Midnight ToryDiary: Cameron promises three-fold crackdown on immigration

9.30pm ToryDiary: The shrinking Cameron project

6pm ToryDiary: Round up of reactions to Boris Johnson's Night-Mair interview

1pm ToryDiary: Why the Government's new childcare scheme is unfair to stay-at-home parents

11am WATCH: Watch Boris Johnson's interview with Eddie Mair in which he struggled to answer questions about his past

ToryDiary: Cameron toughens his position on immigration but is he serious about the issue?

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Grant Shapps MP on Comment: Over the next two years we're going to tell the British people about this Government's impressive achievements

MPsETC: The Sunday Times reports that "AT LEAST" ten police officers conspired to falsely discredit Andrew Mitchell

Matthew d'Ancona distills the Tory message: We're on your side in the global race…

the PM sees it, the argument has a “masculine” and a “feminine”
component. The warning that Britain must be lean and nimble to survive
in the “global race” is for the left side of the brain: the rational
and competitive. The Tory promise to stay “on your side” appeals to the
right side: the emotional and nurturing aspects of the human psyche." –
Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

In his Mail on Sunday
column James Forsyth confirms that Lynton Crosby had a big influence on
the Budget and Tories are clamouring for him to go full-time.

…while Nigel Farage distills UKIP's…

Farage Nigel Purple"There
is a wholesale rejection of the career, political, professional class
in this country going on. We have had enough of them. And they really
do all look the same, and sound the same. They all go to the same
schools, the same Oxbridge colleges. None of them ever had a job in the
real world and not one of them is in politics for principle." – Quoted by the BBC

Immigrants will be forced to pay to visit a GP and be banned from getting council houses for up to five years after they settle in BritainMail on Sunday | Independent on Sunday

"The government says about 9% of new social lettings go to foreign nationals, a rise from 6.5% in 2007/08. Mr Cameron will say that the government will issue statutory guidance to local authorities. "He wants to remove "any expectation that new migrants can expect the British taxpayer to give them a home on arrival". A social housing applicant would have to live in an area for between two and five years before going on the waiting list." – BBC

The Sun's verdict: "The PM’s scheme is no substitute for what Britain really needs — meaningful control of our own borders. But it’s a start."

  • Why has the PM decided to take a tough line on immigration? – Brian Brady in the Independent on Sunday
  • "A leading Anglican cleric has launched a powerful attack on the way politicians are exaggerating the negative impact of immigration, which he says is "wholly disproportionate" to the real threat." – Observer

> Today's ToryDiary: Cameron toughens his position on immigration but is he serious about the issue?

Cameron will move Osborne if he needs to change the game; or Osborne will voluntarily fall on his sword – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Voters lose hope in Osborne, Tory Right AND Ed Balls' Plan B

Osborne Balls

"Just 19% think the Government’s strategy is either working, or will start to work soon – down from the already-low 28% the last time YouGov asked this, five months ago… But if the public don’t think Plan A will work, which of the rival Plan Bs do they prefer? Neither, actually. The right-wing version – more tax cuts funded by sharper reductions in public spending – attracts the support of only 17%. Labour’s alternative – borrow more and cut spending more gradually – is even less popular, with a mere 11% support." – Peter Kellner in The Sunday Times (£)

…but, reports The Sun, Tories still trusted most on economy: "The Populus poll found a third of voters trust the Tories most to handle the economy. Next was Labour (26 per cent), followed by UKIP (seven per cent) and Lib Dems (four per cent)."

Tory council leaders rebel against new budget cuts

"Councils are already dealing with a 33% cut in funding from central government. Any new cuts next year and beyond will have a significant negative impact, particularly as the rising cost of services, such as adult social care, are already guaranteed to soak up an increasing share of funds. The government needs to reconsider its approach ahead of the 2015-16 spending round." – Sir Merrick Cockell, chair of the Local Government Association, in The Observer.

Andrew Rawnsley and Dominic Lawson become the latest commentators to worry about Osborne's house purchase guaranteee

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 08.07.18"The more fundamental question is whether it is a good idea at all for the state to be subsidising the purchase of private houses and insuring the banks against risk if they lend foolishly. It is certainly a very peculiar notion to come out of a supposedly free market, personal responsibility, small state, fiscally cautious Conservative party. There's some risk that it will inflate another housing bubble." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

We need a building boom, not another house price bubble – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times (£)

Other Budget comment:

  • The Chancellor is for turning after all, concludes William Hutton in The Observer, and he is about to quietly try out some rather interventionist ideas.
  • Every generation up to now has been able to expect to have a better life than the previous one – but that has all changed – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • In The Sunday Express Neil Hamilton is underwhelmed by George Osborne's efforts: "He will borrow £100billion this year, £8billion more than last and double the national debt by 2015. He will have ­borrowed more in five years than Gordon Brown did in 13. A major reason for this rake’s progress is failure to control ­welfare spending. Partly that is due to the Lib Dems vetoing a benefits freeze this year. However no serious inroads can be made on the deficit while health and welfare are ring-fenced. It means any “cuts” fall disproportionately on other ­departments, such as defence."
  • Yes, mothers need help to return to work — after a few years – Camilla Cavendish in The Sunday Times (£)

Coalition to create a “powerful” post of chief inspector of social careThe Sunday Telegraph

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 08.22.58"Deaths caused by bad hospital care should be taken as seriously as plane crashes, the health secretary says. Jeremy Hunt wants hospitals to emulate the aviation industry by developing a “zero-harm culture”, in which even one-off mistakes involving patients are regarded as totally unacceptable." – The Sunday Times (£)

  • For former altar boy Andy Burnham, the NHS and Catholicism are both about social justice – Independent on Sunday

Ken Clarke has been accused of misleading parliament over secret courtsObserver

Tory MP Mary Macleod to launch bid to end discrimination against women in aristocracyIndependent on Sunday

Davidson Ruth SmilingIn a speech on Tuesday Ruth Davidson is to signal that the Scottish Conservatives are ready to back more powers for Holyrood in the event of a “No” vote
Scotland on Sunday

  • Two thirds of Scots want the Prime Minister to take part in a televised debate with First Minister Alex Salmond ahead of the vote on independence – Scotland on Sunday
  • The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon: We'll kick out the bedroom tax in an independent Scotland – Sunday Herald

Scottish Tories note 44,000 complaints against the SNP's windfarms policyBBC

Leaders in The Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday agree…

  • It is time for the Coalition to tear up its energy policy before the lights go out – Sunday Telegraph leader
  • "There is no doubt that this country contains substantial shale gas
    reserves. Yet the Green lobby, for no clear reason, opposes such a
    move. Ministers must challenge this pig-headed dogmatism, before the
    lights go out" – Mail on Sunday leader

Ed Miliband turns to Cadbury's for economic inspiration

B_16_John_Cadbury"Cadbury "had a simple idea", Mr Miliband said: "His business would be more successful if his workforce was well-motivated and lived in decent homes with decent conditions. That is the idea that should guide us to the change we need today. But it hasn't been the way our economy has been run for a long time."" – Independent on Sunday

"Miliband’s vision is of a Germany-style Britain — with a better-paid, more highly skilled workforce and a fairer society in which the rich contribute more, with more manufacturing and a smaller, more regulated financial sector. That’s likely to strike a chord with a lot of people." – Adam Boulton in The Sunday Times (£)

  • "The Labour party’s biggest donor, the Unite trade union, has delivered a thinly veiled warning that the party risks losing funding unless it opposes government sanctions against benefit claimants" – The Sunday Times (£)

The press controls are flawed, but where is the alternative?The Independent's increasingly isolated Chris Blackhurst attempts a defence of the 2am press regulation deal.

"Even now, in a corner of every newspaper office in the country, a faint shadow is growing and gathering. In time, it will thicken, darken and resolve itself into the chilly, relentless figure of the censor. And David Cameron, who has achieved nothing else of note in his life, will be remembered mainly as the man who brought censorship back to Britain." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday


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