sally Bercow rages on

"Speaker's wife Sally Bercow is not 'some kitchen table blogger' and her tweet about a Tory peer had a  major influence on him being falsely identified as a paedophile, a court heard yesterday. … Only a 'moron in a hurry' would have failed to understand that the comment she sent about Lord McAlpine referred to false claims that he had abused boys at a care home, it was alleged." – Daily Mail

Labour's 35 per cent strategy: the Mail quotes Lord Ashcroft's ConservativeHome post in its coverage

"Former Tory treasurer Lord Ashcroft said the 'unambitious' 35 per cent target showed that Mr Miliband knew Labour's opinion poll lead was 'soft'. … He said Labour appeared to be 'turning away from reality' by opposing every cut put forward by the Government." – Daily Mail

  • "Labour's lead over the Tories has halved in the past week as party chief Ed Miliband has come under fire." – The Sun
  • "…one senior [Labour] party member yesterday told The Telegraph that the party’s response to the Coalition’s welfare reforms had been 'complete nonsense'." – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday:

Harriet Harman's warning for newspapers: sign up to the regulator, or we'll get full-on statutory

Hh"Labour will support 'full-on statutory regulation' of newspapers if they do not join an approved regulator, the party’s deputy leader said yesterday. Harriet Harman indicated that Labour was prepared to pass legislation forcing newspapers to comply with an authority established by the Government." – The Times (£)

Jonathan Powell takes on the civil service

"Britain’s civil service is like an insular 'monastic order' that thinks the same way and 'lacks the skills for coping with a modern society', according to Tony Blair’s former chief of  … Jonathan Powell said there was a 'strong case' for a royal commission to be set up to forge a new system of governance, admitting piecemeal reforms had failed during his decade working with Mr Blair and subsequently." – Independent

Almost one-in-ten pupils will miss out on their first-choice primary school due to demand brought about by the baby boom and immigrationDaily Mail

> Yesterday:

After the Boston tragedy, the Times's Richard Beeston asks: "Are we really winning the War on Terror?"

FLOWERS"The West has successfully blunted the campaign by al-Qaeda and other terror groups to launch spectacular attacks like 9/11, 7/7, Bali or Mumbai. But it would be wrong to assume that we are winning the war." – Richard Beeston, The Times (£)

  • "A damning report has strongly criticised Britain for colluding with the US in the torture and rendition of terror suspects" - Daily Mail

> Yesterday's video to WATCH: President Obama's statement in response to the Boston tragedy

News in brief:

  • The head of Scotland Yard warns Stephen Lawrence's killers, "We are after you" – Daily Mail
  • nPowers admits that it has paid no corporation tax in the last three years – and puts it down to wind farms – Daily Mail


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