Cameron Syria7.30pm WATCH: David Cameron says "nothing is off the table" to resolve the conflict in Syria

4.45pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: If you are anti-drugs, you should be pro-legalisation

3pm John Curtice on Comment: The British people's view – IN Europe but not OF Europe

2.45pm WATCH:

Clegg-looking-back2.15pm LeftWatch: David Cameron is right to resist Nick Clegg's drugs intervention

12.30pm Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

10.30am Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Changing times mean the Government needs to rethink the future of The Times

9.30am Local government: Pickles attacks LGA

ToryDiary: We've had a permissive approach to inflation for a number of years. It might be about to become formalised.

Redwood Manifesto

MPsETC: Anyone for the John Redwood manifesto?

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Number 10's tactical miscalculation over gay marriage has undermined trust and faith

RobbuckersRobert Buckland MP on Comment: Human rights must be at the heart of our relationship with Russia

Also on Comment - Nick Pickles: A total re-write of the Communications Data Bill is all that Parliament can contemplate

MPsETC: Tory MPs give cautious welcome to shale gas expansion

Local Government: West Midlands Fire Service spends £27,000 on junkets, £100,000 on magazine subscriptions

The Deep End: Heresy of the week: What if a return to full economic growth isn’t possible?

Cameron at Euro summit: Britain opts out of banking union

Cameron Rajoy presser"After 14 hours of talks, eurozone countries agreed that the European Central Bank should directly supervise 200 banks – none of which are British… In future, eurozone banking regulations will have to be approved by a majority of the bloc’s members, as well as a majority of those EU members outside it. This voting system means that a two-tier Europe… is now the reality. Mr Cameron hailed the agreement as proof that Britain can safeguard its national interests" - Daily Mail

  • "Mr Cameron said: “Britain’s not in the euro, we’re not going to join the euro so we won’t be part of that integration. But this change does give us the opportunities to argue for the things we want in Europe and get a better deal for Britain.”" – The Sun
  • Europe’s banking deal just the start of a very slow haul – Times (£)
  • £100billion and counting: What Britain has paid to Brussels in the last 40 years – Daily Mail
  • British aerospace industry 'will not be downgraded', insists Cameron – Guardian

> Yesterday

George Osborne could scrap Bank of England inflation targets

Osborne George Addressing IDCC"George Osborne has refused to rule out a suggestion from the incoming governor of the Bank of England that Britain’s inflation target could be scrapped. The Chancellor said there would have to be a strong case for shifting away from the 20-year-old two per cent target, in order for the central bank to focus more on economic growth, but said he welcomed a debate on the issue." – Daily Mail

  • "The Chancellor was asked by the Commons Treasury Committee for his view of the incoming Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, who suggested this week that a nominal GDP growth objective for central banks might be more effective in stimulating weak economies than traditional inflation targets." – Independent
  • UK credit rating threatened with S&P downgrade – Guardian

> Today on The Deep EndHeresy of the week: What if a return to full economic growth isn’t possible?

> Yesterday - Jury: What can and should still be done now to reduce the danger of a future debt burden?

Cameron supports Maria Miller as parliamentary investigation into expenses begins

MM"The prime minister said his culture secretary had "excellent answers" to questions about her expenses claims. … Mrs Miller has said her expenses were "absolutely in order" and "in complete accordance with the rules". Mr Cameron, speaking as he arrived in Brussels for a European summit, said Mrs Miller was doing "an excellent job"." – BBC

  • "Cameron has declared his “full support” for Culture Secretary Maria Miller after the parliamentary watchdog opened an investigation into her expenses." – Scotsman
  • "John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, announced that he had begun an inquiry into Maria Miller’s expenses after receiving a complaint which raised concerns over whether they were in breach of the rules." – Daily Telegraph

…as the Church accuses Miller of "making legislation on the hoof" over gay marriage

"Church of England officials have accused the Government of a “botched job” and “making legislation on the hoof” over gay marriage. It comes after a senior bishop disclosed that no-one had told the established Church about radical plans to ban it from conducting same-sex weddings until they were announced to Parliament." – Daily Telegraph

Fraser Nelson: The gay marriage debate has brought the language of culture wars to Britain

Nelson Fraser on PoliticsShow"I suspect that, by now, even Cameron is wondering if this has not all spun out of control. It’s perfectly easy to see his original logic. As a matter of principle, he believes in marriage and would like it to be accessible to everyone. … To lift the ban ought to be a technical issue, an amendment to the Civil Partnership Act 2004 requiring no fanfare. But this time, there has been not just a fanfare, but the drumbeat of war." – Fraser Nelson for the Daily Telegraph

  • You may not like its record, but on health, schools and welfare the Government has been extraordinarily active - Philip Collins for the Times (£)

> From today - Columnist Bruce Anderson: Number 10's tactical miscalculation over gay marriage has undermined trust and faith

> From yesterday - The Deep End: If marriage dies then conservatism will die with it

Fracking for shale gas gets green light in Britain

Work_and_prosperity"The government has lifted restrictions on the controversial practice of fracking, a method of extracting gas from shale rock, giving a green light to drilling that could produce billions of pounds worth of gas. The first site is likely to be at Anna's Road in Lancashire … Dozens more sites across the country could be licensed as ministers signalled their hope that shale gas would help to make up for the decline in North Sea supplies." – Guardian

  • It’s renewable energy that causes real earthquakes – Matt Ridley for the Times (£)
  • "Shale gas is boosting America’s economy and reducing its carbondioxide emissions. It could have a similar effect here" – Times (£) editorial

> Today on MPsETCTory MPs give cautious welcome to shale gas expansion

> From yesterday - WATCH: The public's fears over fracking

Pickles retreats over controversial plans for three year free-for-all on home extensions

PICKLES ERIC NW"Controversial plans to allow homeowners to build giant extensions without permission could be watered down following a council backlash, Eric Pickles suggested last night. The Communities Secretary said the size of extensions allowed without planning permission could be "considerably less" than the 26ft originally proposed." – Daily Mail

> From yesterday - Alex Morton on Comment: Crisis? What Crisis? Why Andrew Lilico is wrong to say the UK has no shortage of housing

More than 300,000 disabled people to have benefits cut, says Esther McVey MP

"More than 300,000 disabled people will have their benefits cut when Disability Living Allowance is replace by a new benefit, Esther McVey, the minister for disabled people, announced today – but the change has been delayed for two years." – Independent

  • Disabled man takes government to court over benefit test – Guardian
  • Higher earners face £1,000 cut in state pensions under new proposals to form single-tier system – Daily Mail

Government plans U-turn on "secret courts" to avert rebellion

Supreme Court"Hundreds of peers joined the attack last month, demanding significant changes to the Justice and Security Bill as they defeated the Government three times over the measure. The Coalition is preparing to accept all three amendments when the Bill reaches the Commons in an effort to avert a rebellion by Liberal Democrat and Conservative critics." – Independent

Nick Clegg declares war on the "war on drugs"

Clegg with LD bird"He declared the war on drugs a disastrous failure last night — and demanded that David Cameron plucks up the “courage” to order a major review of Britain’s ageing narcotics laws. In an explosive intervention that will rock the Coalition, Mr Clegg insisted: “It’s time we told the truth.” And he threw his weight behind a controversial report by MPs this week that called on ministers to consider legalising cannabis and stop prosecuting even cocaine and heroin users." – The Sun

  • "A senior Tory minister disclosed that Mr Clegg resorted to extraordinary threats to stop the boundary changes" – Times (£)

Ed Miliband: every Briton should speak English

Miliband PAC"Staff in all publicly funded jobs who interact with members of the public will have to show proficiency in the English language under a Labour government, Ed Miliband will announce on Friday. Outlining a major initiative to improve social integration in Britain, the Labour leader will say that every citizen should know how to speak English." – Guardian

Lords vote to scrap law banning insulting language

"Free speech campaigners have hailed a vote by the House of Lords to scrap a draconian law that made it a crime simply to insult someone. … Critics warned that over- zealous police and prosecutors  were abusing the law, leading to ludicrous scenarios such as the conviction of a teenager for saying ‘woof’ to two dogs." – Daily Mail

  • "It would have been far better – and far more liberal – to have left out the word “insulting”, trusted society to police itself, and stepped in later if there proved a need." – Daily Telegraph editorial

SNP caught out again: now claims to be in discussions with the Bank of England

BoE"Finance secretary John Swinney told the House of Lords economic committee earlier this week that dialogue with the Bank was under way. But a spokesman said yesterday: “The Bank of England did no more than answer technical questions from representatives of the Scottish Government. We have not entered a dialogue about the possibility of changing monetary arrangements for Scotland in future.”" – Scotsman

  • Nicola Sturgeon: EU rebate up for grabs after independence – Daily Telegraph
  • Air gun owners will need licence in Scotland – BBC

Bercow sallySally Bercow to be sued for libel for £50kSky News

Sharp rise in numbers of terrorists released risks public safetyDaily Telegraph

  • Guantanamo inmate Shaker Aamer to sue UK for defamation – BBC
  • Britain to pay £2.2m for ‘rendition’ of dissident to face Gaddafi torture – Scotsman

MPs call for investigation into £500m spent on Tamiflu drugGuardian

Death of the 'car tax disc' as DVLA records become digitisedDaily Telegraph

Tens of thousands spent by fire chiefs on hotels, conferences and travel agentsDaily Telegraph

> Today on Local GovernmentWest Midlands Fire Service spends £27,000 on junkets, £100,000 on magazine subscriptions

And finally… Osborne "never made it to shepherd" in the school nativity play

Nativity"The Chancellor’s confession came as a member of the Treasury Select Committee arrived late, explaining his son was playing a shepherd. Mr Osborne moaned: “I never made it to shepherd.” He then revealed his only role was playing the triangle." – The Sun


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