5.30pm WATCH: Andrew Marr makes his first television appearance since suffering a stroke

2.30pm Update: James Forsyth tweets that Andrew Cooper isn't leaving No.10 yet, but…

Ukip2pm ToryDiary: The media are taking Ukip more and more seriously – how will the Tory leadership respond?

12.15pm Donal Blaney on Comment: Introducing the Margaret Thatcher Library & Museum

ToryDiary: As Andrew Cooper departs No.10, the question for David Cameron is “Why?”

Mark Field MP on Comment: Whatever happened to that export-led growth?

WATCH: Carol Thatcher talks of the "tough and tearful week" ahead

Andrew Cooper to leave No.10 – are differences with Lynton Crosby to blame?

Andrew Cooper"Andrew Cooper, Mr Cameron’s personal polling guru and a key modernising figure at No 10, is returning to his private business after being usurped by outspoken Australian ‘fixer’ Lynton Crosby. … Last night, a Tory source said: ‘There was never going to be room for both Andrew and Lynton.’ … A No 10 source played down Mr Cooper’s resignation and said: ‘Andrew always planned to return to his business around this time and will carry on doing some work for the Conservative Party.’" – Mail on Sunday

> Today on ToryDiary: As Andrew Cooper departs No.10, the question for David Cameron is “Why?”

Angela Merkel urges David Cameron to crack down on tax havens

"The coalition's plans to crack down on Britain's tax havens were discussed at a meeting between David Cameron and chancellor Angela Merkel, amid growing concerns in Germany. Merkel is understood to have had questions about the monitoring of British sovereign territories used as tax havens by the rich." – Observer

And the Sun urges Mr Cameron to do a deal with Nigel Farage…

Farage"Crucially Mr Cameron must somehow persuade a hostile Farage to take his calls. … Because unless those two can strike a deal, Ed Miliband could wake up in Downing Street on May 8, 2015, without an idea in his head but with power in his hands." – Sun on Sunday editorial

…as Ukip stand to gain from lost Tory votes in next month's local elections

"Tories are set to lose 380 councillors — a quarter of their 1,450 seats up for grabs — and the control of 11 councils. … more than one in four who voted Tory in 2010 would not do so now, YouGov found. Three-quarters of deserters will back UKIP." – Sun on Sunday

  • "The Tories are as frightened of taking on Ukip. They don't want to ridicule Farage, to say he offers no plan for a workable future, because they are frightened of alienating the reactionary rightwing press and their own reactionary backbenchers and activists." – Nick Cohen, The Observer

Carol Thatcher: "This is going to be a tough and tearful week, even for the daughter of the Iron Lady"

Carol Thatcher"Carol Thatcher said yesterday that she was expecting a ‘tough and tearful week’ as she prepared for her mother’s funeral. … Speaking outside the family home in Belgravia, Central London, Margaret Thatcher’s daughter said she felt ‘like anyone else who has just lost a second parent’." – Mail on Sunday

> Today's video to WATCH: Carol Thatcher talks of the "tough and tearful week" ahead

Norman Tebbit remembers Thatcher, dimisses Cameron's chances, and slams John Prescott… in interview with the Mail on Sunday

"And at 82, the Chingford Polecat still has a few scores to settle. … He boasts of having ‘scuppered’ Heseltine’s chances of taking Thatcher’s place in Number 10 – and claims it was a ‘patriotic act’. … And he lambasts Thatcher’s Labour foes, calling John Prescott a ‘flabby, fat, fornicating fool’ and Neil Kinnock ‘narrow minded’ for snubbing her funeral." – Mail on Sunday

Other tributes to the Iron Lady…

  • CB"Margaret Thatcher, prime minister, is immortal. Lady T was a very human human being. She was my childhood hero and the inspiration for my entering politics." – Conor Burns MP, Sunday Telegraph
  • "While she could sometimes be tough in her own criticism of members of her staff, she would not allow anyone else to do so." – John Whittingdale MP, Sunday Telegraph
  • The Sunday Telegraph contains plenty more tributes, including ones from John O'SullivanAndrew RobertsCynthia CrawfordAdmiral Sir Sandy Woodward and Anne Jenkin
  • "Lord Powell, who served as Thatcher’s key foreign policy adviser during the 1980s, said: 'In a strange way I think she would have been disappointed if there weren’t protests.'" – Sunday Times (£)
  • "I wonder if all those rejoicing at Lady Thatcher’s death would feel the same if they had any idea of the true nature of her final months" – Barry Strevens, Lady Thatcher's former head of security, Mail on Sunday
  • "Mistakes there were, but as the French say, bad-mouth away, bad-mouth away; something grand nevertheless remains." – Norman Stone, Mail on Sunday
  • "As an eight-year-old schoolboy, I had a somewhat quirky desire to visit Big Ben and I wanted to look out through the clock face over London. There was only one problem: it wasn't open to the public. … With not a great deal of hope, I wrote to Mrs Thatcher, who swiftly replied saying that she would be delighted to arrange a visit for myself, my brother and a phalanx of friends, all under the age of nine." – Dominic Prince, Independent on Sunday

> Yesterday, by Peter Hoskin: Margaret Thatcher, screen icon

…after yesterday's protests

"About 3,000 people gathered in the rain in Trafalgar Square on Saturday night to 'celebrate' the demise of Margaret Thatcher. A few people chanted obscenities and at least two bottles were thrown at police, with the call of 'Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead' ringing out intermittently." – The Observer

Peter Hitchens: Prime Minister Thatcher was a tragic failure

"…her 11 years in office were a tragic failure, if you are a patriotic conservative. She was an active liberal in economic policy, refusing to protect jobs and industries that held communities together. … She was a passive, defeatist liberal when it came to education, morality and the family." – Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday

And a selection of other newspaper comment:

  • Matthew d'Ancona"It is not a critique of the Thatcher era to recognise that the texture and culture of politics have changed fundamentally since her 11 years in office." – Matthew d'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Judging by some of the recent coverage, Thatcher’s enemies have successfully spread a series of damaging myths about her. Many of these sound plausible, and are even accepted by some of her supporters, but few stand up to proper scrutiny." – Allister Heath, Mail on Sunday
  • "It was people such as my mother for whom Mrs Thatcher spoke: people who wanted a more open society." – Camilla Cavendish, Sunday Times (£)
  • "No one rejoiced in the same way when Harold Wilson died, even though over 200 pits closed under his leadership of the country — more than under Thatcher." – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • "[The death] has actually served as a bonding moment for the party. Reflecting at the end of the week, one No 10 source remarked: ‘Any family is drawn together through adversity and the Tory family is no different.’" – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday
  • "She won her three elections, but in a fashion that made it hard for the Tories to win any more so long as Labour was competitive." – Andrew Rawsley, The Observer
  • "There is nothing wrong with trying to assess the contributions made by political leaders, and especially by prime ministers, to the nation's history, but we ought to remember the limits of the part they play in national life." – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday

And of editorials:

  • "It is often claimed that Margaret Thatcher was a divisive figure, but the reality is that she inherited a country that was already very divided. Through a mix of cautious strategy and determination, she transformed Britain." – Sunday Telegraph editorial
  • Today we need more radicalism, fresh ideas and an injection of the kind of restless energy that characterised her era and reshaped Britain for the better." – Sunday Times editorial (£)
  • "Anyone who is sure they know what they think about Lady Thatcher has fallen victim to her myth-making." – Independent on Sunday editorial

> Yesterday on MPsETC: Gove's critical take on Thatcher: "Social bonds need to be nurtured more carefully"

"Supporters of Baroness Thatcher are planning to create a museum, library and educational centre as a permanent memorial to the former prime minister"BBC

The police commander in charge of Margaret Thatcher's funeral provokes anger

Helmet"The police commander in charge of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday has provoked outrage by condoning disrespectful demonstrations planned outside the ceremony. … Ms Jones, who masterminded security for the Royal Wedding, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘We are not there to uphold respect, we are there to uphold the law’." – Mail on Sunday

  • "Maverick bishop's sermon will not be vetted by No 10" – Independent on Sunday
  • "Lord Lloyd-Webber, the prominent Conservative and admirer of Baroness Thatcher, is inadvertently profiting from a campaign to get Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead to the top of the charts." – Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday video to WATCH: Grantham-Style!

Mitchell versus May. Source of contention: Plebgate

AM"Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell is demanding an apology from Theresa May after privately accusing the Home Secretary of masterminding his exit from Government over ‘Plebgate’. … He is convinced he lost his job last autumn because of a police conspiracy – and that Mrs May was instrumental in turning the Cabinet against him when his fate hung in  the balance." – Mail on Sunday

Doubts about whether the Government's Work Programme can keep pace with unemployment

"The coalition's flagship Work Programme for the long-term unemployed is failing because there are just too many people needing help, according to a government report. … The quality of the service is being affected by the high level of demand, according to the companies responsible for training the unemployed." – The Observer

Conservative Way Forward publishes a paper on immigration – which proposes that other countries be paid to process asylum claims

CFW"Poor countries should be paid to process asylum seekers who are trying to get to Britain to stop them ;disappearing' onto our streets, says a plan published by a group of influential rightwingers within the Conservative party. … 'Third World countries with plenty of space' should be paid large sums to set up their own centres to deal with asylum claims to Britain." – Sunday Times (£)

"The mayor of London has described his colourful style as a 'cunning device' to get attention from people bored by conventional politicians"Sunday Times (£)

Adam Boulton has been impressed by Ed Miliband

Ed M"His Commons tribute was more substantive and heavier than Cameron’s and quoted more of Thatcher’s own words. He cleverly linked her to the Miliband school of politics in which 'ideas matter' and to the European intellectual tradition through Friedrich Hayek, author of The Road to Serfdom." – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£)

  • "A multi-millionaire property developer has pledged to donate up to £1m to Ed Miliband to help Labour fight the next election after moving back to Britain from tax exile." – Sunday Times (£)

But David Blunkett wants more from his party's leader

"Ed Miliband's leadership faced fresh criticism as David Blunkett, a former home secretary, backed Tony Blair in calling for a 'one nation' Labour party based on more than just backing the 'grievance of a resentful and selfish' public sector against budget cuts." – The Observer

Labour goes on the attack over hospital waiting times

NHS"Official NHS data reveals a growing crisis in England’s A&E wards with one in every three patients now waiting four hours or more for emergency treatment in the worst affected areas. … Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: ‘England’s A&Es are struggling in a way not seen since the bad old days of the mid-Nineties’." – Mail on Sunday

  • "David Cameron's 'friends and family' satisfaction survey of hospitals is regarded as unnecessary by the public and should be dropped in its current guise because it could be misleadingly negative about the NHS, according to a government-commissioned evaluation." – The Observer
  • "In a blistering attack, David Johnstone, a former director of operations at the Care Quality Commission (CQC), has defied a gagging order to claim that a damaging culture of secrecy was allowed to develop." – Sunday Times (£)

Sally Bercow versus both Margaret Thatcher and Lord McAlpine

SB"Sally Bercow, the wife of the Commons Speaker, has rejected an invitation to the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, a leader whom she believes ushered in a 'very greedy and selfish society'." – Sunday Times (£)

"Sally Bercow, the wife of the Commons Speaker, has refused to back down in her legal battle with Lord McAlpine and will this week face High Court proceedings over an allegedly libellous tweet linking the Tory grandee to false child sex claims." – Sunday Times (£)

Police commissioner Ann Barnes, who employed Paris Brown as a youth crime tsar, is still hiring

"Embattled Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on staff and personal advertising campaigns – despite describing her job as a ‘wilful waste of public money’." – Mail on Sunday

  • "Paris was 16 when she wrote vile sex and drugs tweets. So why is her ex-boss still insisting she was only 14?" – Mail on Sunday

News in brief:

  • "Beef products found to have been contaminated with horsemeat are to be relabelled and put back on sale in British stores" – Independent on Sunday
  • Savile probes to cost the BBC £10 million – Mail on Sunday
  • The BBC pledges not to change name of the Andrew Marr Show despite his continued absence from the programme – Sunday Telegraph
  • First death feared in MMR scare – Sunday Times (£)

And finally… Dominic Grieve's lost gifts

Gift"As the Government's chief legal officer, Dominic Grieve must be scrupulous in his rejection of the gifts that he is given. And what gifts they are. … Mandrake can disclose that among the long list of presents of which the Attorney General has had to dispose during the past year are two Cartier wrist watches worth more than £3,000 and a pair of Longines watches, at £1,790." – Sunday Telegraph


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