4.15pm WATCH: Farage – "No deal with Cameron"

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2pm WATCH: Cameron confirms British hostage deaths

1.30pm ToryDiary: Exclusive – EU memo to the Prime Minister from his Political Adviser. "The Cabinet has already been informed that its members will be required to support a Yes vote in the event of an In/Out referedendum.  As we correctly anticipated, members opposed to Britain's EU
membership will have calculated that the referendum is a long way away and thus will not resign, at least
before the next election."

11am LeftWatch: How Miliband and Clegg worked together to block the boundary reforms

ToryDiary: "Rebel reserve" of 55 Conservative MPs "is being gathered for Cameron leadership challenge"

Richard Pater on Comment: Who will be in Israel’s Next Government?

WATCH: ‪UK to rule forced marriage a criminal offence‬

Algeria: At least 5 Britons dead or missing

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"Algeria's special forces stormed the gas complex, jointly run by BP and staffed by many British workers, after reports that the extremists had begun shooting foreigners they had kidnapped. William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said five Britons and one UK resident, called Carlos Estrada, remained "unaccounted for" and the country had to “prepare for bad news”. One Briton had already been confirmed dead on Wednesday." – Sunday Telegraph

Algeria: Cameron – We will root out terror

"Prime Minister David Cameron last night vowed to 'root out and defeat this terrorist scourge and those who encourage it'…Mr Cameron said: 'I know that the whole country shares my sympathy and concern for everyone who has been caught up in this incident, and for their friends and families. 'It is our priority now to get people home as quickly as possible and to look after the survivors.' " – Mail on Sunday

Matthew D'Ancona: Fleet-footed Al Qaeda…and the cumbersome EU

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 08.19.07"The scope of the Obama-Cameron telephone call captures the sheer breadth of the supranational issues now confronting the PM. On the one hand, he is trying to resolve a question that is a fundamental bequest of the 20th century: what is Britain’s most advantageous role in Europe? In this case, the arguments, categories of thought and factional divisions are wearyingly familiar. On the other, Cameron – like Obama – faces the hyper-modern phenomenon of 21st-century jihadism, a shape-shifting foe that is as fleet of foot and elusive as the EU is lumbering and bureaucratic" – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

Other Comment:

  • Lethal force, not rational argument, must be our response to these violent fanatics – Liam Fox, Mail on Sunday
  • For Obama, Al-Qaeda is our problem – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
  • We need craft, not a crusade, in Africa – Sunday Times (£)
  • "For the last two years, the West has looked at the region through the rose-tinted lens of the ‘Arab Spring’. Democracy was supposed to be transforming the Arab world." – Mark Almond, Mail on Sunday
  • A 100 years war we have to win – Sunday Times Editorial (£)
  • As the terror threat shifts to Africa, we must meet it with great care – Sunday Telegraph Editorial

> Yesterday:

Musicians of Mali fight for nation's soul – Ian Birrell, Independent on Sunday

Prime Minister's EU speech could come as early as tomorrow

Cameron Thoughtful"Amid uncertainty over the exact timing of the jinxed address, senior government sources told the Observer that the prime minister intends to make the speech this week – possibly on Monday – if a resolution has been found to the Algerian hostage crisis. "He wants to go ahead as soon as possible. There will be something in it which will pacify all but the hard core," said the source. "But he could deliver the same kind of speech that Margaret Thatcher gave in Bruges in 1988 and around 25 MPs would not be happy. It is not possible to please everyone." – Observer

Dominic Lawson: The lie that claims millions of jobs would be lost if we left the EU

“While Professor Begg stands by his research, he takes great exception to headlines that suggest that millions of Britons would be thrown on the dole if Britain left the single market . . . According to the people who did the research, talk of mass redundancies if Mr Cameron goes for a European exit is just scaremongering.” Professor Begg himself added: “If anyone tried to do it completely objectively” — that is, to work out analytically what the pros and cons were of leaving the EU — “you would probably find that the economic plus or minus is very small.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Lord Wolfson: I back the single market – but not at any cost – Sunday Telegraph
  • Obama doesn’t tell South Korea to be part of China… so why should we be a bit of the EU? – Douglas Carswell, Sun on Sunday
  • Norway's 'fax democracy' is nothing for Britain to fear – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday: Tom Mludzinski on Comment – Europe is only the fifth most important issue to UKIP voters

Is there a plot to challenge Cameron? And if so is it gathering pace?

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 07.54.36"An
increasing number of backbenchers are privately discussing the
possibility of attempting to unseat the prime minister before the poll
in 2015 if the party continues to trail in the polls. While there is no
immediate threat to his position, a well-placed source said that up to
17 MPs had now written letters of “no confidence”, and there are rumours
that at least one list of MPs willing to back a coup is being gathered.
For the first time, discussions about ousting Cameron before 2015
appear to be spreading beyond the so-called “usual suspects” — a hard
core of about 20 backbenchers who are hostile to his leadership." – Sunday Times (£)

> Today: ToryDiary – "Rebel reserve" of 55 Conservative MPs "is being gathered for Cameron leadership challenge"

> Yesterday: LISTEN – More Tory MPs may break with Cameron on gay marriage than on Europe or Lords reform

Campaign fights to keep EU cross-border crime powers Observer

May to recruit top foreign police as chief constables

May Theresa Home Office
"In the latest broadside in the battle between government and the police, Theresa May, the home secretary, will say next week that she wants to change the law to allow men such as Bill Bratton, the former police chief in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, to run British forces. Officers with “suitable and relevant experience” from America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada would be able to apply. The move was described by a former chief constable as “a smack in the face for police leadership”. It comes amid hostility between the police and the Tories after the row over claims Andrew Mitchell, then the chief whip, called a Downing Street policeman a “pleb”." – Sunday Times (£)

  • Ann Barnes, Police Commissioner for Kent, becomes first commissioner to increase the police numbers in her budget – Sunday Express

Patel and Hollobone slam Letwin over Romanian and Bulgarian EU immigration

Patel Priti"Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin was denounced by Tory MPs last night after he said the Government will not know how many Romanians and Bulgarians will emigrate to the UK – until after they have got here. The row came after the gaffe-prone strategist was challenged over the likely impact of people in the EU member states gaining the right to live and work in Britain next year." – Mail on Sunday

  • Transport Minister Stephen Hammond poised to ban driving tests in foreign languages – Sun on Sunday
  • Strict benefit rules would deter a new wave of migrants – Alisdair Palmer, Sunday Telegraph

IDS: We will catch fraudsters, and universal credit will cut error

"A fraud taskforce targeting postcodes where high levels of benefit fraud take place has vowed to leave “no stone unturned” in the search for claimant cheats. A range of new measures will be enforced as the latest figures reveal fraudsters have pocketed £5.3billion in the last five years including £1.3billion housing benefit, £1.08billion income support and £1.2billion Jobseekers’ Allowance and Pension Credit. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said: “The welfare state has over the years become so complex and confusing that fraudsters basically have been given the green light to pick the pockets of hard working taxpayers." – Sunday Express

  • Households with disabled person "will be average of £156 a year worse off under Government benefits plans" – Independent on Sunday

Will Somerton and Frome Conservatives select Ivan Massow? – Black Dog, Mail on Sunday

Bernard Jenkin's Public Administration Committee will say Cabinet Secretary blundered over Mitchell investigation

JENKIN-BERNARD"Britain’s most powerful mandarin faces public humiliation after MPs claimed his bungled investigation cost ‘plebgate’ ex-Tory Minister Andrew Mitchell his job. A report by a powerful Commons committee will tomorrow accuse Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood of failing to give the former Chief Whip a chance to prove he was the victim of a police conspiracy." – Mail on Sunday

  • How junior HMRC officials tried to kill of a David Gauke proposal – Sunday Times (£)

Hunt and Grayling clash over proposed closure of Epsom Hospital A & EMail on Sunday

Hospital pays £1,800 a day for a nurse in NHS staff crisisSunday Telegraph

Miliband's office and Clegg's have been closely co-ordinating over the boundary review, effectively working as a combined opposition, as the relationship between the two men thaws

"It is a significant development with considerable implications for the future that there has been a thaw over recent weeks in the relations between Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. Put very simply, the two leaders are seeing more of each other. And generally speaking they have liked what they have seen. On the believable account of extremely well-informed observers on both sides, the two men are getting on better than they have done at any time before." – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer

McCLuskey compiles "schools pack" to teach pupils how to “stand together” and fight “cuts and attacks”

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 09.09.20"Britain’s top union boss has been accused of brainwashing after launching a secret bid to sign up schoolkids.  Unite leader Len McCluskey has set up a team of “union tutors” to target every 15-year-old in the country. The hardline Left-winger has ordered his hit-squad to visit secondary schools as part of a campaign to “educate, agitate and organise”. But the move was last night branded a “scandalous” exploitation of young people. Ex-docker Mr McCluskey let slip details of the classroom warfare after giving a lecture in London in honour of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s dad." – Sun on Sunday

  • Living wage zones could become key Labour pledge – Observer
  • Balls did the cooking for those lasagne parties – Observer

Cost of childcare keeps 2.8m parents out of jobsSunday Times (£)

Will figures this week show Britain on the way to a triple-dip recession?Observer

Dutch supplier source of horse meat Sunday Telegraph

Energy giants get a £1bn gift from taxpayersSun on Sunday

Almost £2 billion in court fines and confiscation orders remain unpaidSunday Telegraph

Scottish independence: Labour needs answer to £30bn questionScotland on Sunday

Britain's 4.2 million self-employed workers 'face tax rise to pay for larger pensions'Mail on Sunday

Coalition's £75,000 cap on care costs 'mean and cynical', say campaigners Sunday Telegraph

Education Select Committee: Careers advice is failing pupilsSunday Express

Fracking "will ruin Bath spa waters" Sunday Express

Claim that Bob Stewart MP refused to fly economy to Pakistan and stayed at homeMail on Sunday

Lebedev, whose family owns the Independent and Evening Standard, faces trial accused of 'hooliganism' after punching businessman on talk showMail on Sunday

And finally 1) Gove weeps on hearing "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music – Atticus, Sunday Times (£)*

And finally 2): The Cherwell files

  • Gove fire-hosed and scrambled egg in hair of love rival.
  • Mark Field ran “round the front quad between the strokes of midnight singing the Red Flag and wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, having been liberally covered with baby oil by girlfriend".
  • Bernard Jenkin was one of the "ringleaders of a gang that kidnapped
    Rupert Soames, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill – in the aid of charity".
  • Maria Eagle slipped into the ‘nookie room’ clutching two young men. “As the noise of her squeaking leather trousers reached fever pitch, twin sister Angela moved in to even the odds with her zoom lens camera.”
  • Dominic Grieve: part of a gang that threw Damian Green in the Cherwell – Sunday Times (£)

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