6pm WATCH: The speech that beat the Government: Mark Reckless proposes a cut in the EU budget

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 16.03.514pm David Morris MP on Comment: Hitachi bring new hope for British nuclear

3pm Local Government: If Lord Heseltine wants planning decisions within six months then we need to leave the EU

2.30pm WATCH: Anti-wind farm campaigner James Delingpole claims that he has withdrawn from the Corby election because he's already won it – that's to say, because the Government is abandoning wind farms

2pm Colunnist Andrew Lilico: Engaging properly with the Europe issue will build political capital; not doing so will use it up

12.45pm MPsETC: The thirteen Tory MPs who abstained last night include Graham Brady, Liam Fox and Charles Walker

11.30am ToryDiary: Nick Clegg and David Lidington make the economic argument for staying inside the EU

Cam fence smaller headToryDiary: Ten snap reactions to yesterday evening's EU budget Government defeat

On MPsETC, Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart of Nottingham University: Key facts on the size and nature of last night's Tory budget rebellion

Also on MPsETC: Martin Callanan MEP's monthly report focuses on the Strasbourg Circus and the EU budget debate


Columnist Andrew Lilico: On Localism, Lord Heseltine is interestingly wrong

Joe Armitage on Comment: The NIMBYs are wrong. Young people need more housing. We want more homes to buy

John Bald on Local Government: The teaching of handwriting is in a dreadful state

BCL copy
63 Tory MPs from all wings of party join new Blue Collar Conservative group

The Deep End: Neo-monetarism – the most important economic theory you’ve probably never heard of

WATCH: Hurricane ‪Sandy disrupts US presidential campaign‬

Cameron's Halloween Horror.  Nightmare on Downing Street. The Government is defeated on the EU budget. The Reckless/Pritchard amendment demanding a cut is carried.

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 08.05.55"David Cameron suffered a humiliating Commons defeat last night as Tory rebels joined Labour to demand he fights for a cut in EU spending. He had indicated he would use Britain’s veto unless Brussels agreed to limit its budget increases to the level of inflation.But this did not satisfy the Eurosceptics in his party, who insist on a real-terms reduction. In the first major defeat of Mr Cameron’s premiership, a total of 53 Tory backbenchers voted with Labour, which was accused of cynically shifting its position on EU spending earlier this week to embarrass the Prime Minister." – Daily Mail 

Trick or treat? Cameron retreats during PMQs…but to no avail…

"At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron told MPs: “At best we would like a cut, at worst a freeze. I am quite prepared to use the veto if we do not get a deal that is good for Britain.” Labour leader Ed Miliband accused him of “throwing in the towel” over a cut before negotiations had begun. But Tories accused Labour of hypocrisy for backing a cut after presiding over EU budget rises while in government. Mr Cameron said Mr Miliband was “playing politics, not serving the country”." – Daily Express

Reckless and Pritchard spook the Government…

PPC Mark Reckless"Mark Reckless, one of the leaders of the Conservative rebellion, told MPs that Mr Cameron’s plan would increase the UK’s net contribution to the EU from £9.2 billion last year to £13.6 billion in 2020. “We simply cannot, cannot afford that,” he said. Mark Pritchard, another rebel leader, said money sent the EU should be spend in the UK instead. He said: "Are we going to continue to ask families up and down this country to stop putting new shoes on their children's feet while we fill the very large Mercedes fleet of Brussels?” – Daily Telegraph

…Tony Baldry summons up the ghost of the Maastricht revolt…

"Tony Baldry hit back: “If this party hopes to be in government after the next election, it has got to get a grip and start supporting the PM.” Mr Cameron now faces the embarrassment of attending the EU budget summit on November 22 and 23 in defiance of the Commons. But Downing Street last night insisted he will NOT change his position and will press on with a real-terms freeze — which means a cash hike of around 2 per cent to keep up with inflation." – The Sun

…Witch way now for the Whips?

Sir George Young"It was a blow to the new Chief Whip, Sir George Young, who suffered his first defeat less than two weeks after taking over from Andrew Mitchell. The Government had succeeded in winning the backing of Welsh nationalists but that was not enough to offset the sizeable Tory revolt…Downing Street said that Mr Cameron would take note of the vote. “We hear absolutely what Parliament has said,” said an aide. Mr Cameron wanted EU spending brought down but he differed with Tory rebels about how best to pursue this, No 10 said." – The Times (£)

  • Sir George throws his weight behind the new Blue Collar Conservative Group – Daily Telegraph

Skeleton policy: Hague dispatched to calm rebels

"Senior Conservative MPs, who stopped short of joining 53 Eurosceptic rebels in the division lobbies, served notice that they will turn against the government if Cameron refuses to harden his position – that it must at least be frozen in real terms – at an EU summit later this month. Downing Street moved to reach out to the rebels by dispatching William Hague to declare that the government would "take note" after 51 rebel Tories – plus two tellers – joined forces with Labour to defeat the government by 307 votes to 294, a majority of 13." – The Guardian

Today: Osborne goes on the Today programme to hold the line

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 08.31.28
Commons sketches:

  • "Now arose Superstorm Reckless. He painted a picture of the EU that was so dissolute, so licentious, so venal that it was as if Hogarth’s Gin Lane had somehow become Greed Lane" – Ann Treneman, The Times (£)
  • "Speeches made later in the day by lifelong Labour Europhiles had an unconvincing tone – Aled Jones trying to sing a rap song" – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • CASH WILLIAM“Money doesn’t grow on trees! That’s what [Europhiles] don’t understand!” Bill Cash roared. Then, by way of illustration: “It doesn't grow on trees in Spain! It doesn’t grow on trees in France! It doesn’t grow on trees in Germany!” Fortunately someone intervened before Mr Cash could list all the other countries in Europe, and perhaps even the world, that are not home to currency-producing forestry." – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph
  • "David Cameron now sort of leads a party that cannot be controlled, and depends on a parliament that refuses to bend to his will. You could almost hear the scarlet blood vessels popping on his face in Downing Street. And he must be wondering exactly when he'll have to throw a referendum to the pursuing wolves." – Simon Hoggart, The Guardian

Other EU budget news:

  • Clegg to attack 'dishonest' Labour over EU voteBBC
  • DUP hail defeat of Tory budget at WestminsterBelfast Newsletter
  • Poland accuses Britain of blocking budget Daily Express
  • France threatens to reject budget if there are cuts to Common Agricultural PolicyDaily Mail


  • "David Cameron did not want his hands tied. But he must now make good his promise to veto any deal bad for Britain" – Sun Editorial
  • "He can now tell our EU partners that while he was prepared to settle for a freeze in the budget, the people of Britain and their representatives in Parliament insist that he must demand cuts" – Daily Mail Editorial
  • "Mr Cameron said that voters would see “straight through” Labour’s actions…He is correct. But neither will anyone forget that Cameron brought last night’s humiliation on himself and his government." – Daily Express Editorial
  • The Commons has spoken for the nation – Daily Telegraph Editorial

> Today:


Cameron to hold UN poverty meeting in Downing Street todayBBC

Peter Oborne: Here comes the Coalition's next crisis – the Autumn Statement

"Here are the facts: it is impossible simultaneously to cut public spending and not cut it. You cannot advocate debt reduction targets and abandon them at the same time. So Mr Osborne has nowhere to hide. Either he must give in to the Lib Dems, or the Lib Dems must give in to him. At the moment, neither party is giving an inch. Probably, the Government will survive for the time being – and it has certainly defied the odds so far – but this cannot be quite relied on. The Coalition will indeed last to 2015, one Cabinet minister told me, “but only so long as we can get through the Autumn Statement”." – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Alistair Burt warns of Dirty Bomb threat to Britain

Burt Alistair"Tory Mr Burt will say: “Nuclear terrorism is a primary danger to Britain, a real and global threat. Such an attack was unthinkable just a generation ago. But it is now a possibility we need to confront.” He will add: “Nuclear material is becoming more available, there is more information about nuclear weapons on the internet than ever and global smuggling networks are thriving. Criminal cells operate across borders and continents.” – The Sun

"Martinet" Truss makes waves on childcare

"I asked one insider there how Ms Truss was getting on knocking the childcare commission into shape. He rolled his eyes, and said she'd swiftly gained a reputation as a "martinet". Her officials are finding this all rather hard to stomach. In fact, it's fair to say she's currently engaged in an all-out battle with her civil servants over her proposals, dreamt up before she joined the Government, to deregulate childcare. However, it's a battle that as things stand she looks like she’s winning, through sheer force of will." – Daily Telegraph

Pro-life campaigners fury at Soubry abortion counselling U-turn

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 08.10.43
"Plans to force women to undergo independent counselling before they could have an abortion were dramatically scrapped yesterday. Health minister Anna Soubry revealed that the Government now has no intention of changing either the law or guidelines on counselling – despite previous promises to consult on the issue. The move was met with fury by pro-life campaigners, who accused Miss Soubry of imposing her personal beliefs on government policy." – Daily Mail

Caroline Nokes MP: GP who said Marks & Spencer's 'overweight' real women are promoting obesity is utterly wrong

"The doctor seems to be confusing two very different issues here – an advertiser with the courage to kick the habit of using the same old stick thin or unattainable shape models or celebrities; and the high levels of the population who are classed as overweight or obese. She is equating health with appearance, which is utterly wrong. It is entirely possible for people who appear slim to have a higher than healthy percentage of body fat, and for the larger framed among us to lead a healthy and active lifestyle." – Daily Mail

After Hayes fights windmills, Davey fights Hayes…

HAYES JOHN"The Coalition was in turmoil last night over the future of onshore wind power, as furious Liberal Democrats demanded the new Tory energy minister is stripped of responsibility for renewable energy. Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey reacted with consternation after John Hayes, a sceptic on wind farms, told the Daily Mail that Britain has had ‘enough’ of turbines ‘peppered’ across the country." – Daily Mail

…And Charles Hendry warns of confusion consequences

'Charles Hendry warned that Britain risked losing investment in green technologies if the Government sent mixed messages over its commitment to renewables. Mr Hendry said that Britain could not have energy security without renewables and it was vital that ministers maintained “constructive engagement” with the industry. The Times understands that about 20 Conservative MPs have written to the Prime Minister urging him to stop ministers sending different signals to the City." – The Times (£)

  • After Davey blocked Hayes speech on wind farms, the Energy Minister gave an interview to the Mail – The Guardian
  • Cameron has no choice but to stand up for Mr Hayes over wind farms – Daily Mail Editorial

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – John Hayes lets his rhetoric get away from Coalition policy — but does he have the blessings of the Tory leadership?

McLoughlin defends West Coast pricing

"Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, defended the government’s attempt to get the highest price for the West Coast franchise, after it emerged officials had altered key data to keep the top bid in the competition, which was scrapped last month after the discovery of serious flaws. The extent of the problems became clearer as Mr McLoughlin gave evidence to MPs at the Commons transport committee for the first time since he cancelled the award to FirstGroup of a new contract to run the line, ahead of incumbent Virgin Rail." – Financial Times (£)

Heseltine follow-up 1) Hope from Heseltine for the beleaguered northThe Guardian's Northern Blog

Heseltine follow-up 2) Lord Heseltine’s review singles out aviation as an example of where bolder action is needed on economic growthTimes Editorial (£)

> Yesterday:

> Today: Columnist Andrew Lilico – On Localism, Lord Heseltine is interestingly wrong

IDS asks: What's the point of Boris?

"Iain Duncan Smith delivered a stinging rebuke to Boris Johnson’s Conservative leadership aspirations after the London Mayor approved a scheme to turn the Walthamstow dog track in east London into flats. A furious Duncan Smith asked “What’s the point of Boris?” and accused the Mayor of failing to show leadership following the decision to demolish the famous stadium, which featured on the artwork of Blur’s Parklife album." – The Independent

  • Bristol protestor thumbs nose at Boris, Boris thumbs nose at Bristol protestor – Daily Mail
  • Mayor has "encouraging" football league talks – Daily Express

Scots given £1,594 more than the English, reveals TreasuryScotsman

Gus O"Donnell says that migrant cap is ‘barrier to growth’The Times (£)

Britain probes £99 million aid to UgandaDaily Express

Just half of 15-year-olds live with both parentsDaily Mail

Liam Fox's former adviser Adam Werritty won't face fraud chargesThe Independent

And finally…Cameron mauled by rugby players over hooker claims

"A Downing Street reception for sports stars appeared to backfire after the Prime Minister claimed to have played the game as a younger man in the position of “hooker”. Guests, who included international rugby league players and coaches, immediately questioned the claim, suggesting that Mr Cameron was too tall and had the wrong haircut to have been a front row forward…Upon hearing that one of the players was a hooker, he replied: “I was that. It is quite tough in there, but it is a good work-out. You've got to watch out for your ears.” – Daily Telegraph


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