8.15pm LeftWatch: Clegg again paints the Conservatives as extreme. When is Cameron going to kick back?

7.15pm ToryDiary: What are Conservatism's great goals?

1pm Nick de Bois MP on Comment: Sir David Nicholson must go. Patient care must become a top Coalition priority.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 07.38.38

ToryDiary: Theresa May defines her Conservatism

Lord Ashcroft on Comment: ConservativeHome’s “Victory 2015” conference gives party activists an insight into the daunting task that lies ahead

VIDEO: Extract of Theresa May's address to the Victory 2015 Conference

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 06.56.22'I'll sack Euro judges – and let schools make profits': Home Secretary Theresa May bids to take us out of European Court of Human Rights
Mail on Sunday

  • Home Secretary makes extraordinary wide-ranging speech setting out how the Tories must change – Sun | MailOnline
  • Theresa May says Conservative majority government 'vital' in 2015 – Telegraph TV | Sunday Express
  • Home Secretary pledges loyalty to Cameron but urges party to empower all the people, not just elites – Independent on Sunday
  • "The Home Secretary said she thought David Cameron would lead the party into the next election, and BBC political correspondent Ross Hawkins said there was no sign the speech heralded a leadership challenge." – BBC

The 'British Merkel' with eyes on Cameron's job: Could Theresa May really lead the Tory Party?

have to become the party that is tireless in confronting vested
interests,’ she said yesterday. ‘The party that takes power from the
elite and gives it to the people.’ It was an appeal perfectly pitched
for the marginal seats that her party must win in 2015. It confirmed
that she is ready to lead if Cameron falls – not just after the Election
but before it, if his disillusioned party overthrows him." – Paul
Goodman for the Mail on Sunday

John Rentoul argues that a May leadership is far from impossible: "It is easy to imagine a scenario in which Cameron continues to lose altitude. If enough Tory MPs think they will certainly fail to keep their seats if he leads them into the election, the attraction of a comprehensive-educated, Thatcher-like alternative who is tough on crime is obvious. Her opinion poll ratings are poor at the moment, but as a new prime minister she might enjoy a honeymoon that would make the election competitive." – Independent on Sunday

12% think Theresa May would make a better leader than Cameron but 35% believe she'd be worse – YouGov

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The full text of Theresa May's A Party For All speech.

The Sun launches stinging attack on David Cameron

Cameron 10 Downing St At Night

The Sun Says: "On Europe, he dithers while UKIP surges. On taxes he offers nothing. On slashing the regulations crippling firms and worsening unemployment, there is only talk. While Sun readers fret about the price of beer and petrol, Cameron is obsessed with gay marriage and windmills."

"The hardcore group of backbenchers say that if this month’s Budget or the local elections in May prove disastrous they will push for the 46 names needed to trigger a leadership contest"The Sunday Telegraph

  • Iain Martin examines whether a challenge to Cameron is likely – The Sunday Telegraph
  • "Despite all the gutless prancing around by this once-sturdy party,
    Cameron isn’t going anywhere this side of an election" – Matthew
    d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Lord Ashcroft's marginals poll shows the route to a Labour majorityNew Statesman


"The PM and his Coalition allies are facing WIPEOUT according to a detailed study of the key 2015 battlegrounds by former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft" – The Sun

"The latest research by Lord Ashcroft, the Tory grandee, suggests Conservative MPs in marginal seats are in grave peril, with the vast majority likely to be ousted at the next election" – The Sunday Times (£)

"Ed Miliband is on course to win a commanding majority at the next Election, according to a bombshell poll by Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft. The survey of 213 marginal constituencies found the Tories would lose 93 seats to Labour, giving Mr Miliband a majority of 84 if a General Election was held tomorrow. The Tory peer warned party members hoping to triumph in 2015 that they faced a challenge equivalent to military strategists ‘planning the final assault on Berlin while evacuating Dunkirk’." – Mail on Sunday

> Lord Ashcroft on ConHome yesterday: Ed Miliband doing less well in marginal seats than nationwide – but still firmly ahead

UKIP up to 17%, Tories down to 27% – in latest Opinium poll for The Observer

  • "An Opinium/Observer poll shows almost three times as many voters (58%) believe the austerity drive is harming the economy as those who think it is the correct medicine to restore it to health (20%)."

Replace Osborne with Hague, cut aid, tighten up immigration – Peter Kellner examines how Cameron might restore Tory fortunes in The Sunday Times (£)

Liam Fox calls for a clearer philosophical path – focused on wealth creation

Fox Liam Apr11:2"We need to centre the debate on wealth creation, not spending. When the people of our country are more affluent, the government coffers swell too. We have danced to the socialist tune of big state, big spend and big taxation for too long. We must argue for a free market, welcome the wealth creation that creates jobs and reward the risk takers who make progress possible. It is time that we set a clear philosophical course — rediscover our true north — and rebuild an economy that is leaner, more agile and better prepared to compete in the modern world." – Liam Fox in The Sunday Times (£)

  • To pull the country out of recession, Chancellor George Osborne needs to cut taxes on the better-off – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Cameron vows Britain will protect the Falklands from a feared Argentine backlash against their historic referendumThe Sun

The Archbishop of Canterbury has backed a group of bishops who have written an open letter criticising government plans to change the benefits systemBBC

  • 70% of voters want the aid budget cut back, 39% want more cuts in welfare benefits – while 76% want NHS protected – YouGov

Jailed foreign criminals should only be able to avoid deportation if they risk being killed or tortured on their return – Dom Raab MP for The Sunday Telegraph

Can the posh Tories ever win working class votes?Fraser Nelson reviews Victory 2015's workshop on the blue collar vote.

Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP's deputy leader, claims Europe will split the Conservative Party like Irish Home Rule did the ­LiberalsSunday Express

James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday: "A senior figure involved in the Lib Dems’ Election planning believes that ‘the split on the Right changes all our electoral calculations’. The Lib Dem leadership believes that the rise of UKIP will make it much easier for them to hang on in the southern seats where they are facing the Tories. They are even examining if it will become possible for them to start stealing seats from their Coalition partners."

Clegg with LD birdNick Clegg attacks Tory 'enemies of progress' at Liberal Democrat conference
Independent on Sunday

Vince ­Cable branded Conservative MPs “jihadists” waging a holy war against Britain’s public spending and public services – Sunday Express

The Independent on Sunday praises the Lib Dems' record in government: "They have prevented the Conservatives from doing things which are not in the national interest, such as scrapping the Human Rights Act or wasting a tax break on marriage. And they have persuaded the Tories to do things that they might not have done, such as raising the income tax threshold… They are the greenest of the three main parties, the most pro-European and they are the party that, 10 years ago this month, opposed the invasion of Iraq."

Nick Clegg claims his son's new school is a comprehensive? That's like calling No 10 an inner-city terrace! – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

"The public is generally not as xenophobic as liberals tend to fear and extremists like to hope. The best way to describe the national attitude towards immigration is utilitarian" – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

We need more doctors, not baristas — "What Britain needs is an immigration policy which chooses the people the country wants, and welcomes them, while being honest about those it wishes to exclude." – Camilla Cavendish in The Sunday Times (£)

The Queen will make historic commitment to gay rights in Commonwealth Declaration

"The Queen will tomorrow back an historic pledge to promote gay rights and ‘gender equality’ in one of the most controversial acts of her reign. In a live television broadcast, she will sign a new charter designed to stamp out discrimination against homosexual people and promote the ‘empowerment’ of women – a key part of a new drive to boost human rights and living standards across the Commonwealth." – Mail on Sunday


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